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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISEASE

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Healing, 250:soil of the planet itself is a major cause of disease and of contamination. For untold aeons, theHealing, 251:with the germs and [251] the results of disease and this in a far subtler form than is surmised.Healing, 251:of the sun's rays. Moisture and darkness foster disease as it emanates from and is nourished byHealing, 251:habit, we shall then see a great diminution of disease and a much healthier world. TheHealing, 251:nation, as we have seen, produces a tendency to disease and to a lowered resistance to the causesHealing, 251:and to a lowered resistance to the causes of disease; it can engender an ability to absorb evilHealing, 251:Living conditions in many lands also foster disease and ill health. Dark and crowded tenements,Healing, 252:and new diseases are appearing; certain forms of disease are forever with us; others seem to beHealing, 252:others are epidemic. How can this vast array of disease and forms of bodily ills come to be? How isHealing, 252:syphilis, spinal meningitis, pneumonia and heart disease, as well as scrofula (using that term inHealing, 252:its old sense to indicate certain forms of skin disease), arc rampant throughout the world, takingHealing, 253:the earth? I think not. If no actual and active disease is present, nevertheless the condition ofHealing, 253:are seeking new ways to meet the onslaught of disease. Sanitation, compulsory inoculation, frequentHealing, 253:battle by the farseeing humanitarian. Yet still disease is rampant; more hospitals are required andHealing, 254:work together for the release of humanity from disease, we shall then arrive at an understanding ofHealing, 256:and recognized part in the newer approaches to disease. The approach of the mental schools andHealing, 257:neophytes of the science of mental control of disease; they cannot, however, permit their patientsHealing, 258:section of thoughts around the basic causes of disease. The theme of karma has been littleHealing, 259:phase of our approach to the problem of disease. In our next part we shall deal with the attitudesHealing, 259:It is, however, essential that ill health, acute disease, and death itself should find their placeHealing, 269:karma as a factor - decisive and lasting in both disease and health - one of the criticisms toHealing, 270:lie the two main factors in the production of disease. It is essential that those of you who areHealing, 270:those of you who are interested in the study of disease and its healing should admit this andHealing, 271:treatise: Rule six A careful diagnosis of the disease, based on the ascertained outer symptoms,Healing, 274:Our Karmic Liabilities Within the areas where a disease is manifested, certain esoteric facts anentHealing, 274:subject have already been posited by me: That disease, in its immediate cause, can be traced to theHealing, 274:of the etheric body predisposes the subject to disease or protects it from disease, making manHealing, 274:the subject to disease or protects it from disease, making man resistant to the impact ofHealing, 274:field of research. That the main causes of all disease are two in nature: They are to be found,Healing, 275:then there will be relative freedom from disease. They are to be found, secondly, in the karmicHealing, 275:medicine will realize that behind every single disease (irrespective of the results of accident orHealing, 277:the field of medicine has relation to physical disease within the physical body; in the future, itHealing, 281:making at this time is to indicate the causes of disease and ill health which are not recognized byHealing, 281:I have earlier warned you) with the symptoms of disease, with medical diagnosis or with systems ofHealing, 281:the subject of the physical body in health and disease which will deal primarily with the ethericHealing, 281:- Our Karmic Liabilities The study of inherited disease indicates a faint recognition of man'sHealing, 281:to a particular type of infection or of disease; the physical body is of such a nature that itsHealing, 282:is therefore non-resistant to certain types of disease. This is determined by the karma of the man.Healing, 283:of the lower. If, for instance, there is disease or trouble in connection with the organs ofHealing, 284:the organs of generation [284] (as for instance disease of the prostate gland), then the throatHealing, 284:other case, and thus weaken the quality of the disease. It will be apparent, therefore, that muchHealing, 284:need to realize two things: the nature of the disease, as diagnosed by a good physician, and theHealing, 284:and the center which controls the area of the disease. The safest plan for the average student ofHealing, 286:be encouraged to consult one. The nature of the disease should be known to the group, and should beHealing, 289:As we discussed the psychological causes of disease as they arise in the subtle vehicles in theHealing, 289:the man's outer manifestation, and that disease or health was largely dependent upon them. They areHealing, 292:produces the many types of human ills, including disease - only one of its manifestations. TheHealing, 292:Law of Retribution takes effect, is that of disease. This is a point which healers andHealing, 292:all human difficulties, including ill health and disease - individual, national and racial - stillHealing, 292:so call it) is contributory to the existence of disease. We are told in the ancient books, to whichHealing, 293:with the Seven Ray causes of inharmonic and disease. To the intuitive aspirant some meaning willHealing, 295:will-to-harm which can and does demonstrate as disease in all the four kingdoms in nature, you haveHealing, 295:will be found essential to the curing of disease and the maintenance of health. Law IX PerfectionHealing, 295:in this connection removes the whole subject of disease into a distant world of origins - a worldHealing, 295:much time to the consideration of the causes of disease; more than half of what I have to say is toHealing, 296:been my intention to deal with the pathology of disease or the symptoms of the many forms of illHealing, 296:sound. The over-emphasis which people put upon disease is bewildering to the soul, for it placesHealing, 296:to life; these work out in the appearance of disease, in the emergence of some disastrousHealing, 296:offset; but this offsetting, particularly where disease is concerned, will include four lines ofHealing, 297:which we are considering in relation to karma - disease. Wise action along the lines of orthodoxHealing, 297:forms will fall short of divine perfection. Disease is only a form of transient imperfection, andHealing, 297:isolation of the seven psychological causes of disease, inherent in the substance of all forms inHealing, 298:The Seven Ray Causes of Inharmony and Disease "The Great One set Himself to follow by Himself aloneHealing, 299:of this stanza in relation to our theme of disease, the imperfection of this divine energy producesHealing, 300:demonstrate profusely in the human tendency to disease. Glamor results from the excessive use ofHealing, 301:succumbs with such rapidity and such ease to disease. The conflicts to which humanity is soHealing, 301:Where this is present, resistance to disease fades out and practically all forms of ill health andHealing, 301:you have debility, quick and bad reaction to the disease indigenous in the planet itself, and aHealing, 302:and psychological troubles. Another form of disease, emerging as a result of this fifth ray forceHealing, 303:which lead to the many forms of sexual disease. A clue to this whole worldwide problem lies in theHealing, 304:deep reflection will lead to understanding. All disease and ill health are the result of theHealing, 304:the impersonal energies play, carrying life, disease or death, stimulating the imperfections in theHealing, 305:of intelligent materiality; it is here that disease has its seat and expression. We are told thatHealing, 305:we have, upon the physical plane, the causes of disease and death. Ponder on these matters and bearHealing, 305:of some of the causes of physical ills and disease. [306] Healing, 308:any other form of difficulty-producing objective disease: There is, first of all, clairvoyanceHealing, 309:case, the healer can also feel the cause of the disease through the pouring in of energy to theHealing, 309:to the etheric counterpart of the physical plane disease, or as an extreme emotionalism orHealing, 309:for confusion may be caused by the idea that disease is the result of two causes - an inner causeHealing, 310:in two causes) which produces some form of disease. It is again the negative and the positiveHealing, 310:third factor: the manifestation of some form of disease. If you speak of perfect physicalHealing, 310:have some visible manifestation of physical disease or difficulty; this can be serious orHealing, 310:No outer condition alone is adequate to produce disease, but the difficulty is that modern medicineHealing, 311:and stimulated, produce the appearance of disease. It should be remembered that the question of theHealing, 311:In connection with this, I would remind you that disease is often a mode of clearance andHealing, 311:dissipated and ended through the tribulation of disease and suffering. But this is a hard saying. Healing, 311:IV - Some Questions Answered On Certain Types of Disease Arthritis and diabetes are both diseasesHealing, 311:a tendency or a natural predisposition to this disease. [312] There lies here a vast field ofHealing, 312:God-given powers. The shift in awareness and the disease are not remotely related to each other. IHealing, 313:and of elimination. It is an indicator and not a disease in itself. Ponder on this, and apply it onHealing, 314:Questions Answered On the Cure of Cancer In all disease of malignant nature, there is a vital coreHealing, 314:force in the man. In the early stages of such a disease as cancer, the vital core is not foundHealing, 315:functioning person is ever as prone to such a disease as Cancer, or any disease, as is theHealing, 315:as prone to such a disease as Cancer, or any disease, as is the emotional type; he is far moreHealing, 315:trouble. A full active life prevents such a disease as cancer, but not always. As the forces ofHealing, 315:(and if I am right that cancer is a planetary disease), then almost anyone is liable to it. Fear isHealing, 318:can sometimes retard the development of the disease; where this is the case and the matter isHealing, 318:karma. The recognition of the subtler forms of disease, and the aid of the psychologist inHealing, 320:the word "germ" to indicate the source of some disease or the origin of some form. We talk of aHealing, 320:It may be a thought-form, a human being, or a disease, yet the same word has to suffice for all
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