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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISMAY

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Autobiography, 87:me home from India to Scotland to my horror and dismay and to the surprise of the family who couldBethlehem, 124:spiritual light of that higher self, yet full of dismay and terror from the realization of whatBethlehem, 124:and even then there will be shrinking and dismay." - The Bhagavad Gita, Commentary by CharlesBethlehem, 124:Am I divine? Christ faced this issue without dismay, and triumphed by the use of an affirmation ofBethlehem, 232:Not long before some of them had fled in dismay at the first threat of personal danger. When JesusExternalisation, 631:contact with A.A.B. (much to her distress and dismay), and I have worked steadily with her everFire, 1059:and the brain reels, and the mind draws back in dismay before such a staggering concept. Yet so itHercules, 156:flapping brazen wings, and screeched in hoarse dismay. Utterly confused, the vast cloud of birdsProblems, 136:of the world and yet are registering with equal dismay the famine of the soul. The great tragedyPsychology2, 470:be worked out, and is a constant source of dismay to those around him. His friends or co-workersPsychology2, 502:whatever. This experience he relates with dismay and disgust; most feelingly he tells theRays, 762:that day the cup is held, and in inner blind dismay the Pilgrim drinks. After that hour he liftsReappearance, 116:the implications; or they express amusement or dismay as the case may be. The presentation to theReappearance, 143:of the world and yet are registering (with equal dismay) the famine of the soul. Reappearance, 143:not in error if we conclude that this spiritual dismay and this spiritual demand have assumed a
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