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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISCOVER

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Magic, 473:shut out the sun and render all plans futile. Discover that thou hast a mind and learn its dualMagic, 491:new rhythm established. Then the aspirant will discover that the mind is so focused on the newMagic, 585:or flattering task to find oneself out and to discover that perhaps even the service we haveMagic, 603:in that high place of inspiration and of light, discover his fellow-workers, communicate with themMagic, 605:the great drama of history in order to discover its main trend and so express to the ordinaryMagic, 638:having with steadfastness gone forward he will discover that the exoteric and esoteric linking ofMeditation, 204:analysis of events and circumstances in order to discover their governing laws. I have been led toMeditation, 206:but the exact significance is left for you to discover. I want to emphasize a second thought: TheseMeditation, 240:of color has two things to do in meditation. To discover his three major colors as manifested inMeditation, 242:The primary aim of the healing group will be to discover the originating cause of the trouble andMeditation, 260:plane and build thereon. This power - first to discover the notes of the monadic chord and secondlyMeditation, 326:the object in view of becoming proficient and to discover his weak points. He writes during theMeditation, 338:at the bottom of the ladder. Each aspirant must discover for himself wherein he yields most easilyPatanjali, 95:works inwards from the external form in order to discover the sound which created it, or theProblems, 27:vast experimental period of discovery; we shall discover just exactly what we are - as [28]Problems, 146:constitute a body of religious truth; they will discover that organized religion is only one phaseProblems, 178:of goodwill must be found and organized and thus discover their numerical potency - for it isPsychology1, 6:undefinable quantity. They find it impossible to discover its origin; they know not what it is,Psychology1, 39:the world of quality and of value, and begins to discover the nature of the soul and to shift thePsychology1, 94:the two positions. Is it possible that we may discover a something which will link the intangiblePsychology1, 112:reservoir of their soul's nourishment; they will discover that the source of their strength is toPsychology1, 222:Left alone and unaided, man would eventually discover for [223] himself the designated events; butPsychology1, 234:to give in this treatise what the reader can discover in the academic textbooks of our colleges. ItPsychology1, 247:the producing of these factors, he will fail to discover the true secret of the transformationsPsychology1, 284:the inflow of new ideas and concepts. We shall discover that vice and virtue have no real referencePsychology1, 348:information, to correlate the ray types, and to discover (by a study of the potencies involved)Psychology1, 369:the seventh ray it has been possible for man to discover and work with radium. Radium has alwaysPsychology1, 370:it is through this same influence that we shall discover new cosmic rays. They too are alwaysPsychology1, 371:few animals will respond to soul stimulation and discover that their rightful place is on the humanPsychology2, 45:door looms before the initiate, he will then discover the meaning of that type of realization whichPsychology2, 63:pursued, and as we study the human subject, we discover that underlying the human body in all itsPsychology2, 163:of opposites, the task of the disciple is to discover that which is neither of them. It is thisPsychology2, 195:in connection with these laws, we shall discover that the energies of the zodiacal signs have aPsychology2, 237:one most difficult to express. It is not easy to discover the right words to define its meaning. ItPsychology2, 248:He must recover that which he has seen; he must discover it to those who have not had his secretPsychology2, 295:are in a position to sense, determine, or discover the nature of their monadic ray or that of theirPsychology2, 300:and comparison of the three charts, he can discover the accuracy or the inaccuracy of his ownPsychology2, 361:angle of a glamored third ray attitude), he will discover that he has suddenly achieved alignment.Psychology2, 368:the world at this time, who are in a position to discover that their personalities or their soulsPsychology2, 444:approach to the psychological field will be to discover: Which rays, major and minor, arePsychology2, 449:Never before have men set themselves to discover truth in such large numbers. Never before has thePsychology2, 493:to some most ancient origin and root we should discover a real meaning? In any case two thoughtsPsychology2, 514:equipment or of undue emphasis upon it. We shall discover the sources of certain disorders and findPsychology2, 604:his mind to bear upon the problem; he will then discover that the vision is but the reflection ofPsychology2, 610:inflow of force and power with facility and will discover that their problem lies in the controlPsychology2, 641:to know what is basically at fault, and to discover why the strenuous self-sacrificing and divinelyPsychology2, 646:This program must have three objectives: 1. To discover, educate and blend together the men of goodPsychology2, 672:must they do three things: First, they must discover each other and be in touch with each other.Psychology2, 676:The New Group of World Servers seeks to discover these people, and unify them into a coherentPsychology2, 741:the use of correct words and phrases; next, to discover men of like ideas and so organize theirPsychology2, 748:will, or make it possible for others to do so: Discover the men and women of good will. These youRays, 37:have you remember this, because you can thereby discover where your individual focus of attentionRays, 154:upon his ray type. He then is in a position to discover the close interlocking that exists betweenRays, 210:and then I venture to predict that you will discover that it is not divine love of humanity thatRays, 220:be given to it; it does not search and strive to discover a Word; it does not take some Word as mayRays, 293:your own present attitudes and actions, you will discover that primarily (I might add almostRays, 344:a focal point for a group. His task now is to discover the group of aspirants with which he shouldRays, 389:circumference, the Master must find an exit and discover a door which will permit Him to enter theRays, 422:and unprecedented opportunity to Those Who discover this Path. Just as one of the seven PathsRays, 430:accomplished, and it is the part of wisdom to discover this in time. These Forces of Evil workRays, 565:rays and the initiations, I find it essential to discover new and arresting words and word phrasesRays, 594:with its effort to account for humanity and to discover what man is essentially and how heRays, 625:in right human relations, the German people will discover their soul, and then the soul-infusedRays, 641:of these rays to each other, you will discover that the energies which made their impact upon theRays, 667:have undergone the first initiation. When they discover those who are seeking mental polarizationRays, 668:and the accepted disciples in the world, and can discover those aspirants who can be helped andRays, 669:which initiation lies ahead of you and then discover all you possibly can about it and itsReappearance, 50:people who do seek first the Kingdom of God, and discover thereby that the Kingdom they seek isReappearance, 168:preserve silence, lose opportunity and never discover how ready people are for the discussion ofReappearance, 180:work with understanding and sincerity. He must discover that it is possible for him to play hisSoul, 37:that the applied physiology of the future will discover how to modify temperament." - Ibid., pp.Soul, 82:after stripping off everything external, we discover in ourselves as our real most essential being,Telepathy, 6:by the brain or the emotional nature, he will discover the universality of the mental principleTelepathy, 72:Ashrams, advanced disciples are taught how to discover within themselves and to use this newTelepathy, 186:of the central Triangle. They will then discover, by direct action, when and if mankind is readyTelepathy, 196:thinking along lines of the true values, he will discover that his own private affairs are taken
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