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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISSOLUTION

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Astrology, 130:Band (uniting the two fishes) is in process of dissolution, for part of the work of Pluto is toAstrology, 366:must render to each other in producing the dissolution (under Pluto) of the separative relationAstrology, 538:the eighth House, the house of death, of dissolution, of detachment and ruling Scorpio, the sign ofAstrology, 545:not necessarily physical death - leading to the dissolution of the form of man. It is frequentlyAstrology, 547:must eventuate leaving the disciple free; the dissolution of old group structures of thought,Destiny, 73:by Leo; this can be done without any great outer dissolution of the form of the nation through theDiscipleship2, 258:the basic duality of spirit-matter. It is the "dissolution of the intermediary," and to this theDiscipleship2, 259:relation to the Father or the Monad. This great dissolution is culminated for us at the time of theDiscipleship2, 259:preparatory to and symbolic of the final great dissolution of the causal body, consummated at theDiscipleship2, 504:years of this life, through the process of dissolution, and on into the freedom of the other sideExternalisation, 544:recipients of spiritual inspiration. The gradual dissolution - again if in any way possible - ofExternalisation, 551:of theology and ecclesiasticism. The Gradual Dissolution of Orthodox Judaism. Reasons Because ofExternalisation, 567:of soul and form) are left. This event of final dissolution will take place only at the close ofFire, 52:eventually the destruction of the form and its dissolution, and the termination of existence asFire, 266:ninefold during obscuration, and tenfold at dissolution. Macrocosmic The seven sacred planets ofFire, 561:by a central Life, and employed. The period of dissolution, wherein the form is devitalized,Fire, 740:one hundred years of Brahma, and sweeps into dissolution forms of every kind - subtle and dense -Fire, 748:way, bearing His people with Him. Cometh the dissolution of pain, cometh the end of strife, comethFire, 883:destruction of the Temple of Solomon, and the dissolution of the lotus flower. The work of theFire, 975:of partially energized matter in process of dissolution. This produces occultly a condition similarFire, 1053:Sacrifice"; it is this which causes also the dissolution of a scheme, and its reappearance, and isFire, 1093:bear in mind that the Monad, after planetary dissolution, passes the time between incarnations onFire, 1113:to leave their Mother. They chose to pass into dissolution with her, but a younger son (Saturn)Glamour, 98:work as a group, has for its intended task the dissolution of some of the world glamor. Some dayHealing, 13:Disease and corruption and the tendency towards dissolution are found everywhere. I am choosing myHealing, 111:or disease which is not related to the final dissolution, the causes thereof are to be found inHealing, 244:highly developed or not, the later stages of dissolution, effective after the conscious withdrawalHealing, 245:of the Ray of Will or Power which produces the dissolution of the form, and the corruption andHealing, 245:even by man. The processes of dying and of dissolution and the dissipation of forms goes on everyHealing, 245:of the surface of the earth. The results of dissolution are beneficent in effect. Ponder on thisHealing, 248:forms act. The reference here is to the normal dissolution of the form at the close of a cycle ofHealing, 434:given the names: Restitution, resulting in the dissolution of the body and the return of itsHealing, 445:synthesis emerges and destruction, death, and dissolution are, in reality, naught but lifeHealing, 448:the life of the centers, bringing about the dissolution of the form but the release of the life.Healing, 450:radiation or breath. This dispersal, death or dissolution, is in reality a great effect produced byHealing, 462:of the physical [462] body and the complete dissolution of the etheric body are practicallyHealing, 476:for exit. The physical body is responding to dissolution. It might be added that a third activityHealing, 477:in his thinking from the physical plane, the dissolution of the vital body can be exceedinglyHealing, 479:Attraction, in order that its final and complete dissolution can take place. Before taking up ourHealing, 501:aspect, so will he be conditioned by the Law of Dissolution. This law is a fundamental and naturalHealing, 502:and certain corresponding processes of conscious dissolution as practiced by the advanced discipleHealing, 506:Here I am speaking of the literal destruction, dissolution, dissipation or final dispersal of thatHealing, 703:and a greatly hastened work of healing or of dissolution. The healer must ever bear in mind thatHealing, 703:the karmic law - or to aid in the processes of dissolution, bringing about, therefore, a higherInitiation, 42:politics, and with the founding, direction, and dissolution of racial types and forms. To him isInitiation, 154:and all that is not of spirit passes into dissolution. It is the coming in of the A sound whichIntellect, 53:within the gross material body, which suffers dissolution at death, a subtle body, formed of thePatanjali, 32:Consequently only "the time of the end" and the dissolution of a solar system will reveal the truePatanjali, 50:who has heard the tradition, experienced the dissolution of that hitherto held, seen that which isProblems, 36:All of us are distressed that the means of its dissolution have brought so much agony and sufferingPsychology1, 312:sons of God (at the final conclave before the dissolution) what has lain hidden in the Mind of God.Rays, 101:"produce the death and dissipation and final dissolution of the personality through the ending ofRays, 104:radiation or breath. This dispersal, death or dissolution is in reality a great effect produced byRays, 161:of the second divine aspect, the soul, is the dissolution of the astral body - the second aspectRays, 163:synthesis emerges, and destruction, death, and dissolution are in reality naught but lifeRays, 164:the life of the centers, bringing about the dissolution of the form and the release of the life.Soul, 83:within the gross material body, which suffers dissolution at death, a subtle body, formed of the
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