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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIVIDE

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Astrology, 418:cardinal, a fixed and a mutable sign. They thus divide up the entire zodiac into a fourfold groupAtom, 35:in which he suggests that we might be able to divide and subdivide the electron itself into what heAtom, 99:is apt to find them very confusing, for they divide consciousness and the state of being aware intoAutobiography, 265:man and the universal One. I would like to divide what I have to say about the schools into theAutobiography, 272:and the basic occult principles. We could divide the schools in the world today into three groups:Bethlehem, 71:and break down all the separating walls which divide man from man, group from group, nation fromDestiny, 7:a dynamic (not a passive) will-to-good. We will divide what I have to say under two points: TheDiscipleship1, 456:into the head. Then, holding this stream there, divide it into two streams and send one, by an actDiscipleship2, 215:you might reflect. For our purposes we will divide them into seven grades, of which four might beDiscipleship2, 276:in the early stages; the power or the ability to divide, subtract, multiply and add were conferred,Discipleship2, 290:the incoming energy, symbolically speaking, and divide it into two streams which are theEducation, 127:connection with the consciousness of humanity, divide the entire subject into three parts: ThatEducation, 132:this fact should be carefully borne in mind) divide the Hierarchy into two basic groups: ThoseExternalisation, 12:germs of desire and personal longing (which divide groups) emerge from contact with it. The resultsExternalisation, 33:Hierarchy Broadly speaking, these groups divide themselves into the extroverted groups and theExternalisation, 182:provides a symbol of this condition. The nations divide themselves into the "Haves" and the "HaveExternalisation, 374:that only their particular state counts. They divide the family of nations into a superstate forExternalisation, 455:Council of the Will of God at Shamballa, will divide Their work into three parts, each governingExternalisation, 471:other. What I have to say to you, I intend to divide into two parts: [472] The Work of the ChristFire, 45:the sections into which it will be wise to divide it. Fire in the Microcosm is likewise threefoldFire, 610:of a Heavenly Man and of a solar Logos. We could divide the process into three periods: First. TheFire, 722:process of reincarnation), it would be wise to divide the differing types of avatars into fiveFire, 997:produce eventual internal illumination. We will divide them into three groups of aphorisms orFire, 1085:unmanifested to us at the other end. If we divide this seven according to the theosophical plane ofGlamour, xi:before you at this time. I would like to divide what I have to say into three parts, and I pleadGlamour, 20:of Glamor. [20] As we proceed we shall divide our subject up into greater detail, but in thisGlamour, 25:analysis and see what is the sumtotal of gain. Divide your analysis into the following heads andGlamour, 128:with which he must familiarize himself. We will divide what we have to say into four parts, dealingGlamour, 245:if true perception is to be developed. Let us divide our consideration of this subject as follows:Healing, 15:Healing - The Basic Causes of Disease We will divide our consideration of the causes of diseaseHealing, 120:of Disease B. Diseases of Disciples We will divide what we have to say anent the diseases ofHealing, 121:are susceptible to these diseases. We could divide these problems into four categories: Those whichHealing, 331:stream when detached from the body, and which divide into two when they enter into matter and form.Healing, 365:From the angle of vision of a disciple, we might divide intelligent human beings into three groups,Healing, 543:and because people usually read so carelessly, divide this law up into its various statements, andHealing, 643:We can therefore, on the basis of this Rule, divide healers into two groups: one group wielding theHercules, 16:bidding him keep it sharp and bright. "It must divide and cut," said Mercury, "and with precisionInitiation, 142:ceremony. This ceremony, from one point of view, divide itself into three parts: First. That inMagic, 103:be carried forward entirely along this line; divide the review work in three parts and consider:Magic, 236:applied to forms. We will, therefore, divide this rule into several parts, the more easily to studyMagic, 361:Divinity are themselves triple, and hence we can divide the energy of mind as far as humanity isMagic, 481:the process we call death. We will therefore divide our subject as follows: Salvation from theMagic, 604:a trained body of organized observers. I would divide the group into three divisions and I do so inMeditation, 53:the purification of the personality. Now we will divide what we have to say under four heads, andMeditation, 70:and the Sacred Word As is our custom, let us divide our thoughts under the following heads.Meditation, 208:color and sound in meditation how best shall we divide our vast subject? Let us consider it underMeditation, 254:Let us, therefore, as we have always done, divide our subject into certain heads and divisions: WhoMeditation, 299:this matter we might, as is our usual custom, divide the subject matter under different heads: TheMeditation, 325:into the more advanced college. We will as usual divide our subject into three heads: The times ofPatanjali, 122:serpent fire. It might be pointed out that if we divide the human torso into three departments itPatanjali, 350:philosophers into ten instead of five. They divide the five senses into two groups, those which weProblems, 123:the potentialities may emerge clearly, we will divide this subject into the following sections,Psychology1, 272:choice of their conscious souls. I shall divide what I have to say into four parts, for the sake ofPsychology1, 351:and Man It should here be noted that the rays divide themselves into two groups, i.e.: The Rays ofPsychology1, 360:selective nature of the mind and its tendency to divide and separate. The seventh ray will lead toPsychology1, 407:man has taken the third initiation. We might divide what we have to say in the next section of ourPsychology2, 23:capacity of the human intellect to separate and divide, so that the process is regarded asPsychology2, 149:This is quoted from the Old Commentary. We will divide what we have to say about the functioningPsychology2, 201:of classification and comparison, we shall divide our earth humanity into the following groups:Psychology2, 223:side, it manifests as the tendency to separate, divide and to place in contradictory positions. OnPsychology2, 243:its activities) analyze, discriminate and divide. The soul likewise aspires to that which isPsychology2, 270:or approaches to the race. We can therefore divide humanity into three groups and relate humanityPsychology2, 326:can note it occurring in our own lives. We can divide people into three groups: Those who arePsychology2, 347:aligning bodies of the lower man. We will divide our theme, for the sake of clarity and for anPsychology2, 404:- Some Problems of Psychology We will divide the problems of psychology into the followingPsychology2, 457:are of constant occurrence, and we esoterically divide them into three divisions: 1. Those whichPsychology2, 520:and Problems of Disciples and Mystics We will divide what we have to say about our theme, ThePsychology2, 607:aspirant and the disciple succumb. One can also divide the problem of light into two groups ofPsychology2, 736:and well-known ideologies which we can roughly divide into the fascist-nazi group, the democraticRays, 69:recognize this distinction and therefore divide Themselves into two groups which are called in theRays, 329:Evolution. In considering our theme I propose to divide what I have to say, according to my usualRays, 567:initiations and their conditioning rays, we will divide our ideas into three parts: [568] The typeReappearance, 114:acquiescence in the masses, who normally divide themselves into the two classes, expressing theseSoul, 62:involved in such motion, that is, it can unite, divide, scatter, bind, form the small parts, orderSoul, 81:this doctrine of ours, which does not divide the universe into substance and consciousness, but
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