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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIVERSIFIED

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Astrology, 8:single unit, expressing itself through the many diversified forms of man. You, as an individual,Discipleship1, 34:of many different kinds and their work will be diversified and varied. I have for some time desiredExternalisation, 192:world or to force Christianity upon a world of diversified religions. It is surely to foster theExternalisation, 647:aspirants and quite a few disciples have diversified interests and only serve part time. To allExternalisation, 680:of the units in the ashram; this is, of course, diversified by the ray quality of the aspirants andExternalisation, 680:widened in its approach mentally, by the many diversified disciples in the many different ashrams,Fire, 786:His scheme. A man speaks, and a very diversified mantram is the result. The energy thus generatedHercules, 50:of different races towards sex is widely diversified. Standards of conduct differ. The legality orInitiation, 159:human being, who - in much differentiated diversified speech - expresses an inner purpose or stateIntellect, 22:facts, and to assimilate a vast amount of widely diversified detail, and yet we question sometimesMagic, 48:[48] the Hierarchy of Monads with outer diversified forms which they use sequentially in theMagic, 294:is the meeting ground of forces greater and more diversified than his brain is capable ofMagic, 401:and the public consciousness tremendously diversified, but this state of affairs marks theMeditation, 95:egg is colored by predominant attractions and diversified by many geometrical forms, all in a statePatanjali, 386:a unified whole or unity, producing the diversified many. [387] The homogeneous is the cause of thePsychology1, 50:Ray VI - Higher Expression: Christianity and diversified religions. (Notice here relation to RayPsychology1, 159:into triplicities and septenates, and the diversified enumeration of forces [160] which are seen asPsychology1, 389:States of America is abundantly evidenced in its diversified religions and in the national aptitudePsychology1, 411:Ray VI - Higher expression: Christianity and diversified religions. Note relation to Ray II. LowerRays, 220:the group changes in quality, is amplified and diversified, is enriched and then precipitatedRays, 224:taken it in an earlier state of life. The more diversified the group, the richer its life andRays, 623:in her separativeness, in her myriads of diversified sects and religious groups, in her manifold
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