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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISTINCTLY

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Astrology, 280:consequently only one planet, Vulcan, which is distinctly and purely first ray energy. These areAutobiography, 36:give me a look which to this day I remember very distinctly. I did not know what to make of it all.Autobiography, 127:of Alice A. Bailey - Chapter III I remember so distinctly the depths of my despair when I gotAutobiography, 259:she learnt to recognize, and then clearly and distinctly his voice could be heard dictating pointDiscipleship1, 326:self. People who work as you could work upon the distinctly abstract levels of existence frequentlyDiscipleship2, 127:In the clear pathway of the light you can see me distinctly. You see me together. Then say,Discipleship2, 305:living in hue. The heavier background can be distinctly seen through the translucence. This formulaDiscipleship2, 356:have a very simple statement but one which is distinctly bewildering in its implications. ItsDiscipleship2, 458:that the pattern of unity in the world will be distinctly seen. The theory will be comprehended andDiscipleship2, 672:as far as your human nature was concerned - but distinctly undesirable. It evoked in you aEducation, 52:the present urge forward, which can be noted so distinctly in the race, is to enable the race toExternalisation, 76:constitute, in a strange manner, a unique and distinctly separated world center of energy. TheFire, follow:consciousness of its own, yet sensation is more distinctly recognizable in the second kingdom, andFire, 891:gross kind, which might be regarded as distinctly physical as we understand the term. They dwell inFire, 948:upon the Path of Return and one for which man is distinctly responsible within occult limits areFire, 1009:to be confounded with the pineal gland, which is distinctly a physical center or gland. The thirdHealing, 490:the self-conscious person who - constantly and distinctly aware of himself - is sentient to theHercules, 105:who is seeking initiation. They picture to him distinctly and clearly the work that he has to do.Meditation, 293:of the note will vibrate within the center so distinctly as never to be forgotten. It is again anPatanjali, 367:has granted this: that they can clearly and most distinctly see, at one and the same moment, asProblems, 99:community to another; it is a religion with a distinctly material basis, emphasizing the "landPsychology1, 13:realized duality. In this condition, the man is distinctly aware of what is termed his essentialPsychology2, 631:daily clarifying, and the situation can be more distinctly grasped. Those with no vision and aRays, 388:and the initiate therefore becomes of a distinctly higher order. The Master today is infinitelySoul, 25:of the self. But the composite of them has a distinctly physiological cast; and we may takeSoul, 88:sum of the animal spirits, whose functions were distinctly mental." - Hollander, Bernard, M.D., In
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