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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISCOVER

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Discipleship2, 611:both an asset and a liability; it is for you to discover the nature of both and offset theDiscipleship2, 621:fellow-workers and your group brothers and so discover the cause of your "aloneness" by registeringDiscipleship2, 621:discussion and seek your sympathy? How will you discover and be able to answer these questions?Discipleship2, 634:on anyone outside the Ashram. These you must discover for yourself. There are five more pillarsDiscipleship2, 635:Instructions to Disciples - W.D.S. You will discover, my brother, under these symbols the lessonDiscipleship2, 636:pillar, even if you did not realize it. You will discover the [637] quality of your strength whenDiscipleship2, 638:in discovering their spiritual enterprise. Discover it, my brother, and have an enterprise whichDiscipleship2, 663:initiation - which initiation it is for you to discover. A hint lies for you in the fact thatDiscipleship2, 685:could begin to organize their mental bodies and discover that they had minds which could be used,Discipleship2, 687:of prime significance in this exercise. You will discover that if you do this exercise withDiscipleship2, 689:you are or could be making. That is for you to discover in the secret place of your own heart. AtDiscipleship2, 693:by you from within the Ashram, you will discover that it has (as it might have been expected)Discipleship2, 715:out these instructions, you will be surprised to discover how much easier life will be for you.Education, 62:as his perception permits; he will sequentially discover worlds which will call for his scientificEducation, 65:have our being. To do this, he must first of all discover the nature of his own qualified energiesEducation, 66:The esotericist starts by endeavoring to discover the reason why; he wrestles with the problem ofEducation, 113:poet, the artist and the architect. The urge to discover and to penetrate to the secrets of God andExternalisation, 82:and thought which we find around us and to discover ourselves participating in attack and theExternalisation, 85:upwards, and it is an interesting study to discover these centers and note the type of energy whichExternalisation, 122:much that today man is gropingly endeavoring to discover and make possible. All that the modernExternalisation, 150:great cosmic Energies. It is now possible to discover those who - being free within themselves andExternalisation, 186:has given man the ability to create beauty, to discover the secrets of nature; some realization ofExternalisation, 209:and stabilize all men and women of goodwill. To discover the workers, humanitarians and those menExternalisation, 325:whereby that service can be wisely rendered, to discover the manner in which world need (not yourExternalisation, 329:responsible for its functioning and success. 3. Discover, and where possible contact, all groupsExternalisation, 332:to work with the plan by working; they learn to discover the inner expanding consciousness ofExternalisation, 333:meet (I am here speaking symbolically) he will discover that he stands in the place of power, andExternalisation, 382:point of constructive influence. He will then discover that, as a result of this, his sphere ofExternalisation, 384:goodwill is expressed, the more easily will you discover and cooperate with the divine Plan andExternalisation, 385:aggressive in this matter and go out to discover them. When you have found them, then be interestedExternalisation, 494:aided. The trend of the power to know and to discover (a definite form of energy) was deflectedExternalisation, 604:who [604] do seek first the Kingdom of God and discover thereby that the Kingdom they seek isExternalisation, 621:preserve silence, lose opportunity, and never discover how ready people are for the discussion ofExternalisation, 641:energies are then uniquely available. 6. Discover the members of the new group of world servers,Externalisation, 670:of mankind and enable men, therefore, to discover the spiritual values for themselves and to makeFire, 190:most concrete demonstration. The key for man to discover and turn, concerns itself with theFire, 260:and motion, is controlled and utilized - he will discover the source of the initial impulse fromFire, 260:initial impulse from extra-systemic centers, and discover the basic rhythm. Then, and only then,Fire, 435:of the schemes, chains, and globes, or to discover whether they are counted from within outwards,Fire, 598:of the Logos in His system, and by wrestling to discover the basic principle on which ourFire, 598:on which our microcosmic lives rest, we may discover aspects of this inherent logoic principle.Fire, 611:consciousness by means of the sheaths, he will discover the nature of Agni as He shews forth asFire, 795:be finished. During the fifth round, men will discover how to neutralize any remaining effectsFire, 811:body, and from thence to the nervous system; to discover what is the hindrance in the etheric bodyFire, 917:arrive at certain definite deductions and discover: The secret of matter itself, that is, matter asFire, 1236:hitherto itself been regarded as a cause, for we discover that behind all subjective phenomenaGlamour, 27:between these three inner illusory aspects. To discover what conditions in the environment or inGlamour, 34:glamor, illusion and maya. See whether you can discover the form which your individual Dweller uponGlamour, 47:not alone, even if he thinks that he is. He will discover many others who are travelling the sameGlamour, 77:them for yourselves, and in so doing will discover where you stand in the world of fog and glamor.Glamour, 81:and synchronous in time. You would then discover that their objectives differ, and the effects ofGlamour, 85:Upon the Path, one begins to watch for and to discover the effects of force; one finds oneselfGlamour, 145:implications, for none of you (as you will discover) will be able to work effectively on thisGlamour, 187:everywhere will not rest until they can discover how to penetrate through the illusion of doctrineGlamour, 248:earnestly studies this problem, he will in time discover which forces are dominant in the ethericGlamour, 248:ascertaining this, he will find it necessary to discover not only his soul ray and his personalityGlamour, 263:upon which he has to depend. The next step is to discover if that which he seeks to convey to theHealing, 2:to accept the new theories and hypotheses, they discover that the old and dearly held truth is notHealing, 102:force which they can wield. They have also to discover their ability to keep the will in theHealing, 151:be somewhat different, for we shall attempt to discover the diseases and difficulties incident toHealing, 281:have kept pace with man's growing capacity to discover and to know. Let me reiterate that I amHealing, 308:absorption more than by analysis, you will later discover that you know much - intuitively andHealing, 327:IV - Some Questions Answered On Prana You can discover much on the nature of prana if you use theHealing, 333:suffice to show that the methods which you may discover in your reading (and their name is Legion)Healing, 368:researches appealed to them, and endeavored to discover in my books, for instance, or in The SecretHealing, 371:you the scientific definition (which you can discover in any good textbook on light, color orHealing, 426:of its appearance. Let it appear to be thyself. Discover thus the world of glamor, the world ofHealing, 484:disasters which often dog the steps of those who discover ancient tombs and their inhabitants,Healing, 486:immediately upon the mental plane. Most people discover themselves upon the astral plane, clothedHealing, 509:their physical plane life with care, they would discover that they are either working automaticallyHealing, 531:of the human mind to search, to record, to discover and to formulate truth, so that others mayHercules, 3:The problem of every teacher today is to discover new ways in which to express the old truths, andHercules, 9:He has to find himself as an individual, only to discover that individualism must be sacrificedHercules, 13:when truly developed, enables a man to discover that the concealed Deity in the universe isHercules, 14:Tell me truth." "That soul of yours, you shall discover as you do your task, and find and use theHercules, 22:emotional nature, and his physical body. We now discover him going through a very peculiar stage.Hercules, 37:are ever the result of thought. He will rapidly discover that selfishness, unkindness, love ofHercules, 46:the wheel of life revolves. It is interesting to discover again, in Taurus, the triplicity which isHercules, 143:needed to recognize its existence; patience, to discover its lair; humility, to bring slimyHercules, 144:No attempt to dominate the lower nature and discover that jewel is ever futile. The immortal head,Hercules, 145:at the roots of his nature; discrimination, to discover a technique for dealing with his mortalHercules, 155:where dwell the birds that havoc wreak. Discover, then, the way to flush them from their longHercules, 207:problem of every writer and teacher today is to discover new ways in which to express the sameHercules, 210:God. He finds himself as an individual only to discover that individualism must be intelligentlyIntellect, 12:is about to enter upon his inheritance and to discover within himself powers and capacities,Intellect, 28:and if he ponders the question deeply he will discover that in order to answer it he will have toIntellect, 33:his mind to wider realizations. He will discover the soul as the great Reality, thus gaining directIntellect, 75:the God operative within ourselves. As, then, we discover the more enduring values, or as we createIntellect, 119:of thought before anything else is done, to discover the existence of this instrument throughIntellect, 122:happens to come along; and, finally, we shall discover those rare souls whose consciousness isIntellect, 200:often amazing. People "find" themselves; they discover hidden capacities and an understanding neverIntellect, 259:attention when they begin to meditate. They discover within themselves uncontrolled desires, plusMagic, 37:This it is which enables him eventually to discover that this soul in him is dual and that part ofMagic, 100:consciousness of his own solar Angel, only to discover that that too is also but a form of lifeMagic, 202:takes stock of the situation. He has to discover first which type of energy preponderates and isMagic, 208:can be acquired by practice by each of you. Discover the serpent of illusion by the help of theMagic, 356:evolved and the most intelligent of the race discover in themselves the divine Flame, and awakenMagic, 365:up as follows: He has to learn to think; to discover that he has an apparatus which is called theMagic, 365:processes and form building propensities and discover the ideas which underlie the divineMagic, 394:come into being and find themselves; they discover thus the distinction [395] between the center of
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