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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISTRIBUTOR

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Astrology, 47:fifth Hierarchy is equally, under the law, a distributor of energy to the fifth subplane of eachAstrology, 201:point for all these energies and the divine distributor of them to individual man and later to theDiscipleship1, 332:has been better cleared. You can act as a distributor of strength and power to your brothers onceDiscipleship1, 337:you also to act as a force transmitter and distributor. The forces, therefore, with which you haveDiscipleship1, 759:capacity to be a pure channel and an unimpeded distributor is the first goal and it takes a longDiscipleship1, 767:so much as being a recipient of life, but as a distributor of life. This is a very different thingDiscipleship2, 172:expression on Earth. The Hierarchy is the distributor of energy - the energy of love. Therefore, asFire, 87:body and its functions as an assimilator and distributor of prana, we have dealt with it from theFire, 100:and its functions as a receiver and distributor of prana, are dealt with here in a larger senseFire, 933:influences, and acts largely as a sifter and a distributor of solar forces. The destruction of theFire, 1205:Fifth Hierarchy is equally, under the law, a distributor of energy to the fifth subplane of eachGlamour, 110:He accomplishes this by using the mind as a distributor of the light which reveals the "middle way"Glamour, 231:the soul ready to function as light-bearer and distributor of light upon the astral plane. TheseGlamour, 251:individual. The left eye, the eye of manas, the distributor of mental energy under correct controlGlamour, 251:and it is not yet - in the majority of cases - a distributor of directing soul energy. TheHealing, 159:ajna center becomes the directing agent or the distributor of the blended energies of the divineHealing, 548:and primarily with the etheric body as the distributor of energies or as the withholder of theseHealing, 571:eye - agent of the soul - Love. The right eye - distributor of buddhic energy. The left eye -Healing, 572:as a soul, you will have: The third eye - distributor of soul energy. The right eye - agent forHealing, 581:are distributors of energy and the third is a distributor of force. [582] It is with theseInitiation, 33:of the World, and proving to his environment a distributor of the love and wisdom of the Deity. Magic, 90:man to live ever at the center, but to act as a distributor of divine energy in any direction and -Psychology2, 520:or etheric body which is the receiver and the distributor [521] of energies. These energiesPsychology2, 687:act in group formation, and function as a silent distributor of force. For two days prior to thePsychology2, 735:is the center of loving, giving energy, and the distributor of life. It should not be necessary toRays, 713:and the Master can now take His place as a distributor of Triadal energy. The major problemReappearance, 86:was to the definite performance of His duties as Distributor, Nourisher and Dispenser that HeReappearance, 89:effects which are energy effects and acts as a distributor of energy. Where the undevelopedTelepathy, 17:was sent out acted as a large general distributor; the area which received the impression, however,Telepathy, 44:He then acts as a focal point or as the "distributor of the impression"; He then has [45] behindTelepathy, 108:of light" and of spiritual illumination, and a distributor of light in the dark places of the worldTelepathy, 191:at this stage of human development, as the distributor of soul force and of spiritual energy as
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