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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISTRESSED

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Astrology, 442:information to a world in agony and a world distressed? The major usefulness of this impartedAutobiography, 30:I had done, only to discover that she was more distressed at my reading her private papers than sheAutobiography, 159:of the people on the other side very much and it distressed me exceedingly. The trouble in timeBethlehem, 76:and His answers. His mother, bewildered and distressed, called His attention to herself and to HisDiscipleship1, 145:outside the ranks of the psychologically distressed and the abnormal people... You must refrainDiscipleship1, 156:you a living center of light and love. Be not distressed, my brother, but in calmness and in peaceDiscipleship1, 187:to others. Secondly, be not weighed down or over-distressed by the weight of the ignorance and theDiscipleship1, 354:You are working on the physical plane with distressed bodies and minds. You are also working onDiscipleship1, 463:That way is not the way for you. You are not a distressed and bereaved disciple looking anxiouslyDiscipleship1, 468:the observer and "look out upon a world distressed." Your ray combinations lead to a quick reactionDiscipleship1, 478:not believe me and in any case you will be distressed. Of your sincerity, there is not theDiscipleship1, 506:the secret garden an instantaneous reaction when distressed and stay not there for a long time. ItDiscipleship1, 548:family and environment whom you seek to aid. To distressed humanity. As you do this regard yourselfDiscipleship1, 612:evasion whatever. Your true friends are deeply distressed and seek to shield you and to hold you toDiscipleship1, 722:minds down the ages. He will be the solace of distressed humanity. He will sweetly love and quietlyDiscipleship2, 101:and of understood opportunity which has distressed me and bewildered A.A.B. Like all disciples, sheDiscipleship2, 125:complicated by the personal problems of some distressed brother in the group. In giving you yourDiscipleship2, 555:1946 MY FRIEND OF MANY YEARS: I know how greatly distressed you will be at the termination of ourDiscipleship2, 643:time. Stand steady, therefore, and be not unduly distressed. Avoid at least one glamor and that isExternalisation, 23:[23] given time and opportunity, can salvage a distressed world and bring light and understandingExternalisation, Esoter:regenerator of his people; Hitler who lifted a distressed people upon his shoulders; Lenin, theExternalisation, 140:than did the good of the whole. Be not over-distressed, my brothers. You are not alone in this butExternalisation, 312:intervention and the holding out of hope to the distressed, the doubting and the tortured. In HisExternalisation, 325:of Light, of the spiritual Hierarchy and of distressed humanity. The present world crisis could beExternalisation, 369:of empire or finance), its nationalisms and its distressed, exploited minorities, its vileExternalisation, 444:intent of the unthinking, the terrified and the distressed and weak. Cooperate with the new groupExternalisation, 594:stopped; I speak because the invocative cry of distressed humanity is today of such a volume andGlamour, 142:to the matter and no more, refusing to be distressed or to be disturbed, no bad results will beHealing, 206:with the center in the patient which governs the distressed area or diseased organ. As he thusHealing, 265:problem has been one of supplication, or of distressed complaint, or of unhappy despair. TheirHealing, 423:that is not the way for you. You are not a distressed and bereaved disciple looking anxiously atHealing, 648:patient's approximate center which governs the distressed area, from which it [649] permeates theHealing, 649:center of the trouble and to the limits of the distressed area. There are two ways in which he usesHealing, 649:the center in the patient's body controlling the distressed area, and thence outwards through thatHealing, 708:he thus creates a vortex into which the one distressed must descend and with him goes the healer.Magic, 133:will happen? The Master will turn sadly away, distressed to think of the opportunity for serviceMagic, 347:to the Feet of the Hierophant. They are likewise distressed by troubles and high vibrations whichProblems, 36:Others regard it as a disaster. All of us are distressed that the means of its dissolution haveProblems, 119:but to convince the [119] unhappy, the distressed and the abused of the magnitude of thePsychology1, 367:work out as indicated. This will be because the distressed human mechanisms of those to whom thePsychology2, 402:the masses of men are so ignorant, diseased and distressed. I am putting this gloomy picture beforePsychology2, 546:Energy inevitably follows thought and where a distressed area is found, there the mind seems toPsychology2, 723:can arrest the process and bring order into a distressed and agonizing world. Therefore, the MayPsychology2, 738:His Church. These Workers look out upon a world distressed and full of pain. The economic problemRays, 649:entails no possible reflection upon those thus distressed (and they are to be found today in allReappearance, 40:cannot now be stopped. The invocative cry of distressed humanity is today of such a volume andReappearance, 110:too devastated psychically, too bewildered and distressed, and too unsure of their future, theirTelepathy, 26:which we are so familiar and by which we are so distressed at this time, yet producing finally a
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