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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISTINCTIONS

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Astrology, 388:in his experience, grasp and understand. These distinctions also merit consideration. [389] TheAstrology, 572:Christ It was, however, essential that these distinctions in attitude should appear in theirAstrology, 645:homes to these principles. This is one of the distinctions between a sacred and a non-sacredAutobiography, 102:There is no nation without its class distinctions. There may be an aristocracy of birth in GreatAutobiography, 103:I had yet to discover that behind all the class distinctions of the Occident and the caste systemsBethlehem, 113:of these three temptations, how clearly the distinctions between the dualities emerge. Christ, inBethlehem, 140:The fact of evolution, with its necessary distinctions and differences, is incontrovertible. AllBethlehem, 258:aggression or for the defense of property. These distinctions between the objective and theDiscipleship1, 155:the same as the soul of Judäa. The soul knows no distinctions or differences and on soul levels noDiscipleship1, 373:racial differences, of social standing, of class distinctions and of personality affections. ThereDiscipleship1, 390:of this One, all dualities are absorbed and all distinctions and differences lose their meaning.Discipleship2, 79:last year, and there are certain differences and distinctions. These are due to the reorganizationDiscipleship2, 302:of mine, is the plan not imposed? What are the distinctions between quality, modifications, andDiscipleship2, 536:you are however adequate to the task, and these distinctions and interpretations are badly neededDiscipleship2, 626:the realm of conscious effort, for when the distinctions of the lower mind fade out, and the work -Discipleship2, 658:spontaneous. I would have you ponder on these distinctions for you will learn much thereby.Discipleship2, 666:the Plan." There are many ways in which these distinctions can be approached, and theEducation, 31:use its shadow, the threefold lower man. These distinctions and unifications are matters of form,Education, 91:see the end of national differences, of class distinctions (whether based on an hereditary or aEducation, 128:group-unit. It is here that one of the major distinctions between the human state of consciousnessEducation, 130:isolated exclusiveness, based on class distinctions, inherited tradition, racial attitudes andExternalisation, 8:- Negative - Automatic - Mediumship These distinctions are little understood, nor is the factExternalisation, 71:Age influences. The leveling of all classes and distinctions so that the spiritual values mayExternalisation, 187:of fear, of revenge. On the basis of these distinctions, it is surely apparent that God is on theExternalisation, 195:that all men are brothers, and that the apparent distinctions are essentially superficial, thenExternalisation, 241:the earth." It will be a world in which racial distinctions and national unites will be recognizedExternalisation, 241:to the significance of humanity. Such distinctions and nationalities will be preserved andExternalisation, 357:a world order where racial hatreds, caste distinctions and religious differences will form noExternalisation, 369:its distressed, exploited minorities, its vile distinctions and separative barriers between richExternalisation, 376:ambition, economic disparity, and virulent class distinctions (hereditary or financial) stillExternalisation, 639:of language differences and of cultural distinctions. They can be essentially right if they areFire, 191:itself, due to the parallelism of nature, the distinctions are not so sharply made, and a man'sFire, 201:planes is developed, it leads one to ever finer distinctions till one is finally led through theFire, 333:and fanning the fires of matter. In all these distinctions and differentiations it must beFire, 339:or Mind and its Nature I have pointed out these distinctions as it serves to bring the scope, andFire, 488:here before proceeding further to look at these distinctions as far as they concern the matter inFire, 667:Gods become perfect. These broad and general distinctions are pointed out as they throw light uponFire, 826:upon Earth, being the basis of the great class distinctions which - in every land - have been soFire, 930:magician can be seen. Herein too lies one of the distinctions to be found between magicians of theFire, 988:it might be briefly said in connection with the distinctions between magicians that the magician ofFire, 1020:angle, and thus [1020] somewhat clarify, distinctions are made, and on the path of evolution, or ofFire, 1036:they represent, and produce, therefore, the distinctions which exist between men; they areFire, 1141:demonstrating as a combination of the two. The distinctions are demonstrated in the fact that someFire, 1146:upon the earth. There are important distinctions between these two groups, for the units of theFire, 1146:entered the human kingdom on this planet. The distinctions between the two groups are very great,Fire, 1189:consideration of human magnetism, of the distinctions between the seven types of men, and theFire, 1194:Life, he will have also to bear in mind the distinctions between the various groups of Hierarchies,Fire, 1195:them the needed forms. These are the two primal distinctions, Life and Form, and these two are theFire, 1209:are recognized: The triple nature of man. The distinctions between the vehicle and that whichGlamour, 54:want you to keep very clearly in your mind these distinctions, and to study with care theGlamour, 103:initiations that he awakens to the fact of these distinctions. Therefore, it might be stated that:Glamour, 164:a world order where racial hatreds, caste distinctions and religious differences will form noGlamour, 195:and to serve the Plan is slowly developed. These distinctions (in time and space, because allGlamour, 195:distinctions (in time and space, because all distinctions are part of the great illusion, thoughHealing, 26:is not easy or possible for him to grasp these distinctions and to gauge the point in evolutionHealing, 402:life episode and accounts in no way for the distinctions and differences which distinguishHealing, 668:promoting poverty, breeding hatred and class distinctions, fostering racial differences for theirHercules, 93:[93] of man, is the fact that there are no sharp distinctions between the various aspects of man'sIntellect, 72:the whole, and that separativeness and division, distinctions and the concepts of me and thee, ofIntellect, 105:to cultivate the habit every day of making these distinctions. They must distinguish alwaysIntellect, 158:Franz, Meister Eckhart, page 286. These distinctions should be carefully noted. For many at thisMagic, 33:nationalities and characteristics, the inherent distinctions brought about through the interplayMagic, 38:all forms in the animal kingdom, producing their distinctions, species and nature. HumanMagic, 67:faced, in his progress, with increasingly subtle distinctions. The crude discrimination betweenMagic, 67:the child soul is succeeded by the finer distinctions of right, or of more right, of high, orMagic, 110:see all the picture that we draw these temporary distinctions. In one life a man may beMagic, 326:and forms of worship, though characterized by distinctions of organization and ceremonial, andMagic, 334:will break down all barriers of race and all distinctions of color; the essential brotherhood ofMagic, 383:sense of freedom from multiplicity; certain main distinctions will still be found to exist. TheMagic, 384:the form aspect falls. They are, nevertheless, distinctions and differentiations, and persist inMagic, 384:to his particular ray. These are mental distinctions. All souls on the mental plane take the formsMagic, 384:Hierarchy Students must always remember that all distinctions and categories are mentalMagic, 385:[385] thought, the problem of surmounting these distinctions and differences is well nighMagic, 632:not and seek to see life truly and not with its distinctions - men-made and dangerous. A discipleMagic, 634:is to go forward as desired. Even such triple distinctions as exist between the groups areMeditation, 232:for much of the color distinction. One of the distinctions has, necessarily, a cosmic basis and isPatanjali, 120:give to the student a clear concept as to their distinctions and thus cultivate his discrimination.Patanjali, 153:Through an understanding of the nature and distinctions of matter he will come to a comprehensionPatanjali, 162:the emotions. The thought forms in their myriad distinctions which crowd the mental world. ThroughPatanjali, 213:process, and the results in their many distinctions are the subject of Book III. and are producedPatanjali, 337:AUM - monadic, The breath - logoic, and in these distinctions are symbolically conveyed the problemPatanjali, 337:and aspirant will comprehend the nature of these distinctions. Just as all the substances of ourPatanjali, 337:of the primordial stuff, so all these distinctions of sound are differentiations of the one sound;Problems, 64:see the end of national differences, of class distinctions [65] (whether based on an hereditary orProblems, 90:and will eventually display themselves. These distinctions, which have in the past set peoples andProblems, 170:of the grave abuses, of the entrenched distinctions between man and man, and the factor of racialProblems, 180:and national quarrels and to end racial distinctions. When such groups are found to workPsychology1, 52:developed personality produces the [52] clear distinctions of the dominant lower mind, but (if onePsychology1, 53:Himself. But forget not that when we make these distinctions it is nevertheless one Soul that isPsychology1, 376:into the various kingdoms of nature. The basic distinctions between the kingdoms; these produce thePsychology2, 30:the various differentiations and distinctions, and the many ray instincts, impulses, andPsychology2, 71:idea than has hitherto been the case as to the distinctions existing between the Thinker, thePsychology2, 251:forms appear, producing still further distinctions. The sowing of these seeds, their care andPsychology2, 253:and blend, there is no need for further drastic distinctions to continue to appear in the outerPsychology2, 635:dealing with human divisions and not class distinctions. This second group is the most fruitfulPsychology2, 659:the virus of hatred, breed class and racial distinctions and are consequently detrimental to worldPsychology2, 663:irrespective of national boundaries, racial distinctions and religious prejudices. It must throwPsychology2, 664:is such that for them there are no racial distinctions nor any religious differences. The secondPsychology2, 672:masses and the intelligent few, plus the class distinctions, the racial differences, and thePsychology2, 682:between the races, and to harmonize religious distinctions and class wars. A study will be made of
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