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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISCRIMINATION

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Astrology, 55:or group of planets. The analogy, involving discrimination to regulate and offset the force of theAtom, 22:The method whereby this is achieved is that of discrimination, or of intelligent choice. There are,Atom, 27:be self-realization through the practice of discrimination; we must learn to think clearly forAtom, 28:the real and the unreal, through the practice of discrimination, but we should endeavor to pass onAtom, 42:of influence the cells of his body; he shows discrimination, intelligence, and energy. TheAtom, 45:one atom of matter, showing latent intelligence, discrimination, and selective power, but will, inAtom, 57:The atom demonstrates the quality of discrimination, of selective power, and of ability to attractAtom, 106:later through the development of the faculty of discrimination, coupled with dispassion. Here inAtom, 106:the five senses, and have not taught that discrimination which is so essential. If you watch theAtom, 108:and another factor comes in, that of intelligent discrimination. Here I am referring to theAtom, 108:discrimination. Here I am referring to the discrimination which a self-conscious unit demonstrates.Atom, 110:and through the utilization of the faculty of discrimination. The stage at which a man awakens toAutobiography, 234:the wickedness of aggression and racial discrimination are made so apparent that only the stupidAutobiography, 252:the way of light, for human welfare without discrimination, for kindness and the right of every manAutobiography, 271:in the teaching, and upon the wisdom and the discrimination which he shows in his choice of helpersBethlehem, 15:is to be found in detachment, dispassion and discrimination. These are the first steps on the roadBethlehem, 16:the higher realities. Through the practice of discrimination the mind learns to select the good,Bethlehem, 17:The Buddha - The Method Detachment. Dispassion. Discrimination. The Christ - The ResultBethlehem, 100:esotericism, the word "river" frequently means discrimination. We have seen that water symbolizesDestiny, 88:towards a better adjustment to life and a wiser discrimination. It will require the backing ofDestiny, 114:on discipleship upon the need to develop discrimination. Desire - taste - discrimination; these areDestiny, 114:need to develop discrimination. Desire - taste - discrimination; these are the values, under theDiscipleship1, XV:technique of detachment, of dispassion and of discrimination which the Buddha taught. GroupDiscipleship1, 16:It is a trial of the intuition and a test in discrimination. This work to which I have called youDiscipleship1, 78:or self-defence. Go forward with discrimination where your unfoldment is concerned, and with loveDiscipleship1, 120:isolated and has a natural tendency to that discrimination which leads to separateness. The reverseDiscipleship1, 131:where the best results can be achieved. Right discrimination in helpfulness is rare, but you canDiscipleship1, 144:the Great Ones are now engaged. You must learn discrimination and understanding and right choice -Discipleship1, 150:of a wise and most careful discretionary discrimination. Your work must be specific and carriedDiscipleship1, 297:world) might be expressed as the need to gain discrimination between Primary principles andDiscipleship1, 402:beauty which enabled you to see the real, and a discrimination which has enabled you to gatherDiscipleship1, 434:For them comes the practice of that spiritual discrimination which does not separate, and yet whichDiscipleship1, 485:selflessness. I would have you work with discrimination, with purity of motive and with an effortDiscipleship1, 493:out of your impasse? Disciples need to learn discrimination in the use of the instruments whichDiscipleship1, 535:right comprehension of the time element and due discrimination between the essentials and theDiscipleship1, 544:essentials of the spiritual life, and the tested discrimination and discerning faculty which willDiscipleship1, 544:by you at first hand. Use, therefore, discrimination, my brother. That which they have sensed isDiscipleship1, 606:- Dharma, or responsible obligation. 3rd month - Discrimination. 4th month - Dispassion. 5th monthDiscipleship1, 609:it most certainly necessitates the use of the discrimination in ascertaining the essentials andDiscipleship1, 667:that need, through the medium of aspiration and discrimination. Continue then with any meditationDiscipleship1, 771:begins to cohere and work together. An acute discrimination is also required. These are days whenDiscipleship1, 785:the way of light, for human welfare without discrimination, for kindness and the right of every manDiscipleship2, 258:Ageless Wisdom has been upon the necessity for discrimination, particularly where the probationaryDiscipleship2, 412:no real challenge and became a point upon which discrimination of an interior activity must beDiscipleship2, 483:master is one of discernment. He needs to learn discrimination in contact if he is to avoid aDiscipleship2, 494:- an illumination achieved through conflict and discrimination and resulting (when the victory isDiscipleship2, 497:- I.A.P. August 1942 The disciple has to learn a discrimination for which the discriminativeDiscipleship2, 530:particularly are faced with an acute problem in discrimination. Earlier - years ago - I gave youDiscipleship2, 623:feeling. The quality of mind, which is primarily discrimination, is largely lacking in the bulk ofDiscipleship2, 623:mind develops. It is the result of a measure of discrimination which enables the Observer toEducation, 13:aspiration, the group may arrive at a right discrimination as to their joint quality andEducation, 22:of education is to train the lower man in right discrimination and true sensitivity to the vision,Education, 104:and undeveloped, they have little power of discrimination and small ability to differentiateExternalisation, 41:of advanced humanity. The battle of discrimination was opened, and humanity became active upon theExternalisation, 411:is to be found in detachment, dispassion and discrimination. Where these are present, there isExternalisation, 412:deter the soul from its rightful task. Through discrimination, the mind learns to select the good,Externalisation, 413:The Buddha, the method: Detachment, Dispassion, Discrimination. The Christ, the result:Externalisation, 434:its means cosmic evil is arrested; the sword of discrimination is wielded by the initiates and theExternalisation, 436:have brought upon themselves. Hate ever lacks discrimination. The great Law of SpiritualExternalisation, 443:broken and due payment made in all justice and discrimination to an outraged world. But the soulsExternalisation, 658:Buddha. He taught the primary lesson of mental discrimination and detachment - two basic qualitiesExternalisation, 658:This theme lies at the root of all that is new: discrimination between the mental approach and theFire, xv:of the intuition, of spiritual diagnosis, and a discrimination which will lead to a rejection ofFire, 33:Four are the colors secondary in the cycle of discrimination in which the revolution taketh place.Fire, 173:(which is the astral equivalent to mental discrimination), and its ultimate transmutation intoFire, 173:leaving the pupil to follow his own deductions. Discrimination is thereby developed, andFire, 173:Discrimination is thereby developed, and discrimination is the main method whereby the SpiritFire, 188:Planetary psychometry 3. Higher clairvoyance 4. Discrimination 5. Spiritual discernment Response toFire, 189:Sense - Taste. Physical taste. Imagination. Discrimination. Intuition. Perfection. The Fifth SenseFire, 201:nature of matter is in process of realization. Discrimination is the educatory process to which theFire, 201:its own essence in and under all forms. Discrimination concerns the duality of nature, the Self andFire, 306:preserve with care a due sense of proportion, a discrimination as to time in evolution, and a justFire, 338:first ease, the distinctive quality of manas is discrimination which enables the Spirit toFire, 355:form, and works out effects from causes through discrimination in matter, separation into form, andFire, 418:of manas might be summed up under three heads: Discrimination. Ordered activity. Adaptability. LetFire, 418:cycles to come they will be seen working out. a. Discrimination This is necessarily almost theFire, 418:and is threefold in manifestation: First. Discrimination between the I-consciousness, and thatFire, 418:a fairly high stage of evolution. Second. Discrimination between the Ego and the Personality. ThisFire, 419:those nearing the Portal of Initiation. Third. Discrimination between soul and Spirit, or theFire, 503:began in Lemurian days. VII. As regards monadic discrimination, adaptability, purpose andFire, 653:(Of good and evil, therefore conscious discrimination). - S. D., II, 622. It is the spiritualFire, 721:emancipation was effected through the faculty of discrimination, though that word as used today isGlamour, 19:with a field for the wise use of the faculty of discrimination. It is too early as yet for you toGlamour, 30:the astral plane or the etheric. The faculty of discrimination which is being developed hasGlamour, 34:use. Watch yourselves and your daily life with discrimination, so that you learn to distinguishGlamour, 42:Brain consciousness Angel of the Presence Discrimination Integrated personality At-one-ment End ofGlamour, 63:upon every idea that comes their way, and use no discrimination of any kind. This is illusion,Glamour, 64:of another. This is illusion through wrong discrimination where substance is concerned. Its causeGlamour, 69:You are thus beginning to develop that discrimination which will lead to right choice of lifeGlamour, 83:or the egoic form. Then, through analysis, discrimination and right thought one proceeds to dealGlamour, 100:who are aware of the necessity for decision and discrimination in thinking and in choice, but whoGlamour, 106:bewilderment which makes clear choice and right discrimination difficult and, in the early stages,Glamour, 139:because the intellect - through analysis, [139] discrimination and right reasoning - indicates whatGlamour, 178:experience, leaving undeveloped their powers of discrimination. This is a point which all teachersGlamour, 201:and disciples, evoking the subtlest kind of discrimination; but once that testing has beenGlamour, 270:when the forces of maya can no longer hinder. Discrimination, dispassion and indifference haveHealing, 673:of the two qualities of detachment and discrimination. These two [674] qualities, when expressed onHealing, 710:spiritual when rightly motivated, when wise discrimination is employed and soul power is [711]Hercules, 25:upon Hercules that of mental analysis and discrimination. We are told that Apollo, the Sun GodHercules, 131:then, becomes changed into the development of discrimination. In a sense, truth does not exist for
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