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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISCOVERING

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Atom, 131:the study of radioactivity, is on the verge of discovering what is the nature of the power withinAutobiography, 1:occult teacher. People might learn much by discovering how a theologically minded Bible studentAutobiography, 105:The discovery of the anti-Negro feeling was like discovering an open door into the great house ofAutobiography, 133:an entirely new cycle, and, for the first time, discovering that I had a mind which I began to use,Autobiography, 142:was being thrown on the old theology. I was discovering that the only thing that was wrong wasBethlehem, 50:of opportunity, and, because he is in process of discovering his own divinity, he will enter intoBethlehem, 233:to the heart of reality and has a faculty of discovering the truth hidden by a form. The earlyDestiny, 110:to pass on to the new ways of demonstrating and discovering the ancient wisdom, and to theDiscipleship1, 186:all disciples grow and by feeling their way and discovering their own peculiar line of approach toDiscipleship1, 400:(in the midst of problems and tests) you are discovering the Way of Compensation. Do you think, myDiscipleship1, 641:[641] interior. Will you make a study of these, discovering first of all what they are and learningDiscipleship2, 497:You have tuned in on world distress and are discovering yourself doing so with increasing and oftDiscipleship2, 638:planned. You are today among those interested in discovering their spiritual enterprise. DiscoverEducation, 46:The world today is very, very small and men are discovering (sometimes for the first time in theirEducation, 64:be stated that the esotericist is occupied in discovering and working with those principles whichEducation, 66:Whole, thus losing sight of the little self and discovering the larger Self. The true esotericExternalisation, 509:Eventually it will be destroyed, by man discovering how to penetrate it. The date is imminent.Externalisation, 615:Jewish persons (only 20% of the whole) from discovering how welcome they are in many countriesExternalisation, 680:a Master, and this because of the necessity of discovering the ashram with which the aspirant mustExternalisation, 692:point of danger for the disciple. The process of discovering the magnetic areas, magnetized in pastExternalisation, 696:these men and women are found, the work of the discovering initiate is to see to it thatFire, xii:through the able work of the scientists, discovering the needed knowledge with adequate rapidity.Fire, 641:finding out the nature of phenomena, and discovering for itself the character of electricalGlamour, 6:inner spiritual realities, and when facility in discovering the reality behind any specific formGlamour, 14:form and its demonstrated activity, and you are discovering the field of ideas of analogous natureGlamour, 76:his life and change his way of living, thus discovering that freedom from material things carriesGlamour, 104:aware of the condition of world glamor (through discovering it and dealing with it in their ownGlamour, 104:the door of light." It is with the intention of discovering how far the aspirants and disciples ofHealing, 118:and with neurotically inclined people) of discovering the deep seated complexes, the scars, theHealing, 245:A focused use of the imagination will aid you in discovering how vitally constructive this agencyHercules, 167:about it. Picture his reaction, the conqueror discovering that he is a devastating force; that byHercules, 190:eleventh sign. It is only now we are discovering what a marvellous astrologer Christ was. He knewHercules, 210:upon the cross of matter and of existence, and discovering that he is in truth a son of GodMagic, 465:out of this immersion he must find his way by discovering and using his mind. Instinct must giveProblems, 44:The world today is very small and men are discovering (sometimes for the first time in their lives)Problems, 67:hands indefinitely. Other nations and races are discovering this "secret of release" and the futurePsychology2, 332:himself rejected by the world in which he lives. Discovering the group to which he belongs,Psychology2, 366:the fight in order to stand, thereby discovering victory ahead, [367] achieving oneness with thePsychology2, 377:the light in the East rises upon his darkness, discovering him still at the midway point. ThenPsychology2, 414:the casting of a horoscope with the objective of discovering the future or of determining action.Psychology2, 534:easily the wider fields of service which he is discovering. It might be stated here in a broad andPsychology2, 643:upsetting any existing situation - they are discovering and bringing together the men of good willPsychology2, 644:who are occupied simply with the task of discovering the men of good will. This is the immediatePsychology2, 740:this interrelation on a large scale through discovering those who respond to this message and idea;Rays, 682:these I shall not deal. Individuals are rapidly discovering the nature of their glamors, once theirSoul, 131:a whole. In considering the possibility of man discovering his soul, there must be, to start with,
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