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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISCRIMINATIVE

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Astrology, 148:and crises which will involve free choice, discriminative pioneering, wise response and correctAtom, 24:practice of a selective policy or the use of the discriminative faculty, and by the method ofAtom, 61:or a multiplicity of forms, and demonstrating discriminative intelligence. It is not possible toAtom, 68:quality of intelligence; it shows symptoms of discriminative mind, and the rudiments of selectiveAtom, 68:a form in the mineral kingdom; it shows not only discriminative selective mind, but elasticity.Atom, 69:kingdom forms built up of atoms show not only discriminative intelligence and elasticity, but alsoAtom, 81:atom we have already predicated intelligence, or discriminative power, and we found that in theAutobiography, 279:patience, persistent effort, vision and sound discriminative judgment. Given these, plus a sense ofDiscipleship1, 110:seem to you speculative and of no real moment. Discriminative recognition is for you the immediateDiscipleship1, 147:if given right training. Train yourself in that discriminative ability which will enable you toDiscipleship1, 388:threefold man; there is required that purified, discriminative mind which (in the interests of theDiscipleship2, 64:related to the time element and to a correct and discriminative perception of the need. PessimismDiscipleship2, 431:understanding, plus the use of the trained discriminative mind. This leads eventually to theDiscipleship2, 497:has to learn a discrimination for which the discriminative personality has prepared him. GiganticDiscipleship2, 588:the same eliminations and changes, the same discriminative idealism and the same conformity to theExternalisation, 44:the intelligent effort being made and the discriminative recognition of glamor in many cases,Fire, 246:and shows forth the qualities of: Rotary motion. Discriminative power. Ability to develop. An atom,Fire, 248:on the wheel of life, around his egoic pole. Discriminative capacity, or the power to choose andFire, 310:and the very shape of an amoeba, and the discriminative faculty of the lowest atom or cell, isFire, 312:begin to work such as attraction, repulsion, discriminative rejection, coherent assimilation, andFire, 332:system. We have seen also that manas is that discriminative faculty which animates all substance,Fire, 335:fifth kingdom through the transmutation of the discriminative faculty of mind, which - as in theFire, 339:is showing forth. In the Hall of Learning the discriminative side is being developed, and the manFire, 352:when it is admitted that man is the animating discriminative faculty of the tiny spheres which formFire, 418:of a platitude. All students recognize the discriminative quality of manas and its selectiveFire, 419:In all these expansions and appreciations the discriminative faculty of manas is utilized.Fire, 421:for this greater cycle. This inherent discriminative faculty of manas, displayed on ever higherFire, 472:good and bad - done after the acquisition of the discriminative knowledge. (Vide ShriFire, 499:up what I have written anent this matter of the discriminative faculty, the intelligent activity,Fire, 500:to manasic levels. II. On the Astral Plane: The discriminative power of man to choose between theFire, 502:permanent atom. [502] V. On Buddhic Levels: Discriminative power here demonstrates as ability toFire, 502:it relates to planetary manifestation, and the discriminative power which guides all actionFire, 721:is evidenced by the active intelligence and the discriminative selective capacity of the atom ofGlamour, 102:illusion or glamor to another, from one point of discriminative opportunity to another until he hasHealing, 13:progresses towards freedom. They indicate his discriminative ability to sense perfection, to visionHealing, 500:of conscience, which is the exercise of the discriminative sense, developed as the mind assumesInitiation, 21:the full conscious utilization of the faculty of discriminative love. To develop Consciousness inInitiation, 21:is directed toward the development of the discriminative and selective activity. One characteristicInitiation, 35:Logos. The Hierarchy thus took advantage of the discriminative faculty of mind, which is theIntellect, 94:name Meschach means "agile," a faculty of the discriminative mind, the mental body. Shadrach meansMagic, 14:is the average mind. Then, secondly, we have discriminative knowledge, which has in it a selectiveMagic, 51:gives a statement covering a later stage of this discriminative realization. This discerningMagic, 577:many things: The sharp, two-edged sword is the discriminative faculty which reaches to the roots ofPatanjaliexamination; the quality (or guna), through discriminative participation; the purpose, throughPatanjali, 33:examination; the quality (or guna), through discriminative participation; the purpose, throughPatanjali, 34:upon this second point. This is called "discriminative participation", and through it the studentPatanjali, 45:steadily and moderately and are called the "discriminative adepts" as they permit no excesses ofPatanjali, 76:will be a misapprehension of the final clause. Discriminative action must ever be taken withPatanjali, 168:discussion, as it forms part of the planetary discriminative process) and later experimentally.Patanjali, 234:on an object. It is free from the effects of the discriminative nature of the chitta (or mindPatanjali, 234:knowledge is developed through the use of the discriminative faculty when there is one-pointedPatanjali, 257:on an object. It is free from the effects of the discriminative nature of the chitta (or mindPatanjali, 316:aware of the light in the head. Secondly, discriminative knowledge is the next type utilized by thePatanjali, 316:the addition of dispassion or non-attachment to discriminative knowledge, hindrances are worn away,Patanjali, 317:is the emancipator - the forerunner of discriminative knowledge, as the dawn is of sunrise. On thePatanjali, 362:knowledge is developed through the use of the discriminative faculty when there is one-pointedPatanjali, 367:that saves from the bonds of the world. The discriminative knowledge described [368] here resultsPsychology1, 244:whilst its relation to the analytical and discriminative mind is not appreciated scientifically, soPsychology1, 338:growth. The life in forms passes through discriminative and selective activity from one experienceRays, 603:and therefore of the power to demonstrate discriminative choice. This led to the great war in theRays, 608:which has developed [608] in man the sense of discriminative choice, is superseded by crises ofRays, 608:by crises of decision - not decision based upon discriminative perception between right and wrongTelepathy, 73:to those of lower status. A highly developed discriminative faculty is here needed. It is inTelepathy, 81:aeons have elapsed in developing the adequate discriminative sensitivity and in establishing the
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