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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISEASES

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Healing, 269:no specific and detailed analysis of particular diseases, particularly of the great [270] basicHealing, 270:diseases, particularly of the great [270] basic diseases which today take such a toll of humanityHealing, 270:for me to deal with the symptomatic aspect of diseases and with the facts that have been so ablyHealing, 270:for some time considering the causes of such diseases, and I propose to deal with occult methods ofHealing, 275:in the karmic effect of the three planetary diseases: Cancer, Tuberculosis, Syphilitic diseases.Healing, 275:diseases: Cancer, Tuberculosis, Syphilitic diseases. Some day medicine will realize that behindHealing, 279:food dietitians with infallible cures for all diseases, the many who practice systems founded onHealing, 288:not expected to live, or who are suffering from diseases which preclude ultimate recovery, shouldHealing, 300:satisfaction along material lines, you have such diseases as the gastric and intestinal disordersHealing, 301:rapid taking on of infections and of contagious diseases. It is this energy which lies behind whatHealing, 303:which is responsible for much of the ills and diseases of humanity which are based upon the misuseHealing, 304:responsible for infections and contagious diseases. The keynote of the work of the seventh ray isHealing, 309:and the physical body is predisposed to certain diseases. This is the will of the soul. Might IHealing, 311:an earlier life. In the case of contagious [311] diseases, the inner cause is of group origin, andHealing, 311:Types of Disease Arthritis and diabetes are both diseases which have their origin in the astralHealing, 312:types which easily fall a prey to certain group diseases. Syphilis and arthritis fall into theHealing, 312:Syphilis and arthritis fall into the category of diseases which are largely based upon theHealing, 312:and diabetes are more definitely in the class of diseases which are connected with inner emotionalHealing, 312:suppressed wish-life of many. The infectious diseases, such as measles and scarlet fever, smallpoxHealing, 312:cholera are, curiously enough, definitely group diseases and are definitely allied with the mentalHealing, 312:that they become liable to acquire the ancient diseases, such as syphilis and cancer, which theHealing, 312:would remind you that people do not incur these diseases because they made a shift in theirHealing, 313:and you must always remember that certain diseases may work out in a particular incarnation whichHealing, 315:of healing. These forms of physical diseases which come under the general head of insanities areHealing, 318:and gradually stamp out the mental and brain diseases which are today so numerous and soHealing, 321:throw off infection and immunity from contagious diseases is largely a matter of vitality (perhapsHealing, 323:would remind you that there are three groups of diseases which are not peculiar to man, but whichHealing, 323:which are indigenous in the planet itself. These diseases are found in widely differing forms, inHealing, 323:in nature. These three families or groups of diseases are: The great cancer group of diseases. TheHealing, 323:of diseases are: The great cancer group of diseases. The syphilitic group. Tuberculosis. Most ofHealing, 324:[324] should be higher methods of controlling diseases in man than by injecting into the human bodyHealing, 324:bodies is practically nil, and far less than the diseases themselves. Herein lies for the future aHealing, 324:purification. The science of prevention (both of diseases and of death) is the precipitation onHealing, 329:eastern and western bodies are prone to the same diseases and manifest the same symptoms; allHealing, 330:methods, carried out on a large scale, ancient diseases (inherited from old Atlantis) such asHealing, 330:and the dense crowding. They are also climatic diseases and perish in the colder air of the north.Healing, 330:perish in the colder air of the north. Certain diseases are the result of wrong diet, used overHealing, 330:in the greater age of the oriental races. The diseases of old age, and those of youth or middleHealing, 342:which the future will substantiate. The major diseases called mental, seldom have anything to doHealing, 342:anything to do with the mind itself. They are: Diseases of the brain. Disorders of the solarHealing, 342:and has no reference to that category of diseases in which both mind and brain are involved. TheHealing, 342:in which both mind and brain are involved. The diseases of mystics are also in a differentHealing, 342:are also in a different category. These latter diseases involve the brain of course, indicateHealing, 342:of the various neurotic complaints and mental diseases today so prevalent. The time is not yet. ItHealing, 354:and knowledge, we shall be able to handle such diseases as cancer far more effectively. Healing, 373:psychiatry, The cure of obsessions and mental diseases, The care of the eyes and ears, VoiceHealing, 381:the eradication of many of the dreaded inherited diseases. The inspiration and inflow of occultHealing, 382:resistance to the indigenous and inherited diseases and a real ability to resist infections; thisHealing, 382:stamp it out altogether. The syphilitic diseases are already being brought under rapid controlHealing, 382:and as superficial in time and space. Such diseases will be slowly and correctly stamped out inHealing, 383:traceable to one or other of these three basic diseases; they, in their turn, are related to aHealing, 383:rays. It might be stated that: The syphilitic diseases are due to the misuse of third ray energy,Healing, 479:the Tibetan Teacher take up definite or basic diseases, and deal with their pathology, give theirHealing, 480:with enumerating or considering specific diseases, their symptoms or their treatment because thatHealing, 481:outlined of the psychological background of all diseases will be long in painting; in the meantime,Healing, 482:schools, the dieticians who claim to cure all diseases through right foods, and the ratherHealing, 547:giving rules and laws which deal with specific diseases. This, I fear, will greatly disappoint manyHealing, 559:vehicle; at that stage only certain of the major diseases will affect him. He will not beHealing, 560:He may suffer from heart trouble, from nervous diseases, and from complaints affecting the upperHealing, 560:place - then the more widely known and prevalent diseases will die out and only the diseases ofHealing, 560:and prevalent diseases will die out and only the diseases of mental types or the diseases ofHealing, 560:out and only the diseases of mental types or the diseases of disciples will remain to disturb theHealing, 565:psychological in nature; there are, however, diseases which are inherent in the resistance of theHealing, 575:detail [575] anent the human mechanism and its diseases with which the modern physician has toHealing, 580:than the Lemurian initiate ever achieved. Diseases of the body became more subtle and complex, andHealing, 580:subtle and complex, and the first psychological diseases appeared and the various ills which areHealing, 591:the bodily ills of man. You will note here that diseases are produced, according to this law, inHealing, 592:this category would come the majority of the diseases of disciples and mystics, largely of aHealing, 595:and second initiations. And it accounts for the diseases of the saints! A great science of theHealing, 598:a Master to control epidemics and widespread diseases; with this you are not at this timeHealing, 602:heart center, employing the throat center for diseases of the bronchial tract, the throat, theHealing, 646:radiation, and he will deal primarily with those diseases which are found below the diaphragm.Magic, 372:recognizing it as a fact of nature. Most of the diseases that the physical body suffers from atMagic, 372:body. There are few, if any, purely physical diseases. Disease has its source in astral and ethericMeditation, 68:for the treatment of obsessions and mental diseases. Groups whose work it will be to study reactionMeditation, 105:in these letters to take up specifically the diseases of the brain and of the nervous system. IMeditation, 156:purified, cleansed, and rearranged. Many of the diseases of the dense physical body originate inMeditation, 159:in certain cases of septic poisoning, in skin diseases, and in some forms of anemia. Fear andMeditation, 159:of the organs, and to many forms of obscure diseases of the nervous system, of the brain and of theMeditation, 245:psychology and in the comprehension of nervous diseases and troubles and their linking togetherMeditation, 247:certain colors will definitely affect certain diseases, cure certain nervous troubles, eradicateMeditation, 337:by the faculty of medicine. The study of etheric diseases - congestion and atrophy - will ere longPatanjali, 72:cause of eighty per cent of the present physical diseases. The other twenty per cent is producedPsychology1, 5:it is already producing) problems, complexes and diseases of the mind which are direct results ofPsychology1, 98:hence also the spread of new nervous and mental diseases. This sensitivity is the response of thePsychology1, 273:the physiological aspects of sex, nor with the diseases incident upon the misuse of the function,Psychology1, 301:We should have eliminated much disease (for the diseases originating in the misuse of the sexPsychology2, 345:and disciple. In this stage, the so-called "diseases of mystics" become pronounced. We will alsoPsychology2, 405:etc., involving the problems of inherited diseases, with consequent crippling of the individual.Psychology2, 410:clear thought about them will be useful. The Diseases of Mystics. These are concerned with thosePsychology2, 421:taints; syphilis and the other venereal diseases are potent predisposing causes. The right culturePsychology2, 480:these before we take up our fourth point, 'The Diseases and Problems of Mystics', as they form anPsychology2, 515:aspects connected with this whole subject of the diseases and difficulties of the mystical lifePsychology2, 520:- Problems of Disciples and Mystics 4. Diseases and Problems of Disciples and Mystics We willPsychology2, 520:divide what we have to say about our theme, The Diseases and the Problems of Mystics, under fourPsychology2, 539:indigestion, stomachic and liver ills and diseases, and intestinal disorders. To all of these thePsychology2, 544:Discipleship. In dealing with the problems and diseases of mystics who are at the point in theirPsychology2, 547:for indications of trouble. Speaking generally, diseases fall into five major categories and it isPsychology2, 547:- Problems of Disciples and Mystics Hereditary diseases: Inherent in the planet itself and having aPsychology2, 547:certain families because of this opportunity. Diseases invoked by tendencies in the man himself.
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