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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISEASE

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Healing, 320:and around the planet Earth. In relation to disease, a germ still remains a point of energy, but itHealing, 321:development, or some form of predisposition to disease. When this is the case, germs can find aHealing, 322:approach and emotional reaction to pain and disease, and just as long as he places the sameHealing, 322:terms of the soul and purposes and destiny, then disease, as we know it, will fall into two majorHealing, 323:from the specific to the whole. In relation to disease and inoculation, I would remind you thatHealing, 324:not intend to answer. The controlling of modern disease is being handled by modern medicineHealing, 328:that he is enabled to throw off the enfeebling disease. Some healers can work with that type ofHealing, 329:only with effects and never touches causes. The disease can therefore be abated, but never cured.Healing, 329:whether there is a difference in the causes of disease and the effects as experienced in orientalHealing, 330:is no difference whatever in the basic causes of disease in the East and the West. They are theHealing, 336:in connection with its declarative powers, where disease is concerned. They are on right lines.Healing, 337:Questions Answered On Psychological Causes of Disease Do "psychological causes of disease" registerHealing, 337:Causes of Disease Do "psychological causes of disease" register in brain symptoms before reflexingHealing, 337:point to grasp. Psychological causes of disease register in the brain or (if of a very low order)Healing, 337:however, make their presence felt as symptoms of disease in these places where they thus register.Healing, 337:those conditions to which we give the name of disease. The psychological causes are forms ofHealing, 338:stream, that constitutes both the possibility of disease and its cure. But this recognition isHealing, 339:acute melancholia. Melancholia, as a symptom of disease (not of brain disease) is also fairlyHealing, 339:as a symptom of disease (not of brain disease) is also fairly frequent and will disappear when theHealing, 339:also fairly frequent and will disappear when the disease is under proper treatment. A person may beHealing, 342:mental imbalance, produce various types of heart disease and the diverse neurotic tendencies withHealing, 348:proof. When unduly potent, they produce acute disease and consequent death; when more feeble inHealing, 349:that much of the so-called disaster, involved in disease and in death (particularly the latter) isHealing, 350:of form life. The release of a soul through disease and death is not necessarily an unhappyHealing, 350:superior energies which can negate or retard disease. The whole subject of faith, and its vitalHealing, 352:in healing may not always mean release from disease and the so-called physical cure of the patient.Healing, 359:healing which can be instantaneous because the disease is largely psychological and hallucinatory.Healing, 359:the physical vehicle. The physical condition or disease retains, so oft, the undivided attention ofHealing, 370:which keeps them so moving. In dealing with disease, the patient can only truly be helped when theHealing, 370:and overcome the resistance of the patient's disease - not of the patient, who may be mentally andHealing, 370:the future physical plane modes of dispersing a disease. The power of directing definitely theHealing, 380:a new section of our discussion on the Rays and Disease. It is essentially far more practical inHealing, 381:interpretation of the underlying causes of disease. Behind humanity lies a very ancient past,Healing, 381:worked off at this time. The immense interest in disease which is displayed today, the focusing ofHealing, 381:bring about major changes in the approach to disease.. These will lead to the eradication of manyHealing, 381:fever as a means of curing certain forms of disease, and the method (frequently employed by nature)Healing, 382:developments. The Masters are entirely free from disease because they have entirely overcome theHealing, 382:past fifty years - to cope with the planetary disease of tuberculosis will, when extended into theHealing, 383:physical body. The third great planetary disease, cancer, is as yet basically uncontrollable, andHealing, 384:which those seeking healing, the surmounting of disease and the cure of bodily ills, must realize,Healing, 385:totally unenlightened. Correct diagnosis of the disease by a competent physician, and later by aHealing, 387:to bring a new attitude to the whole problem of disease and healing and to train humanity in aHealing, 387:a better and happier sense of proportion where disease and health are concerned.[388] Healing, 431:of death as it makes its presence felt through disease or through old age. I am not referring toHealing, 461:or of asphyxiation. When a man has succumbed to disease and the physical body is consequentlyHealing, 462:simultaneous. In normal cases of death from disease, the withdrawal is slow, and (where theHealing, 462:is slow, and (where the malignancy of the disease has not caused too great deterioration of theHealing, 472:processes - death which comes as the result of disease, old age, or the imposed will of the soulHealing, 473:events take place at the seat of the disease, in connection with the heart, and affecting also theHealing, 476:can be more easily noted than in death through disease, and frequently the soul or the living,Healing, 479:knowledge of the outer aspects and effects of disease. Time, and constant trained observation, haveHealing, 480:only with certain conditions of ill health and disease, thereby attaining much skill, knowledge andHealing, 480:that I have wasted no time with the details of disease, with enumerating or considering specificHealing, 480:I have, however, dealt with the latent causes of disease - such as tuberculosis, syphilis andHealing, 480:planet. I have traced the psychological basis of disease and have indicated a practically new fieldHealing, 480:have indicated a practically new field wherein disease - particularly in its earlier stages - canHealing, 480:can be studied. When the psychological basis of disease can be realized and its factual nature isHealing, 481:as the organization of those methods whereby disease will be avoided, and the development of thoseHealing, 481:inevitably to ill health, definitely symptomatic disease and eventual death. In the aboveHealing, 481:or those schools of thought which trace all disease to the power of thought. I am concerned withHealing, 482:the recognition of the psychological basis for disease and other troubles; modern medicine,Healing, 483:will keep man in good health, which will arrest disease in its earliest stages, and which willHealing, 483:inaugurate that cycle in human affairs wherein disease and ill health will be exceptions and notHealing, 500:inherent in the form nature and demonstrate as disease or as senility (using that word in itsHealing, 501:steadily more refined; the seeds of death and of disease are not so potent; sensitivity to innerHealing, 501:group karma or to national or planetary karma. Disease and death are essentially conditionsHealing, 502:make clear in your minds the distinction between disease and death as experienced by the averageHealing, 502:stages) the disciple is still the victim of disease-producing tendencies of the form, as of allHealing, 502:subsequent death, through the stages of modified disease and peaceful, consequent death, on to theHealing, 502:When the identification ceases, pain and disease and also death lose their hold upon the disciple;Healing, 502:their requirements, and the man is free because disease and death are qualities inherent in form,Healing, 521:have dealt somewhat cursorily with the causes of disease and have noted that they emanate as aHealing, 522:This might be called the basic cause of all disease. What we call the Laws of Nature were theHealing, 523:form. This must be most carefully borne in mind. Disease is something which attacks the integrityHealing, 527:the hands as a directing agent. In this way the disease can be healed, ameliorated or worsened,Healing, 529:etheric body which controls the area where the disease is located. This, as you can appreciate,Healing, 530:plus the orthodox remedies and modes of handling disease. To this technical knowledge andHealing, 532:not follow in the order earlier given. Law I All disease is the result of inhibited soul life. ThisHealing, 532:which constitute any particular form. Law II Disease is the product of and subject to threeHealing, 533:exact through which relief must come. Law III Disease is an effect of the basic centralization of aHealing, 533:produce ill health. These therefore work out as disease or as freedom from disease. Law IV Disease,Healing, 533:therefore work out as disease or as freedom from disease. Law IV Disease, both physical andHealing, 533:as disease or as freedom from disease. Law IV Disease, both physical and psychological, has itsHealing, 533:of the personality are focused and this leads to disease. The art of the healer is concerned withHealing, 534:top. The fight between the forces produces all disease, all ills and bodily pain which seek releaseHealing, 534:behest of the lower personal self, then you have disease, ill health and death. Law VII When lifeHealing, 534:disappears. Rule Four A careful diagnosis of disease, based on the ascertained outer symptoms, willHealing, 534:surgical methods will not be withheld. Law VIII Disease and death are the results of two activeHealing, 535:the patient. This is magnetic work. It cures disease or increases the evil state, according to theHealing, 536:be apparent to you that in the last analysis disease, death, untruth, falsity and despair areHealing, 536:lessened; there will be less distress and disease on earth once the necessary planetary [537]Healing, 537:therefore, to say upon the future healing of disease will not be of practical value for a long timeHealing, 538:or they may so stimulate the area of the disease that the disease will be brought to a crisis andHealing, 538:so stimulate the area of the disease that the disease will be brought to a crisis and the patientHealing, 538:upon which the healer will work. Law I All disease is the result of inhibited soul life. This isHealing, 539:lower man is not under control of his soul, disease can destroy him. Because the free flow of theHealing, 539:pouring from the soul is inhibited and limited, disease can find place in the physical body. TheHealing, 539:he realizes the inhibited condition which the disease evidences? Does he, under the law, work withHealing, 539:of a great desire to live and to get rid of the disease, unless the illness is so acute that theHealing, 541:vitality, and so enabled to throw off the disease. When the healer, therefore, recognizes and works
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