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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISTINGUISH

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Healing, 356:or even a low-grade clairvoyant can easily distinguish between soul and personality healingHealing, 402:way for the distinctions and differences which distinguish humanity. It is only tenable upon theHealing, 641:This fact should remind students of the need to distinguish between the force or life of the "lunarHealing, 658:and ready to read between the lines and to distinguish between symbolism and fact, he will beHealing, 681:to become wise and true workers must learn to distinguish between the hearers and those who see. AHercules, 143:thought. Again, one must read carefully and distinguish between people on the ordinary wheel andInitiation, 11:faculty, and the innate perception that can distinguish between the false and the true, between theIntellect, 97:intuition. The student of meditation learns to distinguish accurately between these three. ThisIntellect, 105:by the Thinker. We need, therefore, to distinguish between ourselves, the one who is thinking andIntellect, 105:day of making these distinctions. They must distinguish always between: The Thinker, the true Self,Intellect, 166:telepathy. People need most carefully to distinguish between the intuition and instinct; betweenIntellect, 170:than the cloud which bears the sun. I cannot distinguish in it height, breadth, or length... What IIntellect, 179:feeling come from "the inability of the soul to distinguish between the personal self and theIntellect, 251:How, it might be pertinently asked, can one distinguish between the truly inspired writings of theMagic, 51:comes from the inability of the soul to distinguish between the personal self, and the purusha (orMagic, 137:that enables the disciple always to distinguish between the acts of an individual and theMagic, 223:as it presents itself to him, learning to distinguish truth from glamor, the permanent from theMagic, 243:darkness, characterize the growth of all forms, distinguish the development of races and nations,Magic, 304:open to the suffering of others and unable to distinguish between their own destiny in theMagic, 316:response lacks, and disciples have to learn to distinguish carefully between the two. SometimesMagic, 332:type and the differentiations which mark and distinguish the myriad forms through which life itselfMagic, 548:various qualifications will emerge and will distinguish him. It must be remembered that all that IMeditation, 156:will be gradually imparted. But until he can distinguish somewhat between the real and the unreal,Patanjali, 170:through experience and discrimination, he can distinguish between himself and those forms, then thePatanjali, 171:through persistent unbroken practise, to distinguish between the self and the not-self, and toPatanjali, 172:or desirelessness. A man may be able to distinguish between the real and the true, between thePatanjali, 202:worlds of his endeavor. We might, therefore, distinguish between them as follows: a. ExternalPatanjali, 234:comes from the inability of the soul to distinguish between the personal self and the purusha (orPatanjali, 234:this intuitive knowledge is born the capacity to distinguish (between all beings) and to cognizePatanjali, 272:can only be dissipated when the perceiver can distinguish the three great aspects in every form,Patanjali, 276:of the records. Only a trained occultist can distinguish between actual experience and those astralPatanjali, 276:is in actuality the akashic record). He can distinguish between those records which are: Planetary,Patanjali, 320:comes from the inability of the soul to distinguish between the personal self and the purusha (orPatanjali, 321:in us pleasure or pain, is because we fail to distinguish between the lower nature and the higher,Patanjali, 337:The aspirant has to develop the power to distinguish between: The voices of earth - physical, ThePatanjali, 338:mastery of it, he grows able to hear and clearly distinguish the speech of the great Companions,Patanjali, 364:this intuitive knowledge is born the capacity to distinguish (between all beings) and to cognizeProblems, 160:to the various spiritual recognitions which distinguish human thinking; through their means alsoPsychology1, 38:to analyze, to discriminate, to separate, and to distinguish, to choose or to reject, with all thePsychology1, 202:to the more delicate colors. Such a man will distinguish red and yellow, but will hopelesslyPsychology1, 271:the many perversions of a natural process which distinguish modern man in all parts of the world.Psychology1, 343:the vision of the ideal, and the capacity to distinguish reality behind the intervening glamor.Psychology1, 376:inner constitution, or so-called "chains", which distinguish each planetary existence. ThePsychology2, 85:those qualities and characteristics which should distinguish all true believers, all true aspirantsPsychology2, 175:of the practice is to teach the disciple to distinguish between the pairs of opposites. Yet just asPsychology2, 176:which are required. These he will learn to distinguish instinctively when he is further developed.Psychology2, 190:idea must always be remembered, for this will distinguish the New Age methods from the past; thePsychology2, 251:differentiation, and the power to distinguish are divine attributes. When they produce a sense ofPsychology2, 294:go to the constitution of a human being and can distinguish (from study and investigation, plus anPsychology2, 398:of [398] the Kingdom of Souls, and which will distinguish that kingdom in its final stages. ThesePsychology2, 475:really satisfactory term has yet been coined to distinguish the race which is developing under thePsychology2, 568:upon the Path of Discipleship is to learn to distinguish that which is real from that which isPsychology2, 572:plane is that whereon man has [572] to learn to distinguish truth from error, and the real from thePsychology2, 572:avoid this error and confusion? How can he distinguish the real from the illusory? This constitutesPsychology2, 601:by the glamor of the spiritual life; he fails to distinguish between the vision and the Plan,Psychology2, 623:extreme and most difficult for the neophyte to distinguish. Each one leads to its own difficulties.Psychology2, 675:fighting for or against, and party spirit distinguish the modern world of men. With thesePsychology2, 706:the intuition which will enable an individual to distinguish promptly between the unreal and theRays, 190:seven rays. It is not possible or practical to distinguish them one from the other, except from theRays, 214:these attitudes and the relationships which distinguish the Hierarchy as a whole. Still anotherRays, 241:or phases. Ponder on this and learn to distinguish between vision (which is as much of the divineRays, 278:to accepted discipleship, the three words which distinguish this third major injunction (but whichRays, 424:years ago. Love and intelligence and will distinguish Them today. This again is another reason forRays, 449:book: Students should train themselves to distinguish between the sutratma and the antahkarana,Rays, 455:of man has to understand, analyze, formulate and distinguish; therefore the temporaryRays, 477:that which they contacted; they were not able to distinguish astral phenomena from ordinaryRays, 543:the vibration of the Master. Slowly he learns to distinguish them and know them as constitutingRays, 608:have you ponder on these three phrases which distinguish the crises of decision which confront theRays, 750:a revelation of the existent cleavages which distinguish the political, the religious, the socialReappearance, 19:must prepare. Another unique factor which will distinguish His coming will be not only the generalSoul, 21:implies two assumptions which we must carefully distinguish; for one of them may be false, thoughSoul, 49:mechanism of courage is more complex. One must distinguish animal courage and deliberate courage.Telepathy, 26:is necessary in the new telepathy which will distinguish the new age. There must also be mentalTelepathy, 89:of definite use to the Hierarchy. He learns to distinguish the messages coming from his own soulTelepathy, 89:of all degrees and of all ray types. When he can distinguish between these various communications,Telepathy, 98:aspirant can be exactly noted. I would have you distinguish carefully between the astral and theTelepathy, 101:possible contacts. The disciple has to learn to distinguish between these many impacts upon hisTelepathy, 144:not easy for the average seer or clairvoyant to distinguish the etheric body from its environment
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