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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISCRIMINATION

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Hercules, 137:they convey ... This is a difficult task of discrimination. To be adaptable, yet to retain theHercules, 143:patiently for it, and finally destroys it. Discrimination is needed to recognize its existence;Hercules, 145:had to express were humility, courage and discrimination: humility, to see his plight objectivelyHercules, 145:that lay coiled at the roots of his nature; discrimination, to discover a technique for dealingInitiation, 21:even of the most elemental kind, the faculty of discrimination will demonstrate. This is recognizedInitiation, 21:In the vegetable kingdom, to this faculty of discrimination is added that of response to sensation,Initiation, 53:is not to blame should the disciple show lack of discrimination in the choice of co-workers, orInitiation, 67:or Teacher is subjected to wise foresight and discrimination. Just as we do not put universityInitiation, 73:disciples, on the value of dispassion. Lack of discrimination is not so often a hindrance toInitiation, 91:as follows: He has to become aware, through discrimination, of the energy or force of his own lowerInitiation, 113:with the pairs of opposites, and through discrimination is becoming aware of reality and unreality,Initiation, 177:into an ordered form, and has therefore to learn discrimination in the choice of matter, and toInitiation, 225:or separated self, or Ego. Viveka The Sanskrit "discrimination." The very first step in the path ofInitiation, 225:very first step in the path of occultism is the discrimination between the real and the unreal,Intellect, 151:omniscient." "The mind then tends towards discrimination and increasing illumination." "When theIntellect, 186:see is an absolute state of mind in which no 'discrimination' ...takes place, and it requires aMagic, 67:with increasingly subtle distinctions. The crude discrimination between right and wrong whichMagic, 68:by the honest soul. A choice which involves discrimination between individual benefit and groupMagic, 80:that hinders and the completed emancipation. By discrimination - a faculty of the concrete mentalMagic, 104:[104] effort, freedom in action and discrimination in method and not by unquestioning obedience,Magic, 120:objective of any specific life. A fine spiritual discrimination is needed here however, lest theMagic, 129:group, are capable of clear thinking, accurate discrimination, patient endurance, and an ability toMagic, 133:carrying forward of the Master's work. With wise discrimination He apportions the work and neverMagic, 136:is the development of the intuition and discrimination of the disciples in the world, and theirMagic, 137:A refusal to compromise, through clear vision. A discrimination that enables the disciple always toMagic, 174:at will necessitates a sensitiveness and a fine discrimination which few would care to purchase atMagic, 176:not to astral psychics), can use only trust and discrimination until they are further evolved. TheyMagic, 222:of the first qualifications of discipleship is discrimination, for it is through the use of theMagic, 224:vision and right discernment (through right discrimination) the disciple testifies to his fitnessMagic, 229:upon the ambitions of the personal self. Clear discrimination of these two paths reveals what isMagic, 229:of the two main weapons of the aspirant, discrimination and dispassion, he gains that quality whichMagic, 230:inflowing tides meet, can rightly practice true discrimination and that dispassion which bring theMagic, 230:The sensing of the dual forces and the clear discrimination of the two paths leads to theMagic, 230:the aspirant for right choice through right discrimination leading to right action, and madeMagic, 323:obedience to the law of economy of force, due to discrimination, and a true sense of values. WhereMagic, 357:factors is pain, and the other is the faculty of discrimination. Through the means of pain and aMagic, 357:happenings and of sensory experience. Through discrimination as to ideas and as to thoughtMagic, 567:comes at this final stage. A point of fine discrimination is reached and the magician has toMagic, 585:race instruct the budding initiate to practice discrimination and train him in the arduous task ofMagic, 585:Only thus will he train himself in spiritual discrimination and learn to recognize truth in allMeditation, 14:and detail must be worked out through the use of discrimination, experience, courage andMeditation, 16:and the amassing of information through love and discrimination that eventually causes theMeditation, 46:but in methods of application, due to the wise discrimination of the Head of the School. This Head,Meditation, 93:are necessary virtues, but if used without discrimination and without a sense of time in evolutionMeditation, 118:that quality with another factor, that of wise discrimination and mental balance. If he permitsMeditation, 132:and work at the development of viveka or that discrimination which safeguards from deception. IfMeditation, 150:and lacking that quality of mind that we call discrimination. He is intuitive, prone to martyrdomMeditation, 156:pupil has strenuously cultivated the quality of discrimination, and made it a working factor in hisMeditation, 208:can hope to attain any measure of accurate discrimination. Just as the green of the activity ofMeditation, 225:[225] though students and accepted chelas, whose discrimination can be trusted, can attain theMeditation, 272:of view. In this way He will develop His pupil's discrimination and judgment, and lighten His ownMeditation, 282:whilst love without mental development and that discrimination that mind affords is apt to beMeditation, 284:of things will be studied, and the quality of discrimination developed. Discrimination and fire areMeditation, 284:and the quality of discrimination developed. Discrimination and fire are occultly allied and justMeditation, 286:world. This it achieves not by blindness, but by discrimination and wisdom, separating contraryMeditation, 334:involves a vegetarian diet, chosen with wise discrimination; it requires the eating of only thoseMeditation, 340:Mental Body This is the result of hard work and discrimination. It necessitates three things beforeMeditation, 343:indigestion and pain, if not passed on with wise discrimination. Food absorbed by the human body,Meditation, 344:as I have often inculcated, the faculty of discrimination. He who considers that he can attempt allMeditation, 345:by the results of foolish action. He serves with discrimination who realizes wisely his own niche,Meditation, 345:himself to fill the niche. He serves with discrimination who judges with the aid of his Higher SelfMeditation, 345:demands of his fellow-servers. He serves with discrimination who brings a realization of time intoMeditation, 349:put: Wise control of the personality, and discrimination in work and time. The resultant attitudeMeditation, 360:or separated self, or Ego. Viveka The Sanskrit "discrimination". The very first step in the path ofMeditation, 360:very first step in the path of occultism is the discrimination between the real and the unreal,Patanjali20. Other yogins achieve samadhi and arrive at a discrimination of pure Spirit through belief,Patanjali, 38:20. Other yogins achieve samadhi and arrive at a discrimination of pure spirit through belief,Patanjali, 43:Patanjali whereby, through the use of the will, discrimination between the self and the not-self isPatanjali, 112:bondage is overcome through perfectly maintained discrimination. 27. The knowledge (orPatanjali, 120:as to their distinctions and thus cultivate his discrimination. The principal yogas are three inPatanjali, 133:its contact with the planetary not-self. Through discrimination and dispassion the self, who isPatanjali, 166:primary quality which he must develop, that of discrimination. Its meaning is therefore very clear.Patanjali, 167:brought about by the soul beginning to practise discrimination, at first theoretically andPatanjali, 168:process) and later experimentally. This discrimination leads eventually to three things: AnPatanjali, 170:phenomenal world. When, through experience and discrimination, he can distinguish between himselfPatanjali, 170:bondage is overcome through perfectly maintained discrimination. A word here on discrimination willPatanjali, 170:maintained discrimination. A word here on discrimination will be of value as it is the first greatPatanjali, 171:of the Absolute All, spirit and matter, discrimination is at first an attitude of mind and must bePatanjali, 173:ways. It is based upon an inherent faculty of discrimination and upon a deep seated capacity toPatanjali, 178:results, each dependent upon its cause: Discrimination becomes possible. The practice of the means,Patanjali, 179:body. When these four: Practise, Purification, Discrimination, Discernment, are part of the life ofPatanjali, 308:the emphasis laid by the yogi upon that basic discrimination through which a man develops thePatanjali, 320:the pairs of opposites (through the practice of discrimination and dispassion) is the path ofPatanjali, 323:6th (Form) 3. Higher clairvoyance 5th (Form 4. Discrimination 4th (Form) 5. Spiritual discernmentPatanjali, 323:Sense - Taste. Physical taste. Imagination. Discrimination. Intuition. Perfection. e. The FifthPatanjali, 334:IV. Air Vision Sight The Eye. Plane V. Fire Discrimination Taste The Tongue. Plane VI. Astral LightPatanjali, 358:the first basic requirement is touched upon, discrimination between the soul, the Christ within andPatanjali, 360:his objective. He has (through dispassion and discrimination) freed himself from the trammels ofPatanjali, 369:spiritual man. 26. The mind then tends towards discrimination and increasing illumination as to thePatanjali, 369:becomes aware, eventually, through practised discrimination, of the over-shadowing cloud ofPatanjali, 422:26, 27, 28. The mind then tends towards discrimination and increasing illumination as to the trueProblems, 104:relatively free from it; there is a constant discrimination against the Jew in business circles;Problems, 111:still no equality of opportunity and much racial discrimination. The treatment of the Negro in thePsychology1, 281:about through the development of the faculty of discrimination, which will offer choices to man,Psychology1, 338:Logos. This ray brings in the factor of discrimination through mental activity, and this, in itsPsychology1, 343:ray is the fifth ray of knowledge through discrimination, - the Ray, as it is called, of ConcretePsychology2, 34:neither ego nor non-ego. Complete detachment and discrimination must finally lead us to a conditionPsychology2, 83:electrified forms. 5. Science Differentiating Discrimination Crystallizing electrified forms. 6.Psychology2, 104:The sequence is, first dispassion, then discrimination, and finally detachment. On these threePsychology2, 129:The need for an increasing subtlety of discrimination is constant, and all dedicated students are
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