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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISTANT

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Astrology, 14:major influences which find their way from far distant Sources into our planetary life and produceAstrology, 33:and much of it pours through to us from these distant constellations, via the fifth CreativeAstrology, 180:There come flashes of light upon problems; a distant yet possible vision of attainment is seen; theAstrology, 194:pouring into the four zodiacal signs from these distant though potent points of outgoing energy;Astrology, 198:out the nature of the energies pouring from distant constellations and zodiacal signs into ourAstrology, 277:I see the dark of form; I see the dark of distant spirit. And all the light of soul seems gone."Astrology, 285:the womb of time and space in a far [285] and distant past. The time has now come when you can, ifAstrology, 308:of the Zodiacal Constellations Beyond these two distant planets, lies another planet as yetAstrology, 326:world and there evoke response. "Those who in distant aeons have pledged themselves to save andAstrology, 326:forth and, ringing, penetrates into the dark and distant places within the worlds of form. "AndAstrology, 376:removal of obstructions and proceeds from far distant places, pouring through the eye ofAstrology, 433:center." It is in the development of response to distant points of contact and [434] emanatingAstrology, 435:centers to which I have referred and their distant cosmic archetypes lie three systemic centersAstrology, 446:the Uranian urge became so strong in that far distant time when there were living forms upon theAstrology, 466:of the Great Lodge of the Most High in that distant Sun. They pour through the Hierarchy upon theAstrology, 606:It is, therefore, only possible to point to distant goals.[607] We can, however, gain some dim,Atom, 80:law of analogy, it may perhaps be proven at some distant time that there is a God or central lifeAtom, 129:all very well to spend some time visioning this distant goal, and picturing the achievement [130]Atom, 145:beautiful ideal, and a dream which may, at some distant time, materialize. Group consciousness,Atom, 155:Perhaps in the stars that we can see in the distant heavens, and in the life that is evolvingAutobiography, 42:automatically accepted it. But He was far away, distant and unapproachable. Bethlehem, 49:the forces of nature. As time elapsed, this distant God drew a little nearer to His people, takingBethlehem, 49:God Himself was seen incarnate among men. The distant had become the near, and the One Who had beenBethlehem, 50:we trace the growth of the Plan, we come from a distant, dark and ignorant past to a present pointBethlehem, 60:the Innocents, and the consequent flight into a distant country (told also of Krishna and otherBethlehem, 103:for initiation. Then the light is shed on the distant vision, and we catch a fleeting glimpse ofBethlehem, 104:the very first of our humanity, in a dim and far distant past, to catch this glimpse, and that HeBethlehem, 118:of our human nature as individuals and - at some distant date - in humanity itself. This is theBethlehem, 129:they surely will be at some date, perhaps not so distant as the chaotic present might lead us toBethlehem, 209:surely not a life to be lived hereafter, in some distant heaven where those who are believers shallBethlehem, 215:back upon the activity of the Christ in the distant past. Forgiveness is, however, a result ofBethlehem, 227:situation, and at the same time postulate a distant heaven which we may some day attain. But ChristDestiny, 7:Few there are that can penetrate into the distant world of causes or look back into that ancientDestiny, 55:power to fuse and blend. Brazil will - at some distant date - represent a linking interpretingDestiny, 59:road builder and road maker of Europe in the far distant past; today the British race (who areDiscipleship1, 58:as candidates for initiation, at no such very distant date, as we view time on the inner side. Discipleship1, 64:unique blindness. But that later, in some far distant cycle, and when karma has worked upon themDiscipleship1, 83:immediate need and not a sensitive reaction to a distant goal. Has accepted the Plan, as indicatedDiscipleship1, 119:are clear, whose heart is slowly opening to a distant sound - a sound of pain and sorrow, ofDiscipleship1, 120:immediate takes the place of that which has been distant. And in that place immediate, the magnetDiscipleship1, 123:the cultivation of the power to respond to the distant sound of human pain. This I referred to inDiscipleship1, 124:Then, we come to the words, "that which is distant fades from view and the immediate presentDiscipleship1, 124:about, you may have forgotten that time of distant and difficult striving. But I have not. You haveDiscipleship1, 145:wonderful ideas which may materialize in a far distant future and the present period of hardDiscipleship1, 247:with the plan for the coming race and for the distant future. Then list briefly and concisely theDiscipleship1, 259:light, the One Who can observe. 2nd month - The distant, wandering one, who is my little self, IDiscipleship1, 295:is now real to you; the hitherto dim and distant portals of the Golden Gate which lie ahead are notDiscipleship1, 295:Golden Gate which lie ahead are not so dim and distant. Their outline is more clear and the "soundDiscipleship1, 336:Path of Discipleship and who face at some not so distant time preparation for initiation. WatchDiscipleship1, 675:in cold blue light. Orange and blue in some more distant time will blended be, but far off yet theDiscipleship1, 742:as the Master at the center of any Ashram) to distant places, to many planes and into many hearts.Discipleship2, 151:dating that month from the time that the most distant members of the group receive it." I seek toDiscipleship2, 251:integrated and functioning as a unit, and the distant subtle world of divine intent? I say no moreDiscipleship2, 276:ancient past becomes the present effort of the distant future. Can you understand this statement,Discipleship2, 368:impulse of the initiate's life because it is not distant but is a real aspect of his divineDiscipleship2, 386:These "sons of mind" were chosen, in that far distant time when the fourth kingdom in nature cameDiscipleship2, 421:He will then be granted a vision - dim and distant though it well may be - of that which expansionDiscipleship2, 546:see (by the power of the creative imagination) a distant peak or pyramid and on its summit thereDiscipleship2, 547:light am I and yet the pure light shines. Not distant is that light but daily, hourly drawingDiscipleship2, 569:leadership of the Christ and his Successor in a distant century. Count heavily on this, my brother,Discipleship2, 596:will assume the role of World Teacher in the distant future when the Christ moves on to higher andDiscipleship2, 672:its reality. My last instruction to you is distant and remote in its implications, and you areDiscipleship2, 681:confined you largely to [681] one single and distant locality. Broaden your horizon and bring inDiscipleship2, 681:your horizon and bring in Europe, Australia and distant Asia and - as your vision quickens - youDiscipleship2, 701:me why this is so? I would answer that in the distant past - a past which lies behind all of us -Discipleship2, 724:help, e'en though I see them not, and those in distant places who seek the Master of my life, myDiscipleship2, 724:for you - the love of a Master for his disciple, distant and close, remote yet near - is everDiscipleship2, 767:emerged and ran their courses. Man, in his distant radiant past, before his life on earth, the pastEducation, 26:discovered. This development is not as distant as might be supposed or anticipated. It is not myExternalisation, 27:they are "working in the dark." At some distant date, groups will emerge which will be first rayExternalisation, 40:function of this second group lies in a more distant future. The Hierarchy has necessarily aExternalisation, 110:planetary life at this time belong to an age so distant that no modern historian recognizes itsExternalisation, 190:need and not be an attempt to satisfy some distant, idealistic vision. The new world order must beExternalisation, 261:the veil which protects the Earth, to those far distant realms where They have Their natural andExternalisation, 262:would normally contact humanity in some far distant future, and thus hasten the day of heightenedExternalisation, 315:would ask those of you who live and work at more distant points to write briefly your reactions toExternalisation, 339:be externalized and that it need not be some distant point of wishful thinking but should conditionExternalisation, 348:will grow until the time in the not too distant future when His term of service will be over and HeExternalisation, 472:the truth that Christ has never left us for a distant heaven of nebulous outlines, but that He isExternalisation, 487:or general idea of helping humanity from some distant locality called "the Throne of God inExternalisation, 490:dating that month from the time that the most distant members of the group receive it. I seek toExternalisation, 576:then be seen, by its means, from even the most distant spot on earth. To the orthodox Christian,Externalisation, 608:position in the Father's House or to some distant place of service where only the most exalted canExternalisation, 639:nationalism of the past and towards the distant creation of the One World, and the One Humanity.Externalisation, 644:will assume the role of World Teacher in the distant future when the Christ moves on to higher andExternalisation, 672:manifestation on Earth - and not in some distant time and some vague heaven. This is no mystical orFire, 229:liberation of the Son, and His return to the far distant source from whence the primal impulseFire, 333:which is a gradual growth from a dim and distant dawn through an ever increasing splendor of lightFire, 712:of the solar Logos in kalpas far distant. They, in Their corporate nature, embody the will orFire, 739:service for the little evolved humanity of that distant time. As this concerns the seven paths ofFire, 741:have achieved, and who have not passed to other distant cosmic centers, will find their placeFire, 786:effects on physical levels. Thus eventually in distant cycles will the world be "saved," and notFire, 836:to become a conscious Dhyan Chohan, and in some distant cycle to do for the humanity of that ageFire, 838:with the stellar body either non-luminous or so distant as to be beyond the reach of telescopicFire, 882:the lower four of a future race of men at some distant period, thus permitting of theirFire, 1226:of divine obligations incurred in the dim and distant kalpas which antedate the triplicity of solarFire, 1234:entities and all those builders who must in some distant future pass through the human state ofFire, 1259:of the bulk of our humanity to this [1259] distant objective, and this without obstruction. A clueFire, 1273:other two, and gathers all its energy from a far distant cosmic sphere. The two respond, and in theHealing, 9:you. The cause lies back in the history of the distant past of our planet, in the career (occultly
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