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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISTINGUISHING

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Astrology, 185:into divine love, and the conflict which is the distinguishing characteristic of the human familyAstrology, 353:conditioning the personality life, analyzing and distinguishing between the human self and theAstrology, 356:and in the fact of the pain and sorrow which are distinguishing qualities of our planetary lifeAtom, 57:everywhere were coming to recognize one distinguishing characteristic. They have been shown toBethlehem, 148:transformation and transmutation) which was the distinguishing characteristic of theBethlehem, 252:to eternity and the eternal values which is the distinguishing feature of the man who is ready toDestiny, 147:initiated a new era in which light was to be the distinguishing note. This has been true fromDiscipleship1, 84:develop that deep love of mankind which is the distinguishing mark of the initiate and of theDiscipleship1, 645:coming school of psychology which will be the distinguishing attitude of the New Age. You can doDiscipleship2, 623:of your question is answered. The difficulty in distinguishing between thought and emotion is dueExternalisation, 98:constitute the nucleus of the fifth kingdom, the distinguishing quality is the ability to respondFire, 38:or the logoic Flame Divine. This flame is the distinguishing mark of our Logos, and it is thatFire, 144:more adequate type of matter in the process of distinguishing the real from the unreal, and passingFire, 419:the physical plane. This separate instinct, this distinguishing self-centeredness has been theFire, 525:concerns those who respond to the solar Lords, distinguishing them from those who recognize as yetFire, 579:and the accompaniment of heat, is their distinguishing quality, much as in System I, but in theFire, 579:Cohesion is also plainly to be seen as the distinguishing feature of our present system, theFire, 1146:due consideration of this important fact. Other distinguishing features might be enumerated butFire, 1253:along with spiritual identification which is the distinguishing characteristic of the seven cosmicGlamour, 50:crass ignorance, and the self-interest which are distinguishing characteristics of the averageIntellect, 16:and which give to each of them their essential distinguishing characteristics and qualities. ForMagic, 80:- the lower bodies are trained in the art of distinguishing illusion from the center of reality,Magic, 238:and by the revelation of the form of God. By distinguishing between the soul and the form, and by aMagic, 585:and train him in the arduous task of distinguishing between: Instinct and intuition. Higher andPatanjali, 99:spirit, undifferentiated yet without form or distinguishing mark. Behind these three again is foundPatanjali, 103:tamas. And it is the defilement which has the distinguishing characteristic of obscuration.Patanjali, 347:of his impulses. It is this quality which is the distinguishing characteristic of the black and thePatanjali, 363:Men are found to exist in seven main types, with distinguishing characteristics and natures andPsychology1, 52:in and out of manifestation - that the work of distinguishing between appearance and quality isPsychology2, 181:form of group activity which will constitute the distinguishing contribution of any particularPsychology2, 182:Group Activity. Each group will have some distinguishing characteristic and this will be dedicatedPsychology2, 183:in greater detail. One of the characteristics distinguishing the groups of world servers andPsychology2, 475:bodily functions. This conscious control was a distinguishing mark of the early Lemurian races butPsychology2, 529:the system much of the fear, etc., which is the distinguishing factor in those subplanes. They are,Psychology2, 570:art of interpretation and in the technique of distinguishing the illusory from the real, he is,Rays, 667:to think and to know, coupled with the distinguishing marks of those who have taken the firstTelepathyTelepathic Interplay One of the characteristics, distinguishing the group of world servers and
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