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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISCRIMINATION

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Psychology2, 157:and the power to choose aright, which is right discrimination. A vision of the pairs of opposites.Psychology2, 159:to liberation. Let us remember, however, that a discrimination which is based upon a determinationPsychology2, 161:desirable), calls into activity the virtues of discrimination, dispassion and discipline in thePsychology2, 161:whereby this choice is to be made. The way of discrimination, the method of dispassion and thePsychology2, 162:own personal understanding of the four words: Discrimination, Dispassion, Discipline,Psychology2, 166:and the other two necessities on the Way, - discrimination and decentralization. It is possible,Psychology2, 175:realizations is urged to practice the faculty of discrimination. You have been so urged. ThePsychology2, 175:reacting to these higher laws discovers that the discrimination to be shown is again still morePsychology2, 176:a meaningless objective. This type of [176] discrimination is not even being evoked. It is thatPsychology2, 179:and calling for the expression of the true discrimination to which I have earlier referred. SuchPsychology2, 198:against evil Crusades of all kinds Love of Good Discrimination Soul Unity - The Initiates. 5. GroupPsychology2, 251:[251] This must ever be remembered. Analysis, discrimination, differentiation, and the power toPsychology2, 411:the will to understand through investigation, discrimination and analysis. Finally comes the periodPsychology2, 559:mystical vision. d. Taste (embryonic). Taste. Discrimination. Intuition. e. Smell (acute). Smell,Psychology2, 560:Planetary psychometry 3. Higher clairvoyance 4. Discrimination 5. Spiritual discernment Response toPsychology2, 189:Sense - Taste. Physical taste. Imagination. Discrimination. Intuition. Perfection. [562] The FifthRays, 355:the two and related both of them without discrimination to the Master Jesus. Yet one event was aRays, 575:and thus lacking - from ignorance and lack of discrimination - complete purity of motive.Rays, 608:and which take the place of the crises of discrimination which precede that stage: Perception ofRays, 608:It is based on the intellectual factor of discrimination which is inherent in the smallest atom ofRays, 609:in the Human Kingdom, the 4th Leading to right Discrimination 2. The Initiation of Decision - 6thRays, 639:- Liberation. Humanity is subjected to crises of discrimination, leading to right choice. That isRays, 653:has to unfold a new phase of selective spiritual discrimination. The word discrimination is,Rays, 653:of selective spiritual discrimination. The word discrimination is, however, misleading, because theRays, 685:are the result of Detachment, Dispassion, and Discrimination. At the same time Discipline enforcesRays, 709:soul energy. In doing this a great measure of discrimination can be developed, and it is one of theTelepathy, 107:upon the emotional nature through conscious discrimination, and finally upon the soul nature under
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