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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISTORTION

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Astrology, 388:a subjective quality except in so far as it is a distortion or a glamorous use of the energy ofAstrology, 542:the whole. One expresses a selfish materialistic distortion and the other a spiritual objective.Atom, 135:is something of which mediumship is simply a distortion, and this something is inspiration. To beAutobiography, 281:never be at the expense of truth or lead to a distortion of the esoteric teaching; neither mustBethlehem, 154:forth. James, we are told, signifies "illusion," distortion. Here we have reference to theDiscipleship1, 83:accepted by a Master for training. This is the distortion of a true idea which, in its progressDiscipleship1, 83:physical, has achieved a complete reversal or distortion. An accepted disciple is one who: HasDiscipleship1, 491:the Plan. Forget not, that a glamor is merely a distortion of the truth and a faulty reflection ofDiscipleship1, 689:to contact it and, [689] frequently, the distortion of the vision by defining it in terms ofDiscipleship1, 744:the split personality is the shadow and the distortion, makes its appearance. The disciple isDiscipleship1, 753:that the personality must be destroyed is a distortion of the truth; his focus of consciousness hasDiscipleship1, 769:types of people and in their response much distortion of that call creeps in; only the advancedDiscipleship1, 770:idea. In such cases there is always glamor, distortion and misrepresentation. This causes muchDiscipleship1, 772:that (at the time of the end) there will be much distortion of the truth concerning the spread ofDiscipleship2, 353:the subjective plane of human living, a major distortion of the process and of the new techniqueDiscipleship2, 353:against the Forces of Light. Today, this distortion can be seen demonstrating in all totalitarianDiscipleship2, 360:permits - the Ashram should take to offset the distortion of the Plan. Only in this way will heDiscipleship2, 387:of all the sons of mind) a material and racial distortion and a purely material objective - theDiscipleship2, 494:is to free the results of this contact from distortion and glamor by the power of the illuminedEducation, 125:misapplications of the newer truths, the distortion of the values sensed and the perversion of theExternalisation, 12:of my work. This astral thought-form is a distortion of me and my work, needless to say, andExternalisation, 256:innately revolts against such an imposition and distortion of reality. The force of evil example isExternalisation, 277:and which is not related to feeling (which is a distortion of true love), but is the fixedExternalisation, 335:not with the energy of desire, the reflection or distortion of love. I think that if you willExternalisation, 438:of the will-to-separation and aggression (a distortion of first ray energy) away from the Forces ofExternalisation, 602:their deeds would surpass His. Because of the distortion of His teaching and its remote relation toExternalisation, 677:the world during the past century; even this distortion is, however, being turned to good, for itFire, xv:be only portions of a fact and thus in itself a distortion of the real. This treatise is put out inFire, 417:of a certain center, and the perversion, or distortion of force to certain erroneous ends, notFire, 972:in the evolutionary plan, being but a grotesque distortion. The idea now is reaching a criticalFire, 1005:the purpose steady, and refuse to permit its distortion by the influences and vibrations emanatingGlamour, 30:The mental plane manifests a different sort of distortion to that of the astral plane or theGlamour, 55:not suffice for accuracy. The ways in which this distortion and this stepping down of the idea takeGlamour, 56:becomes possible. Thus illusion is produced. Distortion now sets in. This is brought about byGlamour, 131:and separate manner, there is necessarily a distortion of the truth, and the disciple or aspirantGlamour, 160:influencing soul ray. It [160] is the shadow or distortion of reality, now sensed for the firstGlamour, 172:Glamor can be and often is related to the distortion of that which has been revealed, but it mustGlamour, 211:constitutes a veil over the truth and is a distortion of the presentation or the appearance of theGlamour, 263:descent from there to here, without deviation or distortion. The manifesting entity, the disciple,Healing, 117:and the aspect which is a reflection and a distortion of that grade of development which precedesHealing, 395:modern spiritualism is the guarantee, though the distortion (and a very serious distortion) isHealing, 395:though the distortion (and a very serious distortion) is largely based on humanity's wishfulHercules, 147:more. A crippling effect of this form of mental distortion is self-centeredness. The individualMagic, 379:language, but are simply a Europeanized distortion. The true meaning is only conveyed at the fourthMagic, 566:the fire and through [566] the mist and sees distortion and reflection. He sees that which mustMagic, 613:are bound to supervene. It is also the stage of distortion and of constant mutability; whilst it isMagic, 616:rock and head in air, he maketh progress. All is distortion still. He knows he stands, but where toMeditation, 99:inaccuracy in reception from the higher planes, distortion of the truths sent down via the Ego, andProblems, 127:the Scripture, the greater, necessarily, the distortion. The doctrine of a vengeful God, thePsychology2, 318:soul, there is an unavoidable, though temporary, distortion of the truth. Psychology2, 597:desire or seek their devotion. The price of this distortion of the truth has been paid again andRays, 31:reflection and the individual self-will is the distortion) is gradually transmitted, via theRays, 46:the aid of the personality, the shadow or distortion of the divine will. They pass from theRays, 70:in order to gain material well-being is a distortion of this truth. This needs to be remembered.Rays, 186:to satisfy their desire for power - again a distortion of the will or first aspect. Thus the BlackRays, 196:of Concentration. To that succeeds the Veil of Distortion, related to the world of glamor asRays, 350:and selfish material purpose" and a planned distortion of the divine will was intelligently createdRays, 533:spiritual truth anent initiation. In spite of distortion, some loss of the Ancient Landmarks and aRays, 573:and the new techniques of living. It is the distortion of these seventh ray ideals and theRays, 688:plane - the plane of glamor, of illusion and of distortion. This was an essential experienceRays, 732:to subjective levels, their first great act of distortion was to implant in human beings fear,Reappearance, 49:their deeds would surpass His; because of the distortion of His teaching and its remote relation toReappearance, 106:dispensation - which led eventually to the distortion of the simple teaching of the Christ when HeReappearance, 106:emphasis. A paralleling instance of a similar distortion was also of Jewish origin and appeared inSoul, 142:of sex magic so widely prevalent are a distortion of this true spiritual union or fusion betweenTelepathy, 99:second solar system) the quality of love and its distortion into the astral nature, the development
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