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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISPERSED

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Discipleship1, 608:and your personality scheming, and thus have dispersed in a measure the miasmas of your tortuousDiscipleship1, 616:fully and drastically. If the glamor is not dispersed in this life, then another life may see aDiscipleship2, 72:is purpose. It is will fused and blended and dispersed. I charge you to waste no time in idleExternalisation, 390:and the energies, pending distribution, so dispersed that the full measure of good can be evoked?Glamour, 73:glamors of humanity, and can only be dissipated, dispersed and dispelled by the bringing in of theGlamour, 144:terms and many glamors can be dissipated and dispersed when subjected to the potency of theGlamour, 229:to handle the more powerful and more widely dispersed glamors which trouble humanity as a whole.Healing, 477:of the soul. 6. The etheric body is gradually dispersed as the energies of which it is composed areIntellect, 98:is detachment from the 'vainglorious Ego', the dispersed and capricious Ego, the plaything ofMagic, 477:enable humanity to see the vision. Thus will be dispersed eventually the clouds of thought-formsProblems, 104:The Jews constituted only twenty per cent of the dispersed persons in Europe after the war. ThisPsychology2, 56:body as well as the lower vehicles) then is dispersed and disappears. The early stages of humanRays, 101:lives (which are governed by the Moon) have been dispersed. They no longer respond to the ancientRays, 414:centers itself in Shamballa. From there it is dispersed throughout all forms upon the planet and weRays, 590:a symbol of its nature. It is volatile, easily dispersed, is the receptive agent of illumination,
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