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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISEASED

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Astrology, 236:where sex is concerned, and the heritage of diseased and over- or undersexed physical bodies, haveBethlehem, 120:be laid. The healing of the physical body, when diseased, would be satisfactory to the individual,Education, 112:also that when a form proves inadequate, or too diseased, or too crippled for the expression ofExternalisation, 692:the tainted area, the hidden evil, or the diseased factors are recognized and duly contacted inFire, 975:and unwholesome. It accounts for much of the diseased condition of the human family at this time.Fire, 1068:strains every effort to retain life in forms diseased and inadequate; these Nature, if left toHealing, 38:glands, could easily be brought about, and the diseased condition might be stimulated also andHealing, 102:matter. That substance can be used to drive out diseased tissue and provide a healthy substitute inHealing, 102:and provide a healthy substitute in place of the diseased material which has been eliminated. TheyHealing, 110:the body that he is far less useful to the sick, diseased and damaged human being than is theHealing, 128:conditions do not exist, the body of humanity is diseased and its internal life disrupted. InsteadHealing, 128:crisis of the present to arouse humanity to its diseased condition, to the extent of the evil whichHealing, 206:the patient which governs the distressed area or diseased organ. As he thus works, the energy whichHealing, 206:energy of the patient's center, governing the diseased area; the allied gland is then doublyHealing, 206:and the blood stream releases into the diseased tissue that which is needed to cure or prevent theHealing, 207:streams of required specific energy to the area diseased. This is usually done via the relatedHealing, 208:and functioning correctly, there will be no diseased areas in the body. The blood stream will thenHealing, 284:fundamental methods used in directing energy in diseased areas. They produce, in the one case, anHealing, 284:with a consequent definite effect upon the diseased area; or they lessen the inflow of force in theHealing, 284:he might greatly increase the trouble in the diseased area and even succeed (which frequentlyHealing, 285:relation to the center [285] which controls the diseased area. Initiates, in their healing work,Healing, 285:attention from the center governing the diseased area or organ, or of balancing the energiesHealing, 286:position and nature of the centers governing the diseased area or areas. Charts giving thisHealing, 308:finds there certain forms of weakness, various diseased areas and regions where its flow is impededHealing, 308:arrested in certain areas and can nourish also diseased areas in the body, or can also cure andHealing, 314:tissue) that the absorption of the weakened, diseased tissue by the stronger tissue can take place.Healing, 315:The building in of new tissue to replace the diseased tissue which is being gradually absorbed andHealing, 316:is no real physical difficulty, no lesions, or diseased tissues, but simply a loose connectionHealing, 324:future a most interesting question. How far do diseased conditions in the human body carry throughHealing, 411:of people are untrue and deceiving, are diseased and distorted. Such a gigantic collective insanityHealing, 479:the localities and the general trends in which diseased conditions are found. Observation,Healing, 542:increased flow of life, via the heart, to the diseased area, using the center which controls thatHealing, 551:energies can be directed unimpeded to the diseased area. If the healer is clairvoyant, he can withHealing, 555:own body which corresponds to the area which is diseased and its controlling center. There has toHealing, 556:energies in order to bring relief to the diseased area. This involves the direct activity of theHealing, 567:the majority of people are swept into diseased conditions as a result of the friction brought aboutHealing, 568:of this particular friction and the diseased condition which it brings about is rheumatism; this isHealing, 570:and emotional, are brought to bear upon the diseased area, and the "eyes of the personality" are aHealing, 588:and a point of friction be set up, producing a diseased area, pain, suffering and perhaps death.Healing, 627:glands in the area of the physical body which is diseased and the seat of trouble, pain andHealing, 631:and a consequent "display" of that energy in the diseased area in obedience to the law that "energyHealing, 640:inharmony; it is the fault of fire by friction; diseased areas are areas of friction wherein theHealing, 649:on of hands. This method is employed when the diseased area is strictly localized. The hands areHealing, 649:hand first, holding it momentarily over the diseased organ or area and slowly withdraws it towardsHealing, 649:would be liable to absorb into himself those diseased atoms which, when successful, he draws out ofHealing, 650:between the two hands, back and forth within the diseased area; the spinal center is used all theHealing, 651:first so as to set up a changed activity in the diseased area, and then finally use a definiteHealing, 657:body. This produces a tremendous effect upon the diseased area, and the center in that sameHealing, 663:millions of children are born either openly diseased or with the seed of disease in them. When theHealing, 703:through the center which is controlling the diseased area. When both the soul of the healer andHealing, 712:will take the place of the substance which is diseased and bring new life to aid the recovery. TheMagic, 590:the physical body is in poor condition or is diseased. Neither should it be undertaken when theMeditation, 159:an equally dangerous effect, and results in a diseased condition of the liver, in bilious attacks,Patanjali, 199:health average, in the full hospitals, and the diseased, enfeebled and anemic men, women andPsychology1, 99:[99] of people are untrue and deceiving, are diseased and distorted. Such a gigantic collectivePsychology1, 125:shall call a deva, when that deva can destroy diseased [126] tissue by sounding a note that willPsychology2, 121:we render to the poor, the afflicted, the diseased and the unhappy, because we think we want toPsychology2, 402:and the masses of men are so ignorant, diseased and distressed. I am putting this gloomy picture
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