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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISTINGUISHED

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Magic, 5:to: Teach the laws of spiritual psychology as distinguished from mental and emotional psychology.Magic, 40:the body nature, the personality, is paramountly distinguished by intelligence, but the soul hasMagic, 49:is called the "golden bowl" in the Bible and is distinguished by: Its light quality. Its rate ofMagic, 110:during the process of evolution, individuals are distinguished by a predominating tendency in anyMagic, 328:followers of a Church and a government, who are distinguished by a pure devotion and love, butMagic, 331:present world-state a group of mystics who are distinguished by knowledge, vision, and a power toMagic, 332:This soul is an aspect or type of energy, distinguished from that of matter itself. The atom hasMagic, 542:of these vague and inchoate thoughts distinguished by a vast similarity, and colored by selfishMagic, 606:in the many fields of human awareness, they are distinguished by a non-sectarian spirit, and by anMagic, 606:These are much fewer in number and are distinguished by their relatively close interrelation withMeditation, 85:of reason added. Then the solar plexus is distinguished by the preponderance of the green ofMeditation, 324:Head will likewise have his private residence distinguished by a domed tower at one side. ThisPatanjali, 45:eventually arriving at their goal. They are distinguished by intense tenacity. Their progress isPatanjali, 318:upon the heart center. The sons of men are distinguished from the animal kingdom by the possessionPatanjali, 349:emotional or astral body is, as is well known, distinguished by its colorfulness, and according toPatanjali, 378:These higher powers are inclusive and are distinguished by their accuracy and infallibility whenProblems, 30:omit the constant carping criticism which has distinguished the past and which breeds a growingProblems, 37:wrongly adjusted and his attitudes to life distinguished by bias and prejudice. The rudiments ofProblems, 44:The wars, aggressions and thefts which have distinguished every great nation without exception areProblems, 44:they are? To emphasize the creativity which has distinguished all of them? Can we not present moreProblems, 130:can be found: 1. The Roman Catholic Church is distinguished by three things which are all contraryProblems, 132:covered by the generic name of "protestant", is distinguished by its multiplicity of divisions; itProblems, 132:large and small. These churches are also distinguished by material objectives. They are relativelyPsychology1, 17:the mind that theory is formulated, truth distinguished and Deity apprehended. When we are morePsychology1, 39:be noted here that the Hierarchy as a whole is distinguished by the sign o..oo; the New Group ofPsychology1, 179:affairs, and inaugurate a new age which will be distinguished by an aptitude for group synthesisPsychology1, 283:of an increase in sexual relations, but distinguished at this time by no corresponding increase inPsychology1, 363:participating in those basic rituals which are distinguished by their power to: [364] Harness thePsychology2, 24:it is devoid of mind as we understand it, and is distinguished only by a complete identificationPsychology2, 68:of that body which we call the astral body, distinguished by sensitivity, emotional activity, andPsychology2, 131:will then be three in number: He will be distinguished, as might be expected, by the quality ofPsychology2, 383:knowledge) into three major groups, or rather distinguished by three major qualities, those of thePsychology2, 412:together of many types of energy, all of them distinguished by quality of some kind or another,Psychology2, 512:keenness of spirit and the easy activity which distinguished the ancient races in the earlierPsychology2, 558:powers and the Atlantean psychism which have distinguished him begin to fade out. He loses thesePsychology2, 664:human living and love of their fellow men have distinguished them all. Yet all drew their light andPsychology2, 664:some dimension. These great souls are primarily distinguished by the fact that they know no mentalPsychology2, 741:for want of a better term; whose citizens are distinguished by the quality of good will which must,Psychology2, 741:and this, which is one of Their plans, must be distinguished by it also. What are the plans today,Rays, 28:take place, and a group of disciples must be distinguished by pure reason, which will steadilyRays, 60:oneness with all that is. The urge which distinguished his progress in arriving at personality-soulRays, 61:the triple manifestation of spirit-energy which distinguished the first and earliest phase of hisRays, 200:the world, the flesh and the devil are no longer distinguished; there is nothing within theRays, 355:picture and this threefold symbol clearly distinguished in their minds, for individual attainmentRays, 384:one of the rare cyclic changes which have distinguished the fluid policy of the Hierarchy. MenRays, 424:factor, conditioning much. Love and intelligence distinguished the Masters up to three hundredRays, 477:sensitivity as a prelude to full consciousness distinguished the human being. The astral vehicleRays, 478:use. This personality use of the thread - as distinguished from racial use - is characteristic ofRays, 486:when a sufficient number of the human race are distinguished by the knowledge of the higher dualityRays, 624:understanding and of enlightened wisdom which distinguished her many centuries ago. India hasRays, 631:recognition that each of these three nations is distinguished by: A similarity of problem. ARays, 645:demonstrated. The first Ray of Will or Power is distinguished by the highest known divine qualityRays, 654:as the planet of sorrow and of pain, but will be distinguished by a quality of tranquility and byRays, 694:and that the Master on the Cardinal Cross is distinguished by a universal consciousness whichRays, 726:initiation. The final four initiations are all distinguished by a "revelation in the living light."Reappearance, 33:not in religious and church matters only; he is distinguished by his lack of interest in his ownReappearance, 56:years, and wherein hate and separativeness have distinguished all men everywhere. This will plungeReappearance, 79:a reversion to the old Mithraic worship which distinguished the time when the sun was "in the signSoul, 77:that: ...the Soul has no parts, yet Gregory distinguished nutritive, sensitive, and rationalSoul, 83:soul, in which subject and object are no longer distinguished from one another, or which, accordingSoul, 86:pneuma, the gaseous substance, to expand... Some distinguished four regions, as follows: The firstSoul, 88:the brain and to describe the five ventricles, "distinguished three souls... and he assigned to theTelepathy, 59:and evocation, to a state of consciousness distinguished by a trained sensitivity, the disciple
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