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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISLIKES

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Astrology, 225:attachment to personality desires, likes and dislikes is transmuted into the tenacity of soulAutobiography, 72:more. Religious differences [72] and sectarian dislikes must eventually vanish and we shallAutobiography, 176:devotions, upon personality likes and dislikes and upon the imposition of personality decisionsAutobiography, 210:human being socially, we have the same likes and dislikes, the same pains and sorrows, the sameDiscipleship1, 477:frequently relegates many to the limbo of your dislikes. When this is the case, you inevitablyDiscipleship1, 485:your private affairs, your personal likes and dislikes entirely eliminated. Let this work withDiscipleship1, 541:which demands change and requires variety; it dislikes quietness and stability; part of it is theDiscipleship1, 658:Your physical condition, your likes and dislikes and your emotional reactions and your own ideasDiscipleship1, 661:and to your personality interests, likes and dislikes, indifference to your cares, anxieties andDiscipleship1, 662:But this will only be possible if your likes and dislikes, your personality determinations andDiscipleship1, 744:means that his own feelings, thoughts, likes, dislikes and desires are no longer the controllingDiscipleship2, 709:contacted. You are a man of strong likes and dislikes; you have also prided yourself upon the factEducation, 46:the ancient causes of present day prejudices and dislikes can be shown and their futilityFire, 280:for instance, very largely by his likes and dislikes. All these attractions and repulsions areGlamour, 111:and of emotional reactions, with their likes and dislikes, and their dominant self-pity. Self-pityHealing, 38:bladder. The tendency to criticism, to violent dislikes, and to hatreds based on criticism or aMagic, 317:and sentimental loving disposition, which dislikes trouble because it upsets the settled harmony ofMagic, 485:ideas; he is still apt to express his likes and dislikes through the power of thought; he is stillMagic, 542:and personal behest, and based upon likes and dislikes, prejudices and longings, can be seen in theMagic, 560:no attention to his [560] personality likes and dislikes, or to his prejudices and attachments; heMagic, 560:Instructions to forget their likes and their dislikes and to overlook the personality [561]Magic, 624:by their personality reactions, their likes and dislikes, [625] and their individual lifeProblems, 44:the ancient causes of present day prejudices and dislikes can be shown and their futilityProblems, 101:of an obsolete religion; he [101] intensely dislikes the cruel and jealous Jehovah of the Jews andPsychology2, 362:like to that of a quiet mill pond, which he much dislikes to do. Having, however, learned to do it,Psychology2, 501:predilections of the subject, upon his likes and dislikes and his desires and recognized
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