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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISCOVERS

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Astrology, 83:begins to sense the conditioning soul, and thus discovers his essential duality. When he is uponAstrology, 241:law. When he has done all this, [241] he discovers himself ready to enter into new and deeperAstrology, 385:man may reach complete union with divinity. Man discovers that sex (which has hitherto been aAstrology, 414:As he manifests in time and space, man discovers this to be true and to constitute a law in nature,Autobiography, 279:questions answered and his problems solved. He discovers that the major prerequisites forBethlehem, 44:heart the divine life can be felt throbbing. Man discovers himself to be one of a vast number whoBethlehem, 102:At initiation two things happen: the initiate discovers his fellow initiates, those with whom heBethlehem, 206:first and himself second. But having done so, he discovers that the door into the kingdom is flungDestiny, 130:understanding of the "Words of Power" (which he discovers by experiment) and by using the potencyDiscipleship1, 307:the relative soul age of his associates. He soon discovers that these vary. He learns then toDiscipleship1, 709:him, but [709] which is as yet unrecognized. He discovers also that he has to explore and knowDiscipleship1, 709:to the "world of meaning," the disciple discovers that he can enter into the first stage of theDiscipleship2, 215:he, through the proved efficacy of prayer, discovers the subtler powers and the fact of theDiscipleship2, 253:has to adjust himself not only to himself as he discovers himself to be, but likewise to what heDiscipleship2, 313:and through these three aspects of mind he discovers that he possesses the "three keys" which willDiscipleship2, 378:as truths to the initiate-consciousness. He discovers that he must learn the divine nature of theDiscipleship2, 389:and the reaction are forgotten. He then discovers to his surprise that at any time and at will - ifDiscipleship2, 394:he moves forward from darkness to light; he discovers that obedience to his spiritual instinctsDiscipleship2, 434:livingness, activity and movement; the initiate discovers himself to be a point of energy in anDiscipleship2, 436:"The light that shines within the heart of man discovers light and, in these blended lights, comesDiscipleship2, 436:that shines within the sacred Hierarchy of Souls discovers these two lights revealed and theyDiscipleship2, 437:To put this in its simplest terms: the initiate discovers he can perceive more than he ever knewDiscipleship2, 437:that has always been there. The limitation, he discovers, is in himself, and the Way of RevelationDiscipleship2, 555:disciple acts "as if" he were initiate and then discovers that "as a man thinketh in his heart soDiscipleship2, 624:reveals emotion; it is not however emotion. It discovers feeling with which the soul hasDiscipleship2, 625:the developed disciple and the initiate. He then discovers that thoughts are the product of theDiscipleship2, 634:disciple when he enters the door of the Ashram, discovers he is no longer standing upon the innerEducation, 29:into his possible [29] environment and then discovers an aspect of himself of which he had littleEducation, 29:in the early stages of his development. He discovers the soul and then passes through the illusionFire, 186:means whereby he buys his experience, whereby he discovers that which he requires to know, wherebyFire, 426:science of electricity, and as exoteric science discovers how: To utilize the power in the air, orFire, 611:Logos on an inconceivably greater scale. As man discovers the laws of his own material sheaths -Fire, 921:being, and an atom. Hence the scientist, as he discovers the nature of the atom, is putting himselfFire, 956:by a consideration of the laws of energy. A man discovers how to build a thought form of aGlamour, 42:circulation and constant mutation of force. He discovers then how these forces interplay in his ownGlamour, 80:from the glamors upon which we have touched, he discovers another world of fog and mist throughGlamour, 96:and selfishly directed energies. Here the man discovers (unconsciously at first and laterGlamour, 102:of a better word - we call the PRESENCE. He then discovers that the way out in this case is not theGlamour, 125:the helpless victim of that which he later discovers to be erroneous, false and deceiving. HeGlamour, 126:for the time being, in no case an illusion. He discovers the relationship between himself as aGlamour, 127:wherein he is the triumphant initiate. He [127] discovers in himself the sources of glamor andGlamour, 136:at the experience of the kingdom of God, and discovers the nature, the type of lives and ofGlamour, 188:longed for cure or key and thus he intuitively discovers a long sought secret. The discovery, [189]Glamour, 196:guided by the light of matter. Later, he discovers the light of the soul. Later still, he learns toGlamour, 208:work. A point then comes where the aspirant discovers that this inner light can be used, and heGlamour, 252:This can be summarized as follows: The disciple discovers the focus of his identification. HeGlamour, 264:into and [264] through the three worlds. When he discovers any arresting or sidetracking ofHealing, 392:as he makes his own personality contacts, discovers those who are congenial to him and eventuallyHealing, 450:death - the long-feared enemy of existence. He discovers that death is simply an effect produced byHealing, 555:unprotected. The cure for this, if the healer discovers in himself this tendency, is to workHealing, 600:working of the law which governs thought, he discovers that energy follows his thought and flowsHercules, 9:intelligently to the good of the group. He discovers likewise that personal greed has no place inHercules, 132:and the sediment of strange passions therein. He discovers the base methods by means of whichHercules, 167:are a symbol of the mind plus emotion, Hercules discovers that although he may be an aspirant andIntellect, 56:to man. Through its ordered technique, man discovers that unity which is himself. Through it, heIntellect, 56:unity which is himself. Through it, he later discovers his relation to the universe; he finds thatIntellect, 56:that pulses at the heart of all creation; and he discovers that his mind can give him the key whichIntellect, 56:of God Himself. In fact, he arrives at God and discovers God as the central Fact. Knowing himselfIntellect, 136:he enters into the consciousness of the soul. He discovers that all the time it has been the soulIntellect, 177:seeks the way to knowledge and certainty. He discovers - when he investigates with impartiality -Intellect, 200:of Knowledge. No one should be deterred if he discovers that he lacks in certain essentials theIntellect, 210:a capacity to think with clarity. The aspirant discovers that besides being able to recordIntellect, 212:think clearly, synthetically and potently as he discovers new realms of knowledge. Two: In theMagic, 149:he practices the science of the breath, and discovers that through deep [150] breathing (includingMagic, 171:and lack of mind control, and he therefore discovers that he has to work constantly and ceaselesslyMagic, 203:one shifts the focus of one's incentive when one discovers himself, as the Light shines ever moreMagic, 355:realm of the mind opens up before him, and he discovers that he can differentiate between theMagic, 355:between the emotional nature and the mental. He discovers also that the mind can be made to assumeMagic, 623:a man carrying a heavy load up a steep hill - he discovers points of strain, and evinces a tendencyMeditation, 28:It is the period wherein a man finds himself, discovers what his line of activity may be, what heMeditation, 240:hide, and from the sheaths that imprison, he discovers that the method whereby this is accomplishedPatanjali, 89:sheaths. This concerns his knowledge of form. He discovers that forms are made of atoms or "pointsPatanjali, 89:This knowledge concerns forces. Later he discovers analogous forms with analogous vibration andPatanjali, 161:of force which brought them into being. Later he discovers the idea which they embody and, tracingPatanjali, 292:periodical vehicles" which the divine Son of God discovers and utilizes in the course of his longPatanjali, 395:of the whole of which he is a tiny part. He discovers that the stream of desire-impelled mindProblems, 154:cycle, humanity approaches closer to divinity, discovers a more brilliant light and arrives at aPsychology1, 36:is revealing. This he does in a triple way: He discovers his own soul, the product of the union ofPsychology1, 37:He then, having discovered the personality, discovers the quality of his own soul life, and thePsychology1, 38:and purpose of his [38] planetary Life, and discovers himself as a part of a ray Life, Which isPsychology1, 261:(occultly speaking) goes out upon the Path. He discovers likewise the group of forms and of livesPsychology2, 76:pilgrimage and process of appropriation that he discovers how tired he actually is of grasping thePsychology2, 93:into conscious relation with his own soul and discovers that which he has joyously done in thePsychology2, 175:Yet just as the disciple in his early training discovers that the discriminating process has naughtPsychology2, 175:so the man who is reacting to these higher laws discovers that the discrimination to be shown isPsychology2, 332:belongs, blocking his way of approach until he discovers the way of approach by service.Psychology2, 439:body and the mind has been bridged, and the man discovers the vast field of mental activity whichPsychology2, 610:does the occultist who uses the light which he discovers within himself for selfish purposes, andRays, 39:a major test in its effects. The initiate discovers the depths of evil, and at the same time isRays, 43:- the unity which stands behind the Door. He discovers that one span of the bridge (if I might soRays, 73:he must achieve and - as he achieves it - he discovers that this impersonality is not based onRays, 103:which he has chosen to circumscribe himself. He discovers that the "last enemy to be destroyed" isRays, 105:death - the long-feared enemy of existence. He discovers that death is simply an effect produced byRays, 107:"moment in time" when, pendant in space, he discovers that he is not the soul. What then is he? ARays, 108:and the quality of his will begins to change. He discovers a larger will than his own and beginsRays, 119:separating the Triad and the personality, he discovers that he is a part of a group. This groupRays, 126:By so doing, the user of the language discovers eventually his erroneous approach to truth. LifeRays, 154:fact involves responsibilities and duties. He discovers that his major responsibility - spirituallyRays, 346:next immediate step or demonstrated expansion, discovers his own group, he will find that it has inRays, 372:Paths. At that high point of will expression, He discovers the secret of that evolutionary process
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