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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISTINCTION

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Fire, 488:must [488] recollect at this juncture the distinction that is made between the work of the blackFire, 508:of the man functioning in the causal body. This distinction must be carefully made. We must alwaysFire, 516:its encompassing wall. Heat. Herein lies the distinction between the permanent atoms on all planes,Fire, 516:they form a part. It is not easy to make this distinction clear, nor is it desirable at this time;Fire, 516:of the guarded secrets of initiation, but the distinction between the permanent atom, and atomicFire, follow:recognizable in the second kingdom, and the distinction between the consciousness of the mineralFire, 604:the fifth kingdom that we can appreciate the distinction between the dense physical, and the vitalFire, 636:is tangible, visible and objective. A very real distinction must be made by students between theFire, 662:planetary Logos to this deva substance. A great distinction exists between man and his prototype, aFire, 683:exists in the minds of students as to the distinction between the Agnishvattas who incarnated inFire, 692:for the three. An idea of the meaning of this distinction can be gleaned by the student, as heFire, 733:physical plane in its lowest aspects. This distinction has a certain significance and should beFire, 766:first, desire or will, and as to the distinction between them, between impulse and purpose, andFire, 826:and capital has its roots in the subjective distinction between "equipped and unequipped" Egos,Fire, 832:types of force, or energy, and therein lies the distinction between his work and that of theFire, 985:who, as yet, merit not the term "knower." The distinction between the two exists in both motive andFire, 996:This thought brings us to the vital and real distinction between the white brother and the brotherFire, 1014:I mean the form has now achieved a vitality and distinction of its own, so that no aggressiveFire, 1018:tiny atom of substance can be so considered. The distinction between these various lotuses existsFire, 1064:aspect of that greater life. A very definite distinction must here be made. It is the failure toFire, 1136:of a world period, and there is an interesting distinction between them and the units of the humanFire, 1163:Karmic opportunity, Rate of vibration. The main distinction exists in the fact, as we have so oftFire, 1194:Angels. There must not be confusion as to the distinction between the hierarchies of Beings and theFire, 1209:vehicle and that which utilizes the vehicle. The distinction between a Ray which is the expressionGlamour, 5:criticism, and produces separation. It sees no distinction, even when it appreciates need, and itGlamour, 13:or involve the soul or ego. Herein lies the distinction between this second stage of symbolGlamour, 64:intuitively and also intelligently (note the distinction here expressed) and misapplies it. This isGlamour, 164:insight. [164] The educating of humanity in the distinction between: Spirituality and materialism,Glamour, 202:thus demonstrating his humanity and his distinction from the animal, because it is the mind whichGlamour, 262:similarity; it marks the recognition of a basic distinction; it signifies refusal to be identifiedHealing, 64:this problem, and it is just as well that some distinction is made between the types which must beHealing, 132:aspects. Students would do well to ponder on the distinction between the breath and the sound,Healing, 248:control the process. As you well know, the great distinction between the human kingdom in the threeHealing, 269:mode of living together. The Hierarchy sees no distinction. The Head of the Hierarchy, though notHealing, 355:to this end involves an aptitude to learn the distinction between analysis and criticism. This is aHealing, 356:is all that is. The main characteristic of the distinction between soul energy and personalityHealing, 462:As yet, modern science does not recognize the distinction between these two aspects of coma. Later,Healing, 499:or is withdrawn from the body. There is a distinction, based on evolutionary development, in theseHealing, 502:I have wished to make clear in your minds the distinction between disease and death as experiencedHealing, 586:to work with energies and recognize the distinction in time and space between energies and forces,Healing, 596:death. [596] There is here an interesting distinction which should be noted. Death, when it comes,Healing, 664:these days. No one is exempt and there is no distinction shown. [665] The factor of the growth ofHealing, 666:clear (and this was new and needed) the true distinction between good and evil, and this not in aHealing, 666:The world of men (through the obviousness of the distinction between good and evil) has awakened toHealing, 679:thought and make somewhat clearer to you the distinction between this "unknown God," who expressesHealing, 681:easier process, little as you may think it. This distinction, relative to the process of obedience,Hercules, 102:of wisdom have been gathered in Gemini and the distinction between wisdom and knowledge has beenHercules, 133:done, the aid may prove an impediment. A careful distinction must be made between too much aid andInitiation, 192:needs to study and obey. There is a great distinction between the terms "aspirant to the Path" andIntellect, 40:of the new type, the soul, constitute the main distinction between the western and easternIntellect, 66:confusion exists in the minds of many on this distinction and Bianco of Siena was really speakingIntellect, 70:of the denial of division; if all is one, the distinction of past and future must be illusory..."Intellect, 71:sovereignly one, without restriction, without distinction of essence and existence, of possible andIntellect, 105:of the Soul, III, 1. This necessarily involves a distinction between the Thinker, the apparatus ofIntellect, 120:as to the nature of the mind and as to the distinction between the mind and the brain. If the brainIntellect, 168:the realization are ever present, and a careful distinction has to be made by the experiencer orIntellect, 189:(in his own 'Self,' without [189] out any distinction of outer and inner), and thus, by the eye ofIntellect, 189:knowing (without this Knowledge implying any distinction of subject and object, which would beIntellect, 200:of the mind, and that they can use it, and the distinction between the knower and the instrument ofIntellect, 266:or divisions; they have no hatreds or class distinction; they set up no racial barriers; they seeMagic, 17:not understanding, and who have yet to learn the distinction between that which can be grasped byMagic, 68:morbid fanatic. There follows next the distinction between the expedient, involving factors ofMagic, 69:seasons and can adequately discern the subtle distinction between a psychic inclination and theMagic, 110:It is not a question of ray or even of the basic distinction between the occultist and the mystic.Magic, 267:these words as it serves peculiarly to make the distinction clear and yet preserves the integrityMagic, 267:alike. Only when their purpose appears does the distinction become apparent, and hence the trainingMagic, 269:made this reply: "Only the Sons of Men know the distinction between the magic of the right and leftMagic, 269:will disappear. When the Sons of Men know the distinction which exists between matter andMagic, 291:energies and rays. For the beginner a clear distinction can be made between forces and energies byMagic, 394:and find themselves; they discover thus the distinction [395] between the center of power, theMagic, 414:know the true meaning of brotherhood, without distinction of race. Their lives are lives of willingMagic, 429:realization or through vision. Mark well this distinction, for it holds the secret of the next stepMagic, 430:intellect. Second: a sense of separateness, of distinction, and of being set apart or differentMagic, 514:recognize and to utilize. He has to register the distinction between intense outgoing activity,Magic, 584:Way itself. Aspirants must carefully bear this distinction in mind. Secondly, the true enquirer isMeditation, 149:I have attempted to make clear to you the distinction between these two groups, as the importanceMeditation, 173:step let us be quite clear wherein lies the distinction between these two groups. The elementalsMeditation, 224:a portion of the second solar system. The distinction has naturally not been apprehended, but as aMeditation, 232:density or rarity accounts for much of the color distinction. One of the distinctions has,Patanjali, 8:Angel of the Presence The human being A clear distinction should be made between the ChristPatanjali, 154:rapidly grows. From that he passes to a distinction between himself as the Perceiver and that whichPatanjali, 168:to three things: An understanding of the distinction between spirit and matter, A comprehension ofPatanjali, 171:those of the great maya or world of forms. This distinction is at first theoretical, thenPatanjali, 178:aspirant to a scientific understanding of the distinction existing between the self and thePatanjali, 234:21. By concentrated meditation upon the distinction between form and body, those properties of thePatanjali, 247:and conditions as concentration and the only distinction between the two is in the time element.Patanjali, 274:magic. By concentrated meditation upon the distinction between these aspects there will eventuallyPatanjali, 280:Results 21. By concentrated meditation upon the distinction between form and body, those propertiesPatanjali, 293:is applied to the head or the heart, and the distinction is one of time primarily. The heart in thePatanjali, 321:identity with the spiritual nature and one's distinction from the form is developed. One knowsPatanjali, 349:according to number and design, and its basic distinction will be the geometrical exactness of itsPatanjali, 360:still another angle: "There should be entire distinction of pleasure or pride in the invitations byPatanjali, 365:produces the varying characteristics plus the distinction produced by: Ray, Plane of manifestation,Patanjali, 405:cognizers are many. This circumstance proves the distinction of the object and the mind. Again theProblems, 5:human consciousness and in a realization of the distinction obviously existing between primitiveProblems, 19:her international relations just as the class distinction system has controlled her internalProblems, 74:capitalism came into its own and the sharp distinction between the very poor and the very richProblems, 112:a sound sense of values and that he knows the distinction between paternalism (which keeps theProblems, 147:there is only one humanity without distinction or differences in its essential nature, in itsPsychology1, 13:with the matter aspect that it sees no distinction, but is the form, and knows not itself as soul.
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