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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISPLAY

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Astrology, 49:the physical, logoic vehicle. They deal with the display of physical energy; with the working outAstrology, 89:all, at the top of the head will be seen a fiery display that seems to put all the other centersAstrology, 292:selfish, intelligent man and to the ambitious display of selfish power of the man who desires placeAstrology, 307:objectives can be peculiarly present and the display of the possessive spirit can violentlyAstrology, 507:thereto by the vivification of its life by a display of Martian energy. The Earth, Mars and PlutoBethlehem, 140:simply human, and still others are beginning to display qualities and characteristics which areBethlehem, 236:in Alexandria (in Egypt) with the utmost display. His image was carried with great solemnity to aDestiny, 17:the seeds of the coming civilization. From this display of energy, unthinking humanity draws backDestiny, 56:[56] mystical, alluring, beautiful, fond of display and color, and with the faults also of theDiscipleship1, 52:the condition through love? Do you inhibit the display of emotion and why? Do you call in the mindDiscipleship1, 99:of inspiration to work out in an effective display of [100] definite action upon the physicalDiscipleship1, 404:others this right to stand alone by too great a display of that shielding love which your powerfulDiscipleship1, 558:them not in obedience to my hint or through a display of the magnanimous spirit, or as the resultDiscipleship2were much more than any obvious comment can display. Much of the deeper values are more subtle andDiscipleship2, 505:of consciousness? How can you, as a disciple, display these attitudes simultaneously? I think youDiscipleship2, 534:your concrete lower mind did not apparently display its usual keen vision, and the "alternativesDiscipleship2, 540:effect upon the ashramic group, the consequent display of creativity must and will lie along theDiscipleship2, 658:Nor do I so regard you. The fanaticism which you display is in respect to your own judgment whereDiscipleship2, 762:to handle the powers conferred with wisdom, to display the needed poise, and to proceed upon hisExternalisation, 5:about the growth of crime on every hand, by the display of the lower psychic powers, by theExternalisation, 86:this except endeavor to balance this first ray display of energy with second ray or hierarchicalExternalisation, 177:their backs to the wall, facing the strongest display of human might that the world has ever seen.Externalisation, 395:of evil. Men are recoiling in horror from this display of rampant evil and even the wicked man isFire, 17:still. The eternal Ones cried to inmost heaven: "Display the work. Draw forth the Stones." And lo,Fire, 24:of the time that was, surmount the sevenfold display. Within the Ring-pass-not the Word of LoveFire, 45:to each other, then nature will perfectly display the needed functioning, and the correctFire, 103:The latent fire of matter (as seen in volcanic display, for instance) and the radiatory fire of theFire, 170:all, at the top of the head will be seen a fiery display that seems to put all the other centersFire, 229:and perfected. Not until His radiation and His display of light is perfectly seen and felt, willFire, 230:attained full expression (that is, perfected His display of light and heat) then He will shineFire, 263:by the individual of a vehicle produces a display of energy of any particular plane. This energyFire, 276:the point of balance is the goal, the cyclic display of the interaction between Spirit and form isFire, 321:on the buddhic plane. All fire and electrical display will be seen to embody the seven colors.Fire, 322:color according to the quality of the etheric display, and its source. Repulsion to all bodies ofFire, 401:power. Herein lies the clue; all the objective display we see around us in connection with theFire, 404:fifth and the sixth [404] Hierarchies in full display. We should ponder upon the relationship (aFire, 409:of nature are made. Intelligent activity, or the display of purpose or manas, the fifth principleFire, 438:through the color which is His psychical display, and ensouls the matter of [439] a plane just as aFire, 506:the fire of Spirit and passes out of objective display. I seek here to deal with the subject of theFire, 541:a wheel of fire with six of its spokes in full display of energy and rapidly rotating. c. ThirdFire, 541:plane, the light of sacrifice comes to its full display, and all that is seen is colored by thatFire, 608:of the psyche. This is seen in the sevenfold display of logoic life through the planetary scheme,Fire, 646:spine. In this center we have a very effective display of the two polarities, for the petals of theFire, 761:for a specific purpose. It involves a higher display of the creative faculty than that displayed byFire, 771:contraction followed by an outgoing or expansive display of energy. Each Identity concernedFire, 830:united activity. This brings about a threefold display of vital force which causes theFire, 870:character, and they involve primarily the display (within the personal life of the man) of anFire, 883:three petals opens up, permitting an ever freer display of the central electric point. At theFire, 1071:kingdoms according to the type of energy they display in fullest measure, remembering that only inFire, 1072:mineral kingdom, or chemical affinity, is the display in that kingdom of the second type ofFire, 1144:whose vibration that unit is swept into periodic display. Read the akashic records of a planetaryFire, 1207:the physical, logoic vehicle. They deal with the display of physical energy; with the working outHealing, 301:All that He met appeared to Him a subject for display of power. Within the fourth He found a fieldHealing, 321:germs can find a fruitful place in which to display their malignant activity. When the vitality isHealing, 631:the injunction of the healer, and a consequent "display" of that energy in the diseased area inHercules, 133:the primacy of his instincts; on the other hand, display indifference to his plight, and he willMagic, 98:vibratory synchronization but of a radiation and display of magnetic force, permitting of itsMeditation, 105:according to nature and temperament. This display of nervousness may be either severe or slight,Meditation, 287:of frequent transference, and of much mental display in the lower worlds. Only when the student,Patanjali, 34:of or underlying any form manifestation and its display of energy. This realization carries thePatanjali, 158:is subjective and intangible, and with the force display which produces the specific forms.Patanjali, 345:comes the manifestation of that control by the display of certain powers. [346] The entire fourthProblems, 90:all of us without exception, and will eventually display themselves. These distinctions, which havePsychology1, 47:and driving the created world on to a full display of the divine nature. This is true of gods andPsychology1, 161:are focused to a point, you will have either a display of exhibitionism, as it is called, or aPsychology1, 388:sensitive, alluring, beautiful, fond of display [389] and color, and with the faults of thePsychology2, 37:My energy is great, and through my mind I can display the glory of divinity. How can I, therefore,Psychology2, 37:the shadows. Come forth into the light of day. Display the hidden glory of the Blessed One, thePsychology2, 39:Blessed One release is found in work. He must display his knowledge of the Plan by the sounding ofPsychology2, 136:that it degenerates into a sense of rush and a display of busy feverishness. It takes the soulPsychology2, 144:them from a too energetic and fanatical display of interest, in the need for the long pull. ThePsychology2, 353:selfishly used exhausts its user and evokes a display of power antagonistic to him; he is therebyPsychology2, 586:ways only: By ceasing to be interested in the display of these powers, by refusing to use them anyRays, 4:if students remembered that Superhuman entities display spiritual energy. Subhuman entities displayRays, 4:display spiritual energy. Subhuman entities display the energy of matter. Human entities displayRays, 4:display the energy of matter. Human entities display soul energy. In the perfect manifestation ofRays, 4:harmonious response to divine urge, of perfect display of coordinated cooperation with the purposeRays, 5:necessary: A realization that all moods, all display of sorrow, of pain, or of happy excitement areRays, 214:and will lead eventually to a still more violent display of words at a later date; it may alsoRays, 278:"appearance" or personality and begins to display divine "quality." His physical body becomesRays, 318:upon the use of the will invoking this "living display." The glory and the radiance of theRays, 318:to its destined place, and what is meant by the "display of life" will dimly be sensed in itsSoul, 34:we are galvanized into action. Along with this display of incoming and outgoing nervous energySoul, 49:than instinct. There is an act of volition, a display of will. Admitting that without the adrenalSoul, 106:the centers in man have in view the increasing display of prana or life-soul energy. Through anTelepathy, 24:not in themselves adequate to account for the display of modern opinion as we now have it. What is
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