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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISTINCTIVE

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Astrology, 28:and to its universal will-to-power which is distinctive of the first divine aspect. The twelveAstrology, 159:tests of discipleship or initiation - these are distinctive of experience in Capricorn. In ancientAstrology, 182:list these as follows, finding for each arm a distinctive phrase: Unevolved man Gemini -Astrology, 188:Constellations These planetary influences are distinctive of the Sons of Mind, of Venusian origin;Astrology, 389:the disciple learns to distinguish between these distinctive aspects of energy and force whichAstrology, 412:upon a sacred or a non-sacred planet is widely distinctive, just as the effect of these energies asAstrology, 496:events, and personal characteristics (which are distinctive of exoteric modern astrology) into theAstrology, 581:or power what it is; it is that which is the distinctive feature of the Shamballa force; it is thatAstrology, 581:of the Shamballa force; it is that peculiar and distinctive quality of divinity which is soAutobiography, 102:there is an aristocracy of money equally as distinctive, exclusive, and rigid in its barriers. WhoAutobiography, 280:for that isolated separateness which is distinctive of the average human being. As you face thisAutobiography, 289:the "great heresy of separateness" which is so distinctive of modern thinking and thus lay theAutobiography, 289:seated separateness which has been so unhappily distinctive of humanity; it is this which lies atBethlehem, 113:a state of 'natural somnambulism' with its distinctive forms of sensitiveness, telepathy, andBethlehem, 282:doing, cultivating the finer values and those distinctive qualities which are the hall mark ofDestiny, 68:the British Empire there are several major and distinctive sections which are themselves definitelyDestiny, 78:devotion and blind acceptance of conditions, so distinctive of the country at this time. It isDestiny, 149:Christ or of the crucified Christ, will be the distinctive keynote. It is seldom realized thatDestiny, 150:the shoulder of Aquarius in the symbol which is distinctive of this sign, for Aquarius is theDiscipleship1, 36:are at-one. Disciples must remember these two distinctive contacts and bear in mind also that theDiscipleship1, 43:earth of those newer types of work which will be distinctive of the New Age and yet would be closeDiscipleship1, 181:contact between soul and brain for that is the distinctive feature in all disciples of experience.Discipleship1, 244:well as the one to which I today refer, is also distinctive of a first ray soul and the presence ofDiscipleship1, 564:deeply upon them, making them in this way distinctive characteristics of your life. I have aDiscipleship2, 232:they can function adequately under varying and distinctive governments; nevertheless, they can atDiscipleship2, 274:of the "higher evolution," of the light which is distinctive of Shamballa, and of the use of theDiscipleship2, 402:I would remind you, is not the building which is distinctive of the second divine aspect - that ofDiscipleship2, 505:of the opposite quality of attachment - so distinctive of the second ray nature. Ponder on this. AsDiscipleship2, 644:determining choice which leads eventually to the distinctive nature of his life service. ThisDiscipleship2, 756:comprehension of that "isolated unity" which is distinctive of the Master. In the Hierarchy there,Education, 24:that these energies are tinged and qualified by distinctive divine attributes, and that each humanEducation, 24:type of energy which serves to make him distinctive among his fellows, and which produces theEducation, 24:emerges clearly. If it is true that all these distinctive energies play constantly uponEducation, 25:illusion of separateness, and the illusion of distinctive identity - that illusion which makes usEducation, 83:crude process of memory training which has been distinctive of past methods. The new education willExternalisation, 28:it is these widely different ideas which are the distinctive characteristics of the new age, theExternalisation, 99:is free of emotion and of the astralism which is distinctive of the solar plexus life which mostExternalisation, 116:as he studies the world war in its two distinctive periods: 1914 to 1918, and 1939 until 1942. TheExternalisation, 343:or Power what it is; it is that which is the distinctive feature of the Shamballa force; it is thatExternalisation, 343:of the Shamballa force; it is that peculiar and distinctive quality of divinity which is soExternalisation, 373:and have been regarded as the peculiar and distinctive prerogatives of some one nation and asExternalisation, 482:past) that new and better culture which will be distinctive of the New Age. The Forces ofExternalisation, 561:as much speed and accuracy as possible. It is distinctive of the hierarchical type of mind:Externalisation, 566:intensely alert spiritual demand which is today distinctive of mankind everywhere, and which hasExternalisation, 572:livingness which demonstrates competency will be distinctive of the attitude of the general public.Externalisation, 600:fact of His Presence could be proved in three distinctive phases. I said then that the first moveFire, 60:by the term "animal magnetism." It is the distinctive quality of the atmosphere of a planet, or itsFire, 87:upon which all things are built; they give the distinctive nature of all forms. 38 Pralaya - AFire, 92:as solar prana, plus the individual and distinctive quality of the particular planet concerned.Fire, 310:Logos and His group. This fifth principle is the distinctive coloring of a particular group ofFire, 338:from spirit-matter. In the first ease, the distinctive quality of manas is discrimination whichFire, 339:second case, the buddhic principle has for its distinctive quality love, and demonstrates as wisdomFire, 339:will aspect or atma (in man), which has, for its distinctive feature, that coherent force whichFire, 345:words light, heat and radiance, which are the distinctive features of all individualized entitiesFire, 347:system. The method we are now considering is the distinctive one of this solar system and willFire, 348:briefly the earlier three but has its own distinctive quality. 28 The period of theFire, 409:to evolve or progress. This is literally the distinctive ability of the ensouling life within theFire, 494:of its environment. This inability is especially distinctive of the alchemists of the fifth rootFire, 497:union of these two notes is that which produces distinctive vegetation, though it should beFire, 521:Lives emanating from different sources, each distinctive and apart, and only ConsciousnessFire, 534:great Individual Who gives to that Hierarchy its distinctive coloring and its unique keynote. AFire, 612:in relation to Self-Consciousness (which is the distinctive characteristic of humanity) can best beFire, 623:in His first aspect. He is that fire which is distinctive of the cosmic mental plane, reflected inFire, 656:other bodies, yet in its quality and personal distinctive features is unique, so each of theFire, 656:nature as that of His brothers, and yet which is distinctive, colored by His own peculiar coloring,Fire, 720:the aid of extraneous agencies. It is the distinctive method of this system. In the next round andFire, 954:by clear-cut thought forms, characterized by a distinctive vibration, and distinguished by aFire, 1014:the line of equilibrising activity, and the distinctive nature of this type of work on the threeFire, 1040:Threshold. This spiral-cyclic activity, which is distinctive of all forms, can perhaps beFire, 1050:purpose of this Treatise to enlarge upon each distinctive impulse. It but seeks to indicate,Fire, 1078:of the fourth root race there was a period of distinctive radioactivity, and many hundreds of menFire, 1095:by an internal life which has for its main, distinctive feature, the faculty of a much closerFire, 1148:and his own will or purpose becomes more distinctive, he will at times force himself intoGlamour, 39:the analytical mind has to differentiate into distinctive phases, calling them Illusion, Glamor,Glamour, 76:not in the mental world. These subtler forms and distinctive emanations swell the potency of theGlamour, 87:nature, between the pairs of opposites which are distinctive of our solar system, just as theGlamour, 87:just as the physical pairs of opposites are distinctive of the past solar system. From oneHealing, 135:results of the forces and energies (I use these distinctive words advisedly) which pour throughHealing, 428:smaller stream of the universal energy or prana, distinctive from the individualized life force,Healing, 461:forces. Forget not that the etheric body has no distinctive life of its own. It is only anHealing, 461:the physical body, but are found at certain distinctive points in the paralleling ethericHealing, 464:between the physical elemental and the soul is a distinctive factor; it is occultly called aHealing, 523:negate the Laws of Nature; these laws will be distinctive of the third solar system - the lastHercules, 29:who is working in it to the influence of certain distinctive forces, and provides him with certainHercules, 220:that each new sign brings to the earth distinctive energies, new concepts and new opportunities. ItInitiation, 35:the discriminative faculty of mind, which is the distinctive quality of humanity, to enable him,Intellect, 38:the supreme exemplar of the supernatural. It is distinctive of the spiritual man." and, he addsIntellect, 55:under suitable definition, speak of the soul as distinctive of that level of mental development atIntellect, 206:life of consecration and dedication, which is so distinctive of the mystic, gives place to the lifeIntellect, 206:to the life of concentration and meditation - distinctive of the knower. The organization of theMagic, 30:and the matter or body nature. This is the distinctive subjective, man, his coloring, or individualMagic, 36:[36] Therefore the soul is that which gives distinctive characteristics and differing formMagic, 404:future coming in of the Aquarian age, with its distinctive energies and its amazing opportunities.Magic, 452:and the matter or body nature. This is the distinctive subjective man, his coloring, or individualMagic, 575:the type of hands and their quality which are distinctive of disciples. In all forms of esotericPatanjali, 267:every life borne forth upon them differs and is distinctive. The stage of development of the sevenPatanjali, 275:soul of all things in the three worlds is the distinctive mark of the Adept. Patanjali, 344:through concentrated meditation upon the five distinctive forms of all the elements, the knower hasPatanjali, 367:him, and omniscience and omnipresence are his distinctive qualities. In his comment upon thisPatanjali, 405:cannot be one and the same, for then all distinctive knowledge will be impossible, which, however,
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