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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISTINCT

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Bethlehemwhen he says: "Yet the Jesus of History as distinct from the Jesus of Theology, remains 'the way,Discipleship1, 681:past and about which he has evolved definite and distinct ideas. Are you, therefore, prepared toDiscipleship2, 60:The sheep and the goats are forming into two distinct groups. The judgment being given is not theEducation, 100:State and thus can be of social value yet play a distinct individual part, and at the same time aEducation, 147:woven into one thread finally, yet they remain distinct. It should be borne in mind that the soulExternalisation, 33:Aquarian Age was how to fuse and blend these two distinct groups, attitudes or states ofExternalisation, 215:lines of demarcation are becoming steadily more distinct, yet the exponents of these three groupsFire, 405:to think that the Pitris and Devas are in two distinct spheres of life. Now Pitris and Devas alwaysFire, 417:show that manas, as it evolves, leads to certain distinct characteristics, which [418] distinguishFire, 419:materialized selves; he now realizes himself as distinct from every other functioning sphere ofFire, 483:existence to another, and it involves three distinct steps, which can be seen and traced by meansFire, 559:kingdom, and the third and fourth kingdoms stand distinct from each other, then the sex nature, andFire, 621:and that which give it its separated energy, as distinct from the purpose which will work out toFire, 891:the subhuman forms of existence. There is a distinct danger in all tabulations, for they tend toFire, 954:no particular character, forming no particularly distinct forms and persisting in animating thoseFire, 1102:produces the formation of a sphere of activity, distinct in its nature and governed by laws of itsFire, 1194:forms through which they manifest are equally distinct and diverse. Therefore, we must distinguishFire, 1208:the fourth Creative Hierarchy. Within these nine distinct expansions through which each life inFire, 1216:self-realization, or the bringing about of a distinct individualism in every form of atomic life,Healing, 132:vibratory activity. They are related but distinct from each other. One is related to Time and theHealing, 268:the separate, possessive love of Jehovah for a distinct unit within the fourth or human kingdom.Healing, 453:The two lines of development are separate and distinct, and this every aspirant has to learn. -Initiation, 51:activity beings and workers and adepts totally distinct from the servers of the fourth or humanIntellect, 121:more than matter, and regard the mind as distinct from the brain; they hold the hypothesis that itIntellect, 122:the West, the mind is regarded as separate and distinct from the brain. Dr. C. Lloyd Morgan inIntellect, 139:again, they find themselves possessed of a distinct knowledge of things, more luminous and moreIntellect, 164:I have arrived is the definite acceptance of two distinct organs of intelligence in human beings,Magic, 7:laws. These laws of nature have effects in three distinct realms: Physically, where theyMeditation, 168:same Initiator, and all, at the same time, quite distinct in their method of approach. If this isMeditation, 169:these three departments are pictured as distinct and separated the one from the other, thoughMeditation, 322:be in three divisions, necessarily small yet distinct. One division will be given up to thePatanjali, 15:in use, putting its user into contact with a distinct range of vibrations, demonstrating as formPatanjali, 73:These seven are next dealt with, and each has a distinct relation to the seven obstacles earlierPatanjali, 142:attitude" referred to in the previous sutra has distinct reference to the seeds or the latentPatanjali, 369:15. These two, consciousness and form, are distinct and separate; though forms may be similar, thePatanjali, 402:15. These two, consciousness and form, are distinct and separate; though forms may be similar, thePatanjali, 403:The two lines of development are separate and distinct, and this every aspirant has to learn. WhenPatanjali, 404:are similar, the cause of mind and things is distinct in consequence of the difference of minds."Patanjali, 404:which the mind is affected by them, are entirely distinct. Hence objects exist out of the thinkingPsychology1, 120:kingdom in nature (regarding that kingdom as a distinct organism, just as man's body nature orPsychology1, 120:just as man's body nature or personality is a distinct organism, separable from him as a soul) isPsychology1, 165:and even in the church of Rome there has been a distinct tightening of priestly authority in allPsychology2, 145:movement, which, it will be noted is quite distinct from an organization. A striking instance ofRays, 54:to Time and the other to Space and they are distinct from each other; and (as the Old CommentaryRays, 355:are both involved; each is, however, distinct; in the one case the Master Jesus is theRays, 453:eternally exist in time and space, they appear distinct and separate until a man is a probationaryRays, 502:the "rainbow bridge," the disciple - by a distinct and separate effort - calls in the will aspectRays, 704:stages. Christian theologians have made three distinct episodes out of these two initiations, butSoul, 39:system with functions and organisms clearly distinct from those of other systems within theSoul, 83:which as knowing subject is contrasted with and distinct from the object; or (3) the supreme soul,Soul, 156:to his "energy of soul," the form of activity distinct from a mere outer working, deemed by him
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