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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISTORTED

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Astrology, 216:horoscopes of the three levels are often much distorted. A horoscope which could be interpretedAstrology, 316:strongly on small and unimportant details have distorted and diverted the wide sweep of the subjectAstrology, 350:Lodge on Earth, of which modern Masonry is the distorted reflection, just as the personality is aAstrology, 350:reflection, just as the personality is a distorted reflection of the soul. I would also remind youAstrology, 377:forces by the all-creating Will becomes distorted by many people. They are not polarized in theAstrology, 593:in occult books and by occult teachers is distorted unless it is realized that just as humanityBethlehem, 117:is remote, deep-hidden by the veiling form, only distorted sounds will issue forth, and the WordBethlehem, 118:sounds forth, carrying illumination and insight, distorted as yet though the vision may be, and theBethlehem, 148:The emotional, sentient nature is a dim and distorted reflection of the love-nature of God whichBethlehem, 152:around him is he who is seeing them through the distorted lens of his own warped nature. But thoseBethlehem, 186:home to us, though his words have been so often distorted through translation and theologicalBethlehem, 196:(intuitively perceived and infallibly right) are distorted. Men's minds and preconceived notionsBethlehem, 208:The lack of comprehension of the people, and the distorted interpretations which future theologiansBethlehem, 248:as to what occurs when the sense of values is distorted or temporarily non-existent. In an attemptBethlehem, 249:given in the occult and esoteric books is distorted and fanciful, but that there is much to be saidDestiny, 22:which we have been discussing are the response - distorted and yet a definite and determined,Destiny, 22:what we see upon the planet at this time are the distorted human reactions to spiritual impulses,Destiny, 24:schools of thought are everywhere to be found; distorted interpretations and travesties of realityDiscipleship1, 70:of a clarifying nature because there is so much distorted sensing of these occult systems of energyDiscipleship1, 85:crystallize most rapidly and are quickly distorted thereby. The temporary ideal (intended to guideDiscipleship1, 94:Much has been fanciful and grievously distorted. When a neophyte first of all applies to the MasterDiscipleship1, 322:alliance. A high grade astral body acts oft as a distorted where your vision of character isDiscipleship1, 327:soul purpose. The world of glamor which is the distorted reflection of the world of inspirationDiscipleship1, 477:that you need to love more, I speak not of the distorted love of the emotional nature but of thatDiscipleship1, 544:brother. That which they have sensed is but my distorted reflection upon the astral plane, for allDiscipleship1, 571:you before, but your perspective remains as yet distorted. But you are on your way to achievementDiscipleship1, 571:of this disciple apparently still remains distorted. She is not actively working in the Ashram. SheDiscipleship1, 598:is nothing to be seen as it really is. All is distorted. Your problem is the problem ofDiscipleship1, 619:as a worker and of the work to be done, was distorted by "wisps of glamor," and that your wishfulDiscipleship1, 718:or Idealistic Sensitivity and is a reflection - distorted and unstable - of the will-to-love.Discipleship1, 718:Active Intelligence, and is a reflection - again distorted and unsure - of the will-to-be. On theDiscipleship1, 719:the overcoming of glamor and the curing of the distorted, myopic vision of the man who has beenDiscipleship1, 720:is, of the mind) is the reflection (and the distorted reflection) of the fire of spirit. SomeDiscipleship1, 746:of the chela on the thread lies behind the distorted teaching about the prerogatives and privilegesDiscipleship1, 752:to the Master - chelas [752] on the thread. In a distorted and frequently unsatisfactory fashion,Discipleship1, 770:of men and does give them some general, even if distorted, idea of the Plan, but is apt to revoltDiscipleship2, 10:thought. This symbol may be and probably is distorted - a symbol without true balance; it will findDiscipleship2, 32:mistakes and weaknesses, thoughts, [32] distorted strengths and perverse motives. This confrontingDiscipleship2, 171:partially successful. The power used by him was distorted and misapplied by the devotee type ofDiscipleship2, 386:of this fundamental truth; it is, however, distorted by them into a form of individual and racialDiscipleship2, 402:It is this concept which has been travestied and distorted by the Christian teaching anent theDiscipleship2, 430:in the evolutionary presentation is twisted and distorted so that it is not progressive in itsDiscipleship2, 633:or symbolic expressions (e'en though distorted) of higher aims and aspirations. This thought shouldDiscipleship2, 698:in one incarnation - which has brought about the distorted and unhappy life conditions which haveEducation, 76:perspectives. Their standard of values becomes distorted by watching those with whom they live, andEducation, 105:self-centered attitude to life. From these distorted tendencies and retrogressive ideals the raceEducation, 105:and eternal reality, but the concept has been so distorted and so misused that it has evoked aEducation, 111:secondary importance. Your vision is oft distorted by the pain and suffering to which the form isEducation, 112:and thus offset the detailed point of view, the distorted [113] foreground and the myopic vision ofEducation, 133:include that science of which eugenics is the distorted and [134] exoteric indication. When theEducation, 134:this particular line; that realization is as yet distorted and much misunderstood and is todayExternalisation, 6:and the information gained is misused and distorted by wrong motives. But whether a person isExternalisation, 12:light distorts and steps down. Because this is a distorted image and functions in the three worldsExternalisation, 73:the communistic) may be the response - distorted and yet responsive - to the forces playing fromExternalisation, 127:and Communism as well as that peculiarly distorted blend of Fascism and Communism which goes by theExternalisation, 155:uses of pain and suffering. It is this truth - distorted and selfishly misapplied and interpreted -Externalisation, 155:cannot be veiled behind specious and distorted half truths and evil cannot be done in order thatExternalisation, 165:a synonym for pardon though the word has been distorted in theological circles to mean this, soExternalisation, 178:immediately, other nations, biased by similar distorted ideologies and equally selfish purposes,Externalisation, 231:clouds of evil propaganda, lying information and distorted imputations and interpretations withExternalisation, 242:of the United States of America. It finds itself distorted and parodied in the concept of theExternalisation, 251:Christ. Men's theological, analytical minds have distorted God's revelation, and I would like to doExternalisation, 276:only in the higher. The lower self reflects only distorted forms of the higher divine energies.Externalisation, 425:overpowered the minds of these men, already distorted with ambition and sadistic inclinations. Who,Externalisation, 448:time. The whole subject of discipleship has been distorted by theological definitions, based uponExternalisation, 542:mission on Earth. The Christian Church has so distorted that mission and ruthlessly perverted theExternalisation, 604:the physical Presence of the Christ, but have so distorted the teaching by dogmatic assertions onExternalisation, 677:or hierarchical gradations and control - have distorted the truth and produced the many ideologiesFire, 924:of our physical plane reflect in a dim and distorted fashion the three aspects, and are a shadow,Fire, 950:order. This force is then directed towards this distorted creation of the fourth Creative HierarchyFire, 951:which in time deflects energy away from man's distorted creation, and brings his vibration intoFire, 1221:but in the course of the ages its true form was distorted. Not all the astrological signs can beGlamour, 29:freedom of living and usefulness. As the maya of distorted energy currents ceases to swing you intoGlamour, 32:through this mist and fog he looks out upon a distorted world. These reactions and the surroundingGlamour, 33:of many devoted idealistic men to impose these distorted thought-forms upon the mental bodies ofGlamour, 55:the partial awakening of his intuition, will be distorted in its descent to his brain consciousnessGlamour, 59:is seen through the medium of a partial view, distorted through the inadequacy of the mentalGlamour, 70:in that fog - seeing all things misshapen and distorted - labor the sons of men. Some are soGlamour, 134:that this idea of integral relationships (often distorted in presentation and hidden through wrongGlamour, 177:the intuitively perceived revelation becomes a distorted, twisted doctrine. TheologicalGlamour, 195:the active life of the three worlds is a distorted expression but constitutes also the trainingGlamour, 243:of daily living, no seeing others through distorted and prejudiced vision and - above all - no moreGlamour, 263:the outer world of experiment and experience, is distorted by illusion of any kind, arrested in itsHealing, 20:it has come to us from the East has been as much distorted by the Eastern theologian as theHealing, 21:limited by: Old theologies, with their static, distorted, and erroneous points of view. TheHealing, 119:good, the beautiful and the true. It is but a distorted [120] reflection of divine possibilities.Healing, 127:the penalty again and again of misplaced fervor, distorted aspiration, the overpowering effect ofHealing, 134:good, the beautiful and the true. It is but a distorted reflection of divine possibilities. TheHealing, 180:man has touched, we have perverted and distorted a divine idea and prostituted an immaterial urgeHealing, 402:in the Orient. This teaching has been as much distorted as have the teachings of the Christ or theHealing, 411:are untrue and deceiving, are diseased and distorted. Such a gigantic collective insanity is moreHealing, 435:spirit shall return unto God who gave it" are a distorted reference to the absorption of the soulHealing, 533:good, the beautiful and the true. It is but a distorted reflection of divine possibilities. TheHealing, 564:good, the beautiful and the true. It is but a distorted reflection of divine possibilities. TheHealing, 565:good, the beautiful and the true. This is but a distorted reflection of divine possibilities. IHealing, 609:to an involutionary entity) is a reflection (distorted and under the influence of glamor) in theHercules, 22:is frequently at fault and their sense of values distorted. The balanced and sane life, which isHercules, 74:east, the buddhic plane. The astral plane is the distorted reflection of the buddhic plane, and itMagic, 131:and as lovely as when first conceived, and it is distorted from its original shape but it is,Magic, 222:is the plane of illusion, of glamor, and of a distorted presentation of reality. The reason for
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