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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISTINCTIVE

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Patanjali, 405:form of external objects is the cause of all our distinctive knowledge is useless, for that whichProblems, 29:made its appearance. Its construction will be distinctive of the emerging creative life of theProblems, 42:what they build must be their own; it must be distinctive of them and an expression of their ownProblems, 54:crude process of memory training which has been distinctive of past methods. Problems, 103:like it in the world today - an entire people of distinctive race, religion, goals,Problems, 117:aspect of world affairs. Unity will not be the distinctive characteristic of mankind until men havePsychology1, 25:our solar Logos is as differentiated and distinctive in quality as are any of the sons of men. ThisPsychology1, 46:is the ray of Deity Itself, and is colored by distinctive aspects of desire or love. They producePsychology1, 53:have that state of being and knowledge which is distinctive of all upon the Path of Initiation, andPsychology1, 98:physical sheath. They become aware of colors and distinctive hues and streams of organized lightPsychology2, 12:entering into man of those energies which are distinctive of the soul and of the soul alone, - thePsychology2, 30:Livingness, Being, Wholeness and Unity are the distinctive characteristics of this highly evolvedPsychology2, 73:Obedience to the immediate purpose and duty is distinctive of the trained disciple. Those who knowPsychology2, 124:prove that the seven key or ray types employ distinctive methods in their service? ThePsychology2, 138:Ray - The Seven Laws of Soul or Group Life b. Distinctive Methods of Ray Service Does this SciencePsychology2, 138:Science prove that the Seven Ray Types employ Distinctive Methods in Service? As time goes on thisPsychology2, 154:of urgency towards satisfaction, and this is distinctive of man's search at every stage of hisPsychology2, 189:are at-one. Students must remember these two distinctive contacts, and bear in mind also that thePsychology2, 197:and that magnetic, attractive appeal which is distinctive of all disciples in some form or another.Psychology2, 254:- these are but differentiations and distinctive aspects of one great inherent capacity in man, andPsychology2, 272:ego and the personality emerges, and that the distinctive feature between the two, as far as thePsychology2, 310:nature, between the pairs of opposites which are distinctive of our solar system, just as thePsychology2, 310:just as the physical pairs of opposites are distinctive of the past solar system. From onePsychology2, 728:of that which the Masters of the [728] Wisdom - distinctive as to Their fields of service, specificRays, 34:of the Science of the Service of the Plan. This distinctive realization can only come when hisRays, 66:reaction and of instinctual understanding is distinctive of the trained initiate. He has no need toRays, 180:the cosmic mental plane, just as the energy - distinctive of the second aspect - comes from theRays, 223:living and united striving which will be so distinctive an aspect of the coming era. There areRays, 240:Shamballa, has been divided into two direct and distinctive streams. One stream, embodying theRays, 243:to completion. The capacity to suffer, which is distinctive of humanity, is the outstandingRays, 338:modes of approach, their reactions and their distinctive natures will differ according to their rayRays, 402:related: The astral force of our planet, distinctive of the planetary astral plane in the threeRays, 406:producing that synthesis of effort which is distinctive of the cooperative systemic life. The workRays, 438:Dynamic Energy, Electric Fire are all of them distinctive of the higher initiations; they produceRays, 503:and only then does he prepare himself for the distinctive use of his ray method in preparing forRays, 504:ray or his soul energy. He starts in to use that distinctive ray energy correctly. He then, whenRays, 504:be rapidly carried forward. When, however, the distinctive methods of the ray energy of theRays, 519:evocation, of appeal and response, and all are distinctive of the "mode of Life" which governs theRays, 520:the immutability of the divine nature which is distinctive of, those liberated Consciousness whichRays, 604:the repetition of cycles; this repetition is distinctive of natural process, leaving each stage ofRays, 609:the Hierarchy, and finally on the Being which is distinctive of the Council at Shamballa. A plannedRays, 636:that spirit of "fanatical imposition" which is distinctive of the totalitarian ideology; in thisRays, 659:long patience which is perhaps [659] His most distinctive characteristic. Patience is a quality ofRays, 694:Cardinal Cross. It should be remembered that the distinctive nature of the man upon the MutableRays, 720:the doubts and the uncertainties which are so distinctive of the disciple. Earlier (Page 396) IReappearance, 47:fact of His Presence could be proved in three distinctive phases. It was pointed out then that theReappearance, 66:These are the great underlying truths which are distinctive of the Christ, of the Buddha, and ofReappearance, 73:power. Today the energies which will be uniquely distinctive of the Kingdom of God are gatheringReappearance, 82:of all men into that unity which is distinctive of the Christ consciousness. Reappearance, 83:duties to mankind, and of the work which will be distinctive of His world service, throughout theReappearance, 84:evoked, and goodwill (as its expression) will be distinctive of the mass consciousness. It may beReappearance, 84:world and the spread of that knowledge which is distinctive of our present civilization andReappearance, 111:loose into the world of men the potency and the distinctive energy of intuitive love. The resultsReappearance, 125:express a deep spiritual experience) have been distinctive of the esoteric teaching ever since itsSoul, 19:glands of internal secretion. That is, Man as a distinctive organism is the product, theSoul, 43:established that the pineal gland is a distinctive gland of childhood and atrophies later, is thereTelepathy, 53:the circulation of the energies which are the distinctive characteristic of the entire world of
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