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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISTRIBUTION

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Fire, 214:and their dissociation from one another, wide distribution, vibratory rhythm, [215] heterogeneityFire, 353:solar systems (of which ours is one), for the distribution of His force and having myriads ofFire, 832:and on the higher levels results affecting distribution and conservation of energy may again beFire, 1121:themselves." Secondly, they produce the orderly distribution of force by the forming of variousGlamour, 93:and aptitude in seeing the process of light distribution. [94] Glamour, 124:The ideal - based on mental formulation and distribution. The idol - based on the concretizingGlamour, 140:causing the trouble, and secondly, as a focused distribution of light, turned with intention uponGlamour, 241:of Indifference which is concerned with the distribution of soul force upon the physical plane, viaGlamour, 245:etheric plane, i.e., the world of forces. Their distribution. Their manipulation. The Science ofGlamour, 246:A World Problem - The Ending of Glamor a. Force Distribution and Manipulation upon the EthericHealing, 26:or to inherited tendencies, or to group distribution. [27] To know whether the disease should beHealing, 60:the centers I am referring to the center for the distribution of the life force, wherein theHealing, 100:the use of certain specific centers for the distribution. These we shall consider and outline whenHealing, 122:reactions and disease because the inflow, distribution and direction of energy do not necessarilyHealing, 123:has become adjusted to the effects of his energy distribution, and also frequent disruption ofHealing, 141:There are consequently four major agents of distribution to be found in the physical body. They areHealing, 141:of the incoming energies. These four agents of distribution of energy are: 1. The etheric vehicleHealing, 141:centers as focal points of reception and of distribution; they are the recipients of seven types ofHealing, 145:the third initiation and is the organ for the distribution of monadic energy, of the will aspect ofHealing, 147:already communicated. It is the organ for the distribution of the energy of the third aspect - theHealing, 152:physical control). It is the organ for the distribution of creative energy, of the energy of theHealing, 156:transmuted into love. It is the organ for the distribution of hierarchical energy, poured out [157]Healing, 172:is finally a focal point for the direction and distribution of these collected energies - remittingHealing, 175:etheric body into one central focal point of distribution - under direct control of the SpiritualHealing, 201:which the energizing of the centers and the distribution of energy to the surrounding areas of theHealing, 208:to their balanced state of energy reception and distribution, and to the effect which they produceHealing, 208:glands, and acting as the agent for the distribution of energy, is the nervous system. Here,Healing, 281:of knowledge anent energy, its focal points and distribution in the etheric body, which will equalHealing, 321:the heart and the blood stream as its agents of distribution. In the same way, the energy ofHealing, 335:has its own individual life; its focus for the distribution of energy for this life is the spleen.Healing, 343:- Chapter IV - Some Questions Answered On Distribution of Force; Blood Transfusion Instead of twoHealing, 343:will not be time. How can a more harmonious distribution of force be accomplished for the beneficHealing, 343:development in connection with this problem of distribution? Has the fact of bloodHealing, 343:along which your ideas may flow. A harmonious distribution of forces varies in its arrangement andHealing, 344:phrases may give you the clue to the right distribution of energy. The second question is somewhatHealing, 346:analysis, my brother, we bring about the correct distribution of force, leading to harmoniousHealing, 360:they fit themselves for planned service, for the distribution of love, and come into consciousHealing, 422:of the four breaths - a fourfold separation and distribution. A hint is here given for carefulHealing, 549:But the keynote of all his work will be directed distribution, and the center of his attention willHealing, 549:of his attention will be the channels of this distribution - the entire system of etheric centers.Healing, 549:health, esoterically speaking, is sharing or distribution, just as it is the keynote to the generalHealing, 549:flow of the necessities of life to the points of distribution; these points of distribution areHealing, 549:to the points of distribution; these points of distribution are idle; the direction of theHealing, 549:of distribution are idle; the direction of the distribution is faulty, and only through a sane andHealing, 549:will human ills be cured; only by the right distribution of energy will the ills of the physicalHealing, 572:knowledge increases a whole science of energy distribution will be built up around the eyes andHealing, 697:The ajna center, the center for directed distribution. The center which registers - as the line ofHercules, 67:have been world markets and world centers of distribution. Mercury, the ruling planet of the sign,Initiation, 31:and by his incarnation, and the methods of force distribution he employed, he brought about in aInitiation, 38:is what fits them to be the agents for the distribution of the energy of the Planetary Logos. AsInitiation, 40:work is therefore concerned, not only with force distribution, but with the passing into our schemeInitiation, 40:kingdom. These four are connected with: The distribution of karma, or human destiny, as it affectsInitiation, 60:for its keynote cooperation and not competition, distribution, and not centralization. One otherInitiation, 74:of words, justly chosen and spoken, lies the distribution of the love force of the solar system, -Initiation, 219:three esoteric, who are the focal points for the distribution of the force of the systemic Kumaras.Magic, 49:of the blood, and the focal point for this distribution is the heart. It is the conveyor ofMagic, 49:of each human being a center of activity for the distribution of light and attractive energy toMeditation, 354:three esoteric, Who are the focal points for the distribution of the force of the systemic Kumaras.Patanjali, 122:or chakras [122] found in that body and with the distribution of force currents and the awakeningPatanjali, 328:the outward-going life of the man; its medium of distribution is the nervous system through certainProblems, 66:altered; along certain lines, such as the distribution of coal and oil for lighting, heating andProblems, 75:industries and the growth of worldwide means of distribution provided new fields of employment andProblems, 167:VI The Problem of International Unity The distribution of the world's resources and the settledProblems, 167:of war will disappear. Where there is uneven distribution of the world's riches and where there isProblems, 174:Nations is a twofold one: it involves the right distribution of the world's resources so that thereProblems, 175:time - a hundred years or more ago - when a just distribution of the world's wealth would have beenProblems, 175:"talking and bargaining points". The problem of distribution is no longer difficult once the foodProblems, 175:it must also be remembered that the means of distribution by sea, rail and air are adequate. NoneProblems, 178:How can order be restored? How can there be fair distribution of the world's resources? How can thePsychology1, 10:so that there may be a subsequent wise distribution of force within a chosen area. Those who knowPsychology1, 128:nature; it colors the mind body; it controls the distribution of energy, for the rays are ofPsychology1, 128:(differing with each ray) through which that distribution is made. Each ray works through onePsychology1, 175:of universal trade requirements, and of the distribution of wealth, but - and here is the importantPsychology1, 244:in the sense of beauty, of color, of form, of distribution, and of perfume, is to be seen on everyPsychology2, 66:spleen - as a definite mode of communication, of distribution and of control, and finally ofPsychology2, 112:for soul expression, and mediums for the distribution into the world of soul energy, so men andPsychology2, 369:his mind's eye the even, balanced, equilibrized distribution of the divine energy set in motion byPsychology2, 450:anxious for peace, right relations, the proper distribution of time and the understanding and rightPsychology2, 514:safely handle them, thus producing a more even distribution of energy. He will also be taught howPsychology2, 594:- major, minor, and minute - the rapidity of the distribution and of the flow, and the consequentPsychology2, 596:rules be given, which will lead to: A right distribution of energy. The focusing of the forces inPsychology2, 687:the two succeeding days are called the "days of distribution". These words mean something differentPsychology2, 696:for soul expression, and mediums for the distribution into the world of [697] soul energy, so thesePsychology2, 705:clarity of their intentions and their widespread distribution over the face of the earth, mustPsychology2, 712:of any knowledge which you may possess. Distribution of the teaching over a long period of time.Psychology2, 750:so that they may indeed materialize. The correct distribution of your time and resources so thatRays, 63:and that his task is the restoration (by the distribution of the waters of life) of its pristineRays, 68:must be stepped down for him by the process of distribution, so that their impact is not focused inRays, 68:energy. This process of protection and of distribution is one of the functions of the great meetingRays, 69:of this symbol of energy, with its inflow and distribution, is to be found in the relation of theRays, 158:world of the Spiritual Triad and not with the distribution or the transmission of this energy toRays, 158:activity, movement, force expression, and right distribution of these forces in the lower threeRays, 403:ensuing Directive work under the Law of Distribution - direction towards the goal These phrases mayRays, 404:peculiarly amenable to magnetic attraction and distribution. All these Paths gradually came intoRays, 594:the territorial angle; there is only a general distribution of those persons who have what haveRays, 689:the stepping down and for the consequent safe distribution of energy to the masses. Each time aRays, 712:for humanity; the Christ is the agent for the distribution of the energy which brings intuitiveRays, 713:The major problem confronting Him is not the distribution of ideas or the use of the intuition inRays, 757:Today, we have all the facilities for rapid distribution and these have all been employed on behalfReappearance, 32:Today This new Invocation, if given widespread distribution, can be to the new world religion what
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