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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISORDERS

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Atom, 112:involved, and the risk of insanity and nervous disorders, they are occupying themselves with theAtom, 135:driving thousands into insanity, or into nervous disorders. But there is something of whichBethlehem, 258:and ideals. Even in [258] the realm of social disorders and wars - general, sporadic or civil - weFire, 104:One - Division C - The Etheric Body and Prana 4. Disorders of the Etheric Body We will now studyFire, 105:the Earth is not one) will have its functional disorders, which will affect its reception of prana,Fire, 105:which may affect its distribution, and those disorders which permit of trouble in the etheric web,Fire, 105:Etheric Body and Prana a. Microcosmic Functional Disorders. These have to do with the reception byFire, 108:Etheric Body and Prana b. Microcosmic Organic Disorders. These are basically two in number:Fire, 108:they are nevertheless altogether etheric disorders. When the nature of the etheric body is betterFire, 110:the system and have seen what produces temporary disorders, and the devitalization or theFire, 110:The Etheric Body and Prana c. Microcosmic Static Disorders, or a consideration of the etheric bodyHealing, 44:use of them - of disease and the many varying disorders to which man is prone. With their cure weHealing, 55:but will succumb to heart trouble, to nervous disorders, mental imbalance, and over-stimulation.Healing, 66:is present, such diseases as the syphilitic disorders, homosexuality and inflammations and feversHealing, 66:on the different rays are predisposed to certain disorders. The psychologists are right in theirHealing, 79:is another - to mention two widely different disorders. The connection can also be so basicallyHealing, 300:have such diseases as the gastric and intestinal disorders and the various stomach troubles whichHealing, 301:- far more than the savage races. Certain brain disorders also are effects, and low vitality. Healing, 302:eventually the source of many psychological disorders and mental trouble. Cleavage is theHealing, 342:mind itself. They are: Diseases of the brain. Disorders of the solar plexus. Astral domination.Initiation, 101:of the nervous system and the healing of nervous disorders. Occult memory. The initiate finallyIntellect, 101:of strict scientific study and liable to its own disorders." Some look upon it as a form of theMagic, 344:headache, congestion of the liver and other disorders. 2. By a direct realization of the issues atProblems, 168:situation. All these factors produce the present disorders and condition the deliberations of thePsychology1, 365:synthesis that those internal difficulties and disorders emerge which (if of long continuance)Psychology2, 345:its consequences of personality upheaval and disorders. The process of integration which is goingPsychology2, 514:it. We shall discover the sources of certain disorders and find that the difficulty lies in thePsychology2, 539:and liver ills and diseases, and intestinal disorders. To all of these the race today isPsychology2, 540:astralism, delusions, hallucinations, nervous disorders of every kind and difficulties of aPsychology2, 545:and (as we have seen) many distressing kinds of disorders. The widespread disease and ill-healthPsychology2, 554:and certain forms of brain trouble and nervous disorders, its power is mostly seen in its [555]
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