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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISTINGUISHED

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Astrology, 310:Leo subject makes his appearance. He will be distinguished by his personal freedom from outsideAstrology, 315:yet been given out. One of the factors which distinguished the Christ from all preceding worldAstrology, 327:When the major reincarnating groups are thus distinguished and their work for the fourth kingdomAstrology, 329:faint and dim, the light of God. This light is distinguished by a waxing of one and the waning ofAstrology, 330:of balance is achieved. It is the light which is distinguished by a moving up and down. Scorpio -Astrology, 486:the New Age. That New Age will be [486] distinguished by a truly self-aware humanity, conditionedAstrology, 559:is the apparent victim of circumstances, and is distinguished by a veiled vision and inchoateAstrology, 692:atoms. Always the three higher principles can be distinguished in importance from the four lower."Atom, 90:separated from its neighbor, each one of them distinguished by its own inherent activity, and [91]Atom, 133:once and for all that rank materialism which has distinguished us for so long, and if that which isAtom, 145:by each atom; that the human consciousness is distinguished from all other lower forms in that itAutobiography, 132:and was in France for the duration. He did most distinguished work and was given the Croix deAutobiography, 187:in the public school. I cannot say they ever distinguished themselves. Every year they made a gradeAutobiography, 256:movements (since the time of H.P.B.) are not distinguished by intelligence and show little judgmentBethlehem, 272:us. It differs only in that it will no longer be distinguished by dogmas and doctrines, but will beDestiny, 68:the peoples of the nations is frequently to be distinguished in the quality (if I may so call it)Destiny, 81:diplomacy and subtlety which has in the past distinguished Great Britain's political activity.Discipleship1, 35:advancement. All true disciples are equally distinguished by a determination to make the groupsDiscipleship1, 96:happen then that a few of you (not all) are not distinguished by such service and are of relativelyDiscipleship1, 262:slowly into a new cycle of activity. Let it be distinguished by love and by no desire for anythingDiscipleship1, 684:of the disciple? The group of every Master is distinguished by its thought content, contributed byDiscipleship2, 6:gift of silence. A group of disciples must be distinguished, as I already told you, by pure reasonDiscipleship2, 57:of all the Path, the goal, the kingdom of God, distinguished by spiritual mind, spiritual love andDiscipleship2, 166:not in religious and church matters only; he is distinguished by his lack of interest in his ownDiscipleship2, 336:and in third ray Ashrams, for such disciples are distinguished by a lack of emotional emphasis.Discipleship2, 337:of these cases is the disciple apparently distinguished by a so-called loving nature. Yet theDiscipleship2, 406:and initiate. 1. The Kingdom of God or of Souls, distinguished by the potency and therefore by theDiscipleship2, 416:are two very different things. Peculiarly distinguished by his ray quality, and therefore in lineDiscipleship2, 416:motive, and consequently of activity. It will be distinguished by synthesis. It will be recognizedDiscipleship2, 518:the outstanding occultists; the other group is distinguished by pure love. Of the group which findsDiscipleship2, 615:soul. Had it done so, truth and love would have distinguished you during this testing time, andEducation, 38:wrongly adjusted and his attitudes to life distinguished by bias and prejudice. The rudiments ofEducation, 45:These wars, aggression and thefts which have distinguished every great nation without exception areEducation, 46:they are, and emphasize the creativity which has distinguished all of them? Can we not present moreEducation, 61:were he to work with them, and these must be distinguished and discarded; there are others which heEducation, 149:could not prevent the universal holocaust which distinguished the years 1914-1945. It must beExternalisation, 27:in fact and not objective in nature. They are distinguished by quality more than by form. That theyExternalisation, 102:seed groups now in process of forming will be distinguished by the quality of fusion, and thisExternalisation, 388:to be found focused at "the deep center" and are distinguished by the quality of fusion andExternalisation, 451:of the spiral, that educational supremacy which distinguished an oligarchy of learning in the daysExternalisation, 466:and to the widespread education which has distinguished the past five hundred years. Knowledge isExternalisation, 609:years, and wherein hate and separativeness have distinguished all men everywhere. This will plungeExternalisation, 685:humanity for a civilization which will be distinguished by a constant intellectual perception ofFire, 167:spiritual body of fire, one pure flame, distinguished by seven brilliant centers of intenserFire, 207:motion. Then they become living wheels of flame, distinguished by a dual motion of the peripheryFire, 214:Entities who take form as the three Logoi, is distinguished by different methods of activity, whichFire, 228:solar fire is produced. This solar fire will be distinguished above all else by its evolutionaryFire, 228:the subjective point of view, is a miniature sun distinguished by the qualities of heat and light.Fire, 246:yet these myriads demonstrate as one. An atom is distinguished by activity, and shows forth theFire, 247:growth and development. An atom therefore is distinguished by: Its spheroidal shape. ItsFire, 248:fixed key - the key of his life cycle. A man is distinguished by activity on one or more planes inFire, 249:inducing steady growth and development. A man is distinguished therefore by: His spheroidal shape.Fire, 251:or logoic cycle. c. A Heavenly Man is distinguished by His activity on one or other of the planesFire, 251:Atma-Buddhi-Manas, in the same way as a man is distinguished by his activity on one of the planesFire, 254:steady internal development. A Heavenly Man is distinguished therefore by: His spheroidal shape.Fire, 256:its central solar pole. c. The solar Logos is distinguished by His activity on all the planes ofFire, 258:marriage of the Logos. g. A solar Logos is distinguished by His responsiveness to outerFire, 258:induces steady development. The solar Logos is distinguished By the spheroidicity of HisFire, 299:atoms. Always the three higher principles can be distinguished in importance from the four lower.Fire, 311:second plane, the sea of electrical fire, which distinguished the first plane, is transformed intoFire, 322:stage of knowledge. These vortices will be distinguished by: Intense vibratory activity. TheFire, 338:the essence and the Self as pure Spirit as distinguished from spirit-matter. In the first ease, theFire, 425:storm which ushered in the period of man, was distinguished by disaster, chaos, and the destructionFire, 473:and the physical bodies then constructed will be distinguished by: Resilience, Enormous physicalFire, 541:of humanity. Each of the groups of petals is distinguished by a predominant coloring; Knowledge, onFire, 604:has numerous subdivisions. The solar fire is distinguished by several divisions according to theFire, 606:the egoic cycles, and the cycles of Vishnu, as distinguished from the cycles dealing with the thirdFire, 622:as yet animated by the life and purpose which distinguished the evolution of the first solarFire, 646:evolved of the devas of the shadows. They are distinguished by their ability to respond to aFire, 741:through substance which is essentially distinguished by active intelligent love. This isFire, 789:matter. This appropriation of the lowest body is distinguished in several ways from the approach toFire, 855:force in the three worlds, and whose careers are distinguished by altruistic service. RadiantFire, 915:form of a crescent moon, and by this they may be distinguished from the astral devas by those ableFire, 948:evil impulses for which the human race has been distinguished has brought about a condition ofFire, 954:characterized by a distinctive vibration, and distinguished by a particular quality incident to aFire, 1019:stages of creation, must not be separated or distinguished apart. On the path of involution, if theFire, 1047:manifestation. The three monadic centers are distinguished by different types of energy: Monadic -Fire, 1088:by His life, qualified by His nature, and distinguished by His characteristics. This will take theFire, 1092:which concerns this solar system alone, is distinguished by being the totality of the seven colorsFire, 1122:planes) are radiant wheels of fire, each group distinguished by a specific color, and revolvingFire, 1146:two groups, for the units of the moon chain are distinguished, not only by a more advancedFire, 1147:the incarnating jivas. The Sons of Mind are distinguished by the three qualities of matter as hasFire, 1151:as "the aligned points of fire." They are distinguished by the energy flowing through them, by theFire, 1245:sequence. The adepts who stay upon this Path are distinguished by a dual attribute, which is theirFire, 1245:to the seven Paths. The "beneficent dragons" are distinguished by their "luminosity," and it isGlamour, 108:A dimly sensed higher consciousness which was distinguished by quality and sentiency. This was allGlamour, 112:and the time when humanity will be predominantly distinguished by the Aryan consciousness, is notGlamour, 197:before mankind at the close of the war will be distinguished by its mental polarization andHealing, 158:School from the start; it is that procedure (distinguished by right orientation, concentration andHealing, 682:to and inclusive of the aspirant, is basically distinguished by the same identical process; theInitiation, 25:of the Planetary Logos; and finally they are distinguished by a knowledge of the power of sound.Initiation, 25:which states that all true occultists are distinguished by the characteristics of knowledge,Initiation, 35:This decision led to that great struggle which distinguished the Atlantean civilization, and whichInitiation, 40:type, our planetary type. [40] They are each distinguished by one of the six colors, with the LordInitiation, 56:Abstract Idealism, and his pupils are frequently distinguished by that fanaticism and devotionInitiation, 159:term of being persists. 8. Every Word sounded is distinguished by: A specific color. A particularInitiation, 182:in the four lower kingdoms of nature. It is distinguished largely by the energy which manifestsIntellect, 123:Mind of God, the Universal Mind. This mind is distinguished by a sense of Wholeness, and ofIntellect, 168:are two sorts of rapture which must be carefully distinguished. The first are produced in personsIntellect, 248:the result of their labors. These writings are distinguished by certain uniform features and can be
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