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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISTINCTION

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Psychology1, 88:time. All manifest, but only five dominate. A distinction should be made between the raysPsychology1, 96:Because, in establishing unity, He also makes a distinction between body and soul. Body and soulPsychology1, 152:I should like at this point to make clear the distinction between a constellation and a solarPsychology1, 179:of faith and of matter. Please note the distinction and significance of these last three words. Psychology1, 197:on the same basic [197] realization, and the distinction between the spiritual man and the man ofPsychology1, 269:arises and right demands. Herein lies a great distinction and a clue is offered to the problem.Psychology1, 345:(and not speaking symbolically, for there is a distinction between these two forms which studentsPsychology1, 351:Attribute - Rays 4. 5. 6. 7. The minor rays. The distinction between these two groups has been wellPsychology1, 375:but are conscious in the physical body. This distinction must be studied. Soon, many will bePsychology2, 70:the initiate works and functions, seeing no distinction, viewing one world as the world ofPsychology2, 119:these two extreme expressions, there is a vast distinction, but both are equally brought about byPsychology2, 125:nor is it a method of world salvage. This distinction must be clearly grasped, or else our wholePsychology2, 132:telepathically, and synthetically. This distinction merits attention for one can easily wastePsychology2, 162:achieve, without passion, pain or suffering, the distinction which lies between: Right and wrong,Psychology2, 192:of that which meets man's desire. This distinction merits consideration. III. They are anPsychology2, 252:phenomenal plane. This appearing presupposes a distinction between the fifth kingdom and the otherPsychology2, 252:and the other four kingdoms. It is, however, a distinction in one direction only and that is in thePsychology2, 253:referred to in these pages relates to a distinction in consciousness and not to a distinction inPsychology2, 253:to a distinction in consciousness and not to a distinction in form. The symbol persists unchangedPsychology2, 328:the fourth kingdom in nature. Ponder upon this distinction, for it marks the points of emphasis andPsychology2, 396:then the light of Life. Ponder deeply on this distinction. Psychology2, 422:the lower duality. He must learn to grasp the distinction between: Submission to the inevitable andPsychology2, 452:is a point of dominant interest and of implied distinction. Stimulation might, therefore, bePsychology2, 455:is not the same as creative feeling and this distinction is often not grasped. All that can bePsychology2, 478:to the man who is in difficulty and the distinction between the Lemurian, the Atlantean and thePsychology2, 556:path of development, and a comprehension of the distinction between the higher and the lower powersPsychology2, 623:through the center at the base of the spine. The distinction between these two forces and theirPsychology2, 634:into a group, because that is entirely a class distinction, based largely on heredity and capital,Psychology2, 635:origin and goal, which knows no [635] class distinction, no barriers in religion, and no separatingPsychology2, 708:do modern scientific investigators know of the distinction between those neurotic and psychologicalRays, 32:energy" and not soul force, and herein lies a distinction which you will some day have to grasp.Rays, 34:Initiator. I would have you reflect upon this distinction. The "Way of the Higher Evolution" liesRays, 54:Students would also do well to ponder on the distinction between the breath and the Sound, betweenRays, 57:implies will come as the disciple masters the distinction between soul activity and the action ofRays, 60:in triple form" as was the case before. This distinction is vital and significant of tremendousRays, 65:embody divine purpose. I keep emphasizing this distinction between plan and purpose withRays, 69:of the divine Purpose. There is a definite distinction between Purpose and Will; it is subtleRays, 69:of the Council at Shamballa recognize this distinction and therefore divide Themselves into twoRays, 85:of the plan. Again I call your attention to the distinction existing between purpose and plan. ThisRays, 95:and with safety. The tendency to overlook the distinction between groups and organizations is stillRays, 101:the case of a human being. This is an important distinction and one which warrants carefulRays, 105:of time and space as if there were a basic distinction between the worlds in which these two holdRays, 188:mental plane. Illusion then appeared, and the distinction between truth and falsehood, between goodRays, 191:They will have the capacity to recognize the distinction between the various veils. This is theRays, 204:is Shamballa. The time has now come when a distinction must be made by esotericists between theRays, 204:quality of divinity is Will. There is a definite distinction between the two and the mediatingRays, 205:time, not now) unconscious recognition of the distinction between love and will, and an ability toRays, 264:which they must begin to comprehend, and the distinction (for there is a distinction) betweenRays, 264:comprehend, and the distinction (for there is a distinction) between synthesis, unity and fusionRays, 265:and has his being. This goes on until he sees no distinction, registers no differences and is awareRays, 293:the word Express I can, I believe, make this distinction somewhat clearer. When the beginner on theRays, 301:to the neophyte upon the verge of acceptance the distinction and the difference between vision andRays, 363:initiatory process, is the only way in which the distinction and the goal become apparent. Just asRays, 382:upon the physical plane. On that plane, the distinction between the two centers [383] will beRays, 434:or one and the same thing at advancing points of distinction. The subject, when you first approachRays, 438:to the dual existence of the Master. That distinction is deliberate and intentional. The discipleRays, 445:the initiate works and functions, seeing no distinction, regarding one world as the world ofRays, 449:the basis of continuity. Herein lies a fine distinction for the investigator. One thread (theRays, 454:He forgets that it is a purely arbitrary distinction of the lower analyzing mind to call thisRays, 459:and with its differing goals and objectives. The distinction (I said not "difference," and wouldRays, 470:of this process is only arrived at when the distinction is sharply defined and recognized betweenRays, 511:of energy. Students should ponder upon the distinction between energy and force. It is dependentRays, 515:become clearer if the disciple will ponder the distinction between faith and conviction. It is thisRays, 594:its "race members" in every nation, without any distinction or omissions. This I would have youRays, 606:this fourth ray energy which makes apparent the distinction (so often misunderstood by man) betweenRays, 647:for His proclaimed Coming or Reappearance. The distinction between material living and spiritualRays, 718:I would ask you all, therefore, to ponder on the distinction which exists between: Self-willReappearance, 111:potency of the Christ will be so great that the distinction between love and hate, betweenReappearance, 111:eyes and minds of all men and, therefore, the distinction between good and evil will be madeSoul, 76:its long career... Plato thus drew a fundamental distinction between soul and body." - Hollander,Soul, 82:"If for our present purpose we hold fast to this distinction of the Brahman as the cosmicalSoul, 92:They, who with the eye of Wisdom perceive the distinction between the field and the Knower of theSoul, 148:yet in its infancy; much will be revealed when a distinction is made between communication fromTelepathy, 90:as for instance man's recognition of the distinction between nationalism and internationalism. ThisTelepathy, 155:is within the human body a wonderful symbol of distinction between the higher etheric levels andTelepathy, 188:with matter. This is an interesting and vital distinction. The Hierarchy is existent upon theTelepathy, 189:with substance. There is here a most interesting distinction and one that is seldom grasped.
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