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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DISTURBING

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Astrology, 497:revolutionary in nature and, therefore, disturbing, if not apparently untrue or based on premisesAutobiography, 10:peaceful rhythm and the weeks in which nothing disturbing ever occurred which persist in my memory,Autobiography, 23:of isolation and peculiarity which are such disturbing features of the experience. I believe thatAutobiography, 75:away times. He is doing well. I made, however, a disturbing discovery. These men had been won overAutobiography, 274:penetrates in every direction, disrupting and disturbing the old schools and so releasing those whoDiscipleship1, 345:to bear upon these relations, and often end by disturbing its rhythm. All that is needed is love,Discipleship1, 717:of "Little Chelaship" - elementary, testing and disturbing. It is sometimes spoken of as the "stageDiscipleship2, 376:to "render whole" that which provides the most disturbing element in the existence of mankind.Discipleship2, 471:humanity lives; these today are unique and of disturbing importance; they involve the balancing ofDiscipleship2, 544:your responsibility which is at this time much disturbing your mind. It intrudes powerfully atDiscipleship2, 734:of view but its very presence constitutes a disturbing element to you. You neither like nor desireExternalisation, 86:changes which are so prevalent and so disturbing. There is little that humanity can do about thisExternalisation, 540:evil initiated; problems of increased personnel, disturbing the rhythm but necessitated by theExternalisation, 627:the Christ is not possible. In the face of this disturbing financial situation, what is the answerExternalisation, 678:active, for the work of the first ray with its disturbing, and destroying activity prepares theFire, 1080:out that all such movements are first felt as disturbing, and only when the dust of turmoil, andHealing, 124:then the difficulty can be very real and most disturbing. There is, however, little that can beHealing, 172:in the ajna center. It is consequently a most disturbing center in the body, and is a basic causeIntellect, 256:to sleeplessness, to a sense of fulness, or to a disturbing vibration between the eyes or at theRays, 32:or lesser disciple is - in its degree - likewise disturbing and upsetting; this is a point whichReappearance, 138:many questions and are assailed by deep and disturbing doubts. It is interesting here to note thatReappearance, 176:the Christ is not possible. In the face of this disturbing financial situation - what is the answer
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