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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISSIPATED

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Astrology, 228:Experience in Taurus consummated. Astral glamor dissipated. [229] Soul light pours in. The Path ofAstrology, 383:at which time all glamor and illusion is dissipated [384] and "the light which shines through theBethlehem, 119:into it, this miasma of forces is gradually dissipated. This work constitutes the major task of allDiscipleship1, 251:over a period of years is not easily broken and dissipated. Old rhythms take some displacing. PayDiscipleship1, 525:have talked the matter out, the glamor may have dissipated, the thought-forms be destroyed and theDiscipleship1, 607:the Path, and much of the old glamor has been dissipated. I would [608] have you feel encouraged,Discipleship1, 619:brother, is good, for when that is disrupted and dissipated and completely broken up, you will beDiscipleship1, 648:until the glamor of the mystic vision has been dissipated and the vision itself has been lost toDiscipleship2, 260:to Shamballa. Part of the world glamor is thus dissipated and thus a clarifying of the astral planeDiscipleship2, 262:Glamor is disappearing; illusions are being dissipated; the stage of penetration into a newDiscipleship2, 510:of the great illusion and has to be overcome and dissipated. When this victory has been achievedDiscipleship2, 690:thought-forms. These latter can always be dissipated by love - developed and consciously expressedExternalisation, 36:vision of the present, and glamor will be dissipated through the "right direction" of the light ofExternalisation, 275:Note that aim. This will-to-power can only be dissipated when the highest aspect of the same energyExternalisation, 665:good and evil; the evil has to be subdued and dissipated, or relegated to its right proportionalFire, 28:date from out the zone of safety. The waters dissipated. The solid ground emerged in certainFire, 484:of form. The solvent stage, in which the form is dissipated and substance is held in solution, theFire, 561:wherein the form is devitalized, destroyed and dissipated. In the first stage, that which concernsFire, 838:The glow increased. The Spheres took form, but dissipated rapidly, lacking coherent force. TheyFire, 939:sheaths are discarded and the egoic "shadow" is dissipated. Fire, 948:This thought form has to be broken up and dissipated by man himself during the latter part of thisFire, 948:destroying. Under the Law of Karma it has to be dissipated by those who have created it; the workFire, 977:goal. This matter or separating wall has to be dissipated before further [978] advance can be made,Fire, 1065:the dense form is dispelled, the true form is dissipated, and the central life escapes to find itsFire, 1271:and the utilization of their colors is the smoke dissipated. [1272] Glamour, 15:subject and of the methods whereby glamor can be dissipated can be materially increased. This mustGlamour, 16:deal with the technique whereby it [16] can be dissipated and dispelled. It is obvious that IGlamour, 21:gigantic thought-form or factor which has to be dissipated, prior to taking initiation. Just whatGlamour, 23:whereby a vital part of the world glamor may be dissipated - if only all men of goodwill within theGlamour, 27:of such groups, the world glamor will be dissipated, [28] but first of all the aspirant must learnGlamour, 36:world glamor - today so potent and deep - can be dissipated. The time has not yet come for dealingGlamour, 38:grade. When group glamor has been somewhat dissipated and the group can walk in the "lighted Way"Glamour, 44:and cheer) that every bit of glamor dissipated and every illusion recognized and overcome "clearsGlamour, 65:in words of apparent distress. He then finally dissipated the illusion of the personal, objectiveGlamour, 73:in that race. It can therefore only be finally dissipated by the Aryan race using the rightGlamour, 73:the major glamors of humanity, and can only be dissipated, dispersed and dispelled by the bringingGlamour, 77:and producing a glamor which must eventually be dissipated by the pouring in of true and selflessGlamour, 81:can the fogs and miasmas of glamor be finally dissipated. Only as the disciple learns to hold hisGlamour, 93:and recording the nature of the glamor to be dissipated and aptitude in seeing the process of lightGlamour, 98:into an asset. How can the world glamor be dissipated except by those who recognize it for what itGlamour, 144:as synonymous terms and many glamors can be dissipated and dispersed when subjected to the potencyGlamour, 197:for what it is and will be scientifically dissipated by the use of the illumined minds of groups,Glamour, 204:upon the glamor which it is intended should be dissipated. The stage of direction. This involvesGlamour, 204:subtler glamors which in their turn must be dissipated. Glamour, 215:Stages Recognition of the glamor to be dissipated. This involves: A willingness to cooperate withGlamour, 217:Next follows a process wherein the glamor to be dissipated and the searchlight of the mind areGlamour, 218:will be appreciably weakened and eventually dissipated. This is an important realization. Having,Glamour, 219:would point out that glamor is never immediately dissipated. It is of too ancient an origin. But aGlamour, 219:Stages: Recognition of the glamor to be dissipated. The stage of focusing the light of theGlamour, 232:by their unified light on to the glamor to be dissipated, holding the light steady [233] andGlamour, 235:Stages Recognition of the glamor to be dissipated. This involves: A willingness to cooperate withGlamour, 236:is held steady in the light. The glamor to be dissipated and the searchlight of the mind areGlamour, 236:stages: Recognition of the glamor to be dissipated. [237] Focusing the dual light of theGlamour, 239:light is focused on the goal." The glamor to be dissipated is named and the light is thrown uponGlamour, 241:know and have been taught, glamor can only be dissipated by the inflow of clear, directed light;Glamour, 243:and illusions which must be dispelled and dissipated and, in the process, discovery will be madeGlamour, 252:works through the second triangle, glamor is dissipated. The control of the astral nature isHealing, 38:be stimulated also and increased, instead of dissipated or healed. Healing, 186:spine and also in the head. They are normally dissipated as purity of life, the discipline of theHealing, 311:of day they can be handled, understood and often dissipated and ended through the tribulation ofHealing, 479:vehicle, but requires a coming together of the dissipated aspects of that body under the Law ofHercules, 130:in Libra, the fumes of pleasure must be dissipated before the greater task of self-mastery, i.e.,Initiation, 77:when the little world of human endeavor has dissipated and gone, being [78] seen as naught; andInitiation, 137:whilst the causal body is slowly absorbed or dissipated. This has led to the expression, sometimesInitiation, 217:the long cycle of incarnations, and is only dissipated after the fourth initiation, when the needMagic, 592:gaseous substance. This has to be burnt away and dissipated before there can be the free play ofMeditation, 352:the long cycle of incarnations, and is only dissipated after the fourth initiation, when the needPatanjali, 20:their will or desire [20] and are consequently dissipated when attention is directed elsewhere.Patanjali, 21:his "fancy" or his reaction to delusion, is dissipated by a supreme exertion. It has no realPatanjali, 199:of energy, and the very words "dissipation" and dissipated men" carry a lesson. The first thing aPatanjali, 200:word and of sounds, and the energy which can be dissipated through the activity of the lower centerPatanjali, 272:is the great maya or illusion and can only be dissipated when the perceiver can distinguish thePatanjali, 282:to be seen. It disappears, and temporarily is dissipated. At present this can be adequatelyPatanjali, 331:in the Holy of Holies, then the illusion is dissipated. It is of value to the student to trace thePsychology1, 91:body had been composed. These in their turn are dissipated and disappear, and all has finally beenPsychology1, 102:plane; the dividing etheric web will shortly be dissipated, and this will permit a more rapidPsychology2, 282:the illusion there persisting has been somewhat dissipated. Over this second initiation, the ChristRays, 126:by the disciple himself [126] and must be dissipated by him also) and the use of language whichRays, 181:characteristic of the astral plane, and must be dissipated by the disciple as he "escapes"Rays, 183:of God. Maya is not something to be destroyed, dissipated, dissolved or negated. Maya is in realityRays, 430:a heavy over-shadowing cloud. Can that cloud be dissipated by the right thinking and planning ofRays, 683:Path. Dedication, resulting in glamor, which is dissipated by devotion - these are the keynotes ofReappearance, 132:gradually come into being. World glamor will be dissipated and world illusion be dispelled.
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