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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISTINGUISH

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Astrology, 42:This is not so, and care must be taken to distinguish between these Hierarchies. They are latentAstrology, 182:if we give the two sets of characteristics which distinguish the man upon this Cross - bothAstrology, 255:identified with the process to be able to distinguish clearly between the cosmic Self and Not-self;Astrology, 255:and Not-self; we are only as yet learning to distinguish the Self and the Not-self on a tiny scaleAstrology, 311:It is difficult for the casual student to distinguish accurately between mass consciousness andAstrology, 389:of the form. Gradually, the disciple learns to distinguish between these distinctive aspects ofAstrology, 510:the verification of my ideas. If he will distinguish between the effects of the sacred planets andAstrology, 542:spheres of action and the many groups which distinguish increasingly human intercourse. The groupAstrology, 629:the other two major rays. You must, with care, distinguish in your minds between matter or theAstrology, 633:teaching, we could say that the following terms distinguish the three rays with which we have beenAtom, 24:development or repetition. The stages which distinguish the evolutionary process might be broadlyAtom, 28:lie behind us), not only should we learn to distinguish between the real and the unreal, throughAtom, 66:Christian thinkers at this time need to distinguish very carefully between the vital truths ofAtom, 108:drives us on to the point where we will learn to distinguish between the self and the not self,Autobiography, 31:start in the first great lesson of occultism; to distinguish between the Self and the not-Self andAutobiography, 62:difficult but not so common. One learns, too, to distinguish between those men whose drinkingAutobiography, 150:not belong to them but which they are unable to distinguish from their own innate fears. This isAutobiography, 230:was characterized by the qualities that would distinguish that civilization during the next 2500Autobiography, 274:today. Enquirers have, therefore, to learn to distinguish between the work of a well-intentionedAutobiography, 277:of his trained and illumined mind; he learns to distinguish between that which comes from his ownBethlehem, 43:third and the perfect fifth, or those which distinguish the quaver from the semi-quaver, whichBethlehem, 141:from the angle of mind and not of emotion, which distinguish a "personality" from the rank and fileBethlehem, 192:- physical, psychic and mental - which distinguish the human animal. He brought to us aBethlehem, 192:power to analyze a observe, to differentiate and distinguish; and so with the [193] advent ofDestiny, 70:complicated because there will be the need to distinguish between the horoscope of the territory,Destiny, 151:tomb of matter, and this is the note which will distinguish the new world religion from all thatDestiny, 151:foretelling that great relationship which will distinguish humanity in the coming age, after theDiscipleship1, 37:but as units in a coherent whole. This will distinguish the New Age methods from the past, for theDiscipleship1, 43:We decided that four things must, first of all, distinguish the group work which should be done andDiscipleship1, 92:him? One or other of these three conditions must distinguish him and must succeed upon an earlierDiscipleship1, 117:vibration. Disciples need to train themselves to distinguish: The vibration of the second Ray ofDiscipleship1, 180:tones of your three bodies and can easily distinguish when there is present the tone of the soul,Discipleship1, 180:note or vibration. The secret of the power to distinguish the nuances of any particular line (suchDiscipleship1, 184:of real value to you particularly to attempt to distinguish between these relations; to recognizeDiscipleship1, 334:to call your attention is as follows: One must distinguish between essentials and non-essentials.Discipleship1, 592:which are colored by the attitude that will distinguish the coming civilization. I think youDiscipleship1, 668:of all world saviors. It is valuable for you to distinguish between a World Savior and the worldDiscipleship1, 705:learning so to work. Would-be disciples need to distinguish between the effect (magnetic andDiscipleship1, 722:aid and guidance. The aspirant learns to distinguish, eventually infallibly, between the pairs ofDiscipleship2, 22:and the modes of instruction which will distinguish the Aquarian Age. This will only be possible toDiscipleship2, 143:of inspiration. This involves also the power to distinguish the sources from which the impressionDiscipleship2, 274:cooperative understanding which will some day distinguish a humanity, composed of many aspectsDiscipleship2, 374:agent or channel. He has therefore to learn to distinguish between the various energies heDiscipleship2, 497:(based on sensitivity in most cases) distinguish the first ray disciple, until he learns toDiscipleship2, 550:to be eloquent of truth, the quality which will distinguish you will be the balancing "periods ofDiscipleship2, 579:emphasis" are of many differing kinds and should distinguish your type of meditation throughout theDiscipleship2, 589:incidentally for us. Sound business methods must distinguish the physical plane aspects of theDiscipleship2, 625:human being and the average aspirant cannot distinguish accurately between mind, emotion, feelingDiscipleship2, 626:reaches us during the process of involution. We distinguish it on the evolutionary arc, and whenDiscipleship2, 670:of what I have said; you can learn to distinguish within yourself the dual aspects of your soul rayDiscipleship2, 705:leads to barriers and loss of time. Learn to distinguish the spirit of criticism from the abilityDiscipleship2, 720:mind; until calm and peace and tranquility distinguish your mental processes, it will not be wiseDiscipleship2, 732:though even I have no idea when freedom will distinguish you or when you can advance with suretyEducation, 26:us. Students should train themselves to distinguish between the sutratma and the antahkarana,Education, 37:for the production of the new culture which will distinguish the Aquarian Age. Other disciples willExternalisation, 8:- are employed by me in this article to distinguish the awakened seeker after control and masteryExternalisation, 32:- Culture In these you have the two poles which distinguish the race, and it is through theExternalisation, 60:etheric energy, and the three qualities which distinguish it; these are (as you well know) inertia,Externalisation, 63:of causes and a loving outgoing to all, should distinguish all disciples at this time. Where thisExternalisation, 217:or bewildered confusion which may [217] distinguish you. You will then emerge from the glamor ofExternalisation, 242:production of a beauty and a richness which will distinguish humanity as a whole. In this all willExternalisation, 451:in the days of China's ancient glory will again distinguish the masses of her people. The greatExternalisation, 452:the clear outlines of the factual situation or distinguish between what is true and what is false.Externalisation, 462:wisdom, understanding and skill in action may distinguish the activities of men in the immediateExternalisation, 480:of the new note, word or theme which will distinguish the New Age and characterize the comingExternalisation, 484:correct cooperative relationship which should distinguish human affairs in the future. Those whoFire, 313:physical plane. Certain electrical phenomena distinguish a human being, only (as they have not beenFire, 345:which we call perfection. We should note and distinguish the words light, heat and radiance, whichFire, 418:to certain distinct characteristics, which [418] distinguish it from other developments which mayFire, 418:the faculty in man which enables him to distinguish intelligently between the Self and theFire, 418:in the external world. This is the ability to distinguish between oneself and all other formsFire, 419:so universally developed. Most men do not as yet distinguish with accuracy between themselves asFire, 502:power here demonstrates as ability to distinguish between the abstract and the concrete, and toFire, 966:eye - etheric. Note: Students must be careful to distinguish between the third eye and the pinealFire, 978:perception and telepathic interplay will distinguish the intercourse between aspirants andFire, 989:subject of planetary evil (and students must distinguish carefully between planetary and cosmicFire, 995:at changing the lower cruder colors which distinguish the astral body of average man, for theFire, 1016:based on the initiatory sound of the Ego, and distinguish between it and the sound of the note ofFire, 1144:as they concern the four kingdoms of nature. Distinguish between the three main streams of [1145]Fire, 1194:equally distinct and diverse. Therefore, we must distinguish between: The involutionary groups. TheFire, 1201:This [1201] is not so, and care must be taken to distinguish between these hierarchies. They areFire, 1244:for its secret. 35 Students must be careful to distinguish in their minds between these sevenGlamour, 27:you in this group is to learn first of all: To distinguish between these three inner illusoryGlamour, 34:life with discrimination, so that you learn to distinguish between glamor, illusion and maya. SeeGlamour, 42:Path of Initiation, with energy and learns to distinguish between the energy of life, the energiesGlamour, 44:must bear in mind that he will not be able to distinguish the truth or isolate that aspect of theGlamour, 46:his own feet, to come to his own decisions, to distinguish truth for himself. He learns to chooseGlamour, 54:For the purposes of clarity and in order to distinguish more definitely and effectively between theGlamour, 57:wrong Perception of an Idea. The disciple cannot distinguish between an idea and an ideal, betweenGlamour, 58:functioning correctly. Aspirants must learn to distinguish between: An idea and an ideal. BetweenGlamour, 101:of the first and second degrees, has to learn to distinguish between the truth and the truths,Glamour, 105:Life embodies perfection and the qualities which distinguish Him are those to which we direct ourGlamour, 115:himself: Which is right, this or that? How can I distinguish where my duty or my responsibilityGlamour, 160:and a group soul; you must learn clearly to distinguish between the two and to throw the entireGlamour, 211:in the eradication of glamor must be able to distinguish between glamor and the reality. TheseGlamour, 212:of the truth. They must also be able to distinguish between a major and a minor glamor. A minorHealing, 28:the many [28] diseases with long names which distinguish the race at this time; all suchHealing, 39:wrong attitudes to life and people which today distinguish mankind and produce the above mentionedHealing, 243:the modern physician is at present unable to distinguish between the diseases arising from withinHealing, 356:is sometimes asked by beginners: "Can we clearly distinguish between the healing energy, as
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