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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISTRIBUTION

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Reappearance, 51:they fit themselves for planned service, for the distribution of love, and come into consciousReappearance, 77:point of His effort and the Agent through which distribution of His energy can be made is the NewReappearance, 89:expressions of energy and the cause of energy distribution. Governments, churches, organizationsReappearance, 89:they become dynamic centers of energy distribution and their words (spoken or written), plus theirReappearance, 95:groups of energies are ready for focusing and distribution by the Hierarchy and that Hierarchy,Reappearance, 96:two great Sons of God is concerned with the distribution of energy - the energy of light and theReappearance, 97:be so strong that it will need no further distribution or control by the Buddha. He can thenReappearance, 111:energy of intuitive love. The results of the distribution of this energy of love will be twofold:Telepathy, 43:is received by the three Buddhas of Activity for distribution to the Hierarchy. From the planetTelepathy, 45:of living Beings Who have Their own agents of distribution or impression. The entire evolutionaryTelepathy, 45:history of our planet is one of reception and of distribution, of a taking in and of a giving out.Telepathy, 104:information, correction, instruction, or energy distribution. He must be able to state clearly onTelepathy, 192:etheric body and is responsive to the free distribution of the many circulating energies. The threeTelepathy, 193:three planetary centers. [193] The agent for the distribution of the energies received via theTelepathy, 193:center, both for the reception and the distribution of energies, until such time as the heartTelepathy, 194:by its most advanced members consciously. The distribution of energies from the Hierarchy
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