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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIVIDED

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Astrology, 17:also inevitable. Astrologers will eventually be divided into two classes: the exoteric astrologersAstrology, 36:Hierarchies The Hierarchy of Creative Powers is divided esoterically into seven (4 and 3) withinAstrology, 75:stage of evolutionary unfoldment. These might be divided into three groups through a broad, butAstrology, 172:The triplicity into which each sign is divided and which we call the decanates is of particularAstrology, 203:in Sagittarius. The three major tests are again divided into three stages, and upon the Path ofAstrology, 203:of the three decanates into which each sign is divided - a point upon which I shall hope to touchAstrology, 230:[230] wheel. In the days before Leo-Virgo were divided into two signs, Libra was literally theAstrology, 284:the three decanates into which Virgo is divided are governed by the Sun, Venus and Mercury, whilstAstrology, 471:a fact in the consciousness of man, the sign was divided into two signs and the war of the pairs ofAstrology, 486:to bear in mind that just as each sign is divided into three decanates which are ruled by specificAstrology, 486:is a part of a still greater zodiac and is also divided into three parts. The threefold division ofAstrology, 643:(S.D. Vol. I, 735) 10. "The seven Gods were divided into two triads and the sun. Lower Triad -Atom, 24:the evolutionary process might be broadly divided into three, corresponding to the stages in theAtom, 146:roughly speaking, atomic evolution could be divided into two parts or stages; one stage we calledAtom, 152:topic upon which scientists and astronomers are divided, yet which is nevertheless a subject ofAutobiography, 34:could not be saved. The Church of England was divided into the High Church party which was almostAutobiography, 34:my consciousness by both groups. The world was divided into those who were Christians and workedAutobiography, 272:becomes a reality. Esoteric schools can be divided into different categories, dependent upon theAutobiography, 278:to the seven groups into which the Hierarchy is divided and the seven great Rays or Energies (theBethlehem, 103:Though, as recorded in the New Testament, it was divided into definite periods and cycles, andBethlehem, 139:[139] unmanageable, or groups and nations are divided into opposing camps, and again dualityBethlehem, 231:- Richard Watson Dixon [231] This initiation is divided into two halves, and of neither of them doBethlehem, 244:by laughter where the bubbles flow From the divided water and the sun Turns them to crystal: lifeDestiny, 9:will of the people. The idea of a world state, divided into various great sections. This is theDestiny, 150:consequently the New Age now upon us) will be divided. I refer to what is technically known as theDiscipleship1, 86:suggest that your meditation process should be divided into two parts. There should be a definitelyDiscipleship1, 285:and the intuitive aspirant is as a house divided against itself. The energy of the man [286] isDiscipleship2, 54:required one entire week of inner activity, divided as follows: The three days prior to the fullDiscipleship2, 55:third stage can (like the two previous ones) be divided into the following activities, whichDiscipleship2, 56:for group integration and work. This period was divided as follows: There were two days ofDiscipleship2, 115:which I shall seek to give you, and which is divided into two parts - one aspect or technique willDiscipleship2, 115:The meditation which I wish to assign will be divided into two parts: Stage I. A stage whereinDiscipleship2, 116:achieved during Stage I. Stage I itself is divided into two parts, and to these I now call yourDiscipleship2, 153:to you at this time. This meditation was divided into three stages: Recognition, Consideration,Discipleship2, 259:to the initiate of the major Mysteries is itself divided into lesser phases. These might beDiscipleship2, 355:of seven interpretations which can roughly be divided into three. These three are that of theEducation, 8:also suggest ten year cycles of development, divided into two parts: seven of learning and three ofEducation, 127:consciousness related to the kingdom of souls is divided into various psychological schools, or isExternalisation, 5:step forward. The Hierarchy of Adepts has been divided in opinion (if so unsuitable a word can beExternalisation, 8:to remind you that psychism, so-called, can be divided into the following two groups: HigherExternalisation, 84:means which are in themselves separative and divided. This statement, I think, the people of everyExternalisation, 151:occult students demonstrate almost unavoidably a divided focus, owing to the activity of the mindExternalisation, 199:[199] Certain great ideological regimes have divided the world into opposing groups. There are theExternalisation, 200:possible and probably advisable. They might be divided as follows: A Federal Union of the greatExternalisation, 402:plan. You will find that the spiritual year is divided into two periods (symbolic of spirit andExternalisation, 437:Christ must deal. Several of them are as houses divided against themselves. Such are Poland,Externalisation, 522:of the Hierarchy and its Ashrams could well be divided for the sake of clarity into the followingExternalisation, 566:Hierarchy and the general public. This group is divided into two lesser groups: Those disciples andExternalisation, 629:closest to the spiritual ideal are as a house divided against itself. Their main interest is onExternalisation, 639:cycle of well-intentioned money control. A world divided into "blocs" for mutual aid and economicExternalisation, 684:by millions of passengers annually; the land is divided into minute sections by railroads,Fire, 52:themselves the essence of fire. They are mainly divided into two groups: Fire devas or evolutionaryFire, 122:three Departments into which the Hierarchy is divided, and therefore represent in their particularFire, 160:a repulsion and therefore producing The circle divided into two. This marks the active rotation andFire, 160:division, motion in the sheaths. The Circle divided into four. This is the true circle of matter,Fire, 163:do this, as before stated, the subject will be divided into the following divisions: The nature ofFire, 168:for synthesis. These seven centers are likewise divided into the three major and the four minorFire, 171:be felt and thus to later Lemurian days. 3. The divided circle. At this stage the point of light inFire, 171:corresponds to Atlantean days. 4. The circle divided into four. We come now to the point where theFire, 174:the Pilgrim can be, for purposes of discussion, divided into three main periods: That periodFire, 195:at a stage where sound alone is descriptive. The divided circle - consciousness aware of theFire, 245:- S. D., II, 633. Consciousness may be roughly divided into: Absolute or God Consciousness -Fire, 300:process of all these Entities may be divided mainly into three groups, though necessarily theseFire, 329:which is that every plane can be studied and divided in two ways: First. The seven subplanes can beFire, 329:in two ways: First. The seven subplanes can be divided into the [330] higher three planes or theFire, 387:three persons of the Trinity. These Entities are divided into three groups of thirty-five each, andFire, 388:(or Their present substitutes) can also be divided into the seven groups which correspond to theFire, 405:When instead of three lokas the cosmos is divided more accurately into seven lokas, you may assortFire, 461:which composed the third kingdom of nature were divided into two groups: A number of these livesFire, 466:occultly known as "The Mediator Seventh," and is divided into two divisions: Those working withFire, 470:the particular cycle of the Earth globe - can be divided into: [471] World karma. (The sevenFire, 472:13, 14, 15.) These five essentials of karma are divided into 2 groups in the Mahabharata: man'sFire, 495:be found in the mineral kingdom which is itself divided into three main kingdoms: The baser metals,Fire, 612:2. The Fire Devas - The Greater Builders I have divided the groups of devas and elementals intoFire, 617:or Higher Self. 96 Devas ...he would have (1) divided the Devas into two classes - and called themFire, 635:plane substance. This plane is, as we know, divided into two parts: The four ethers, fourFire, 635:making the lowest manifestation one that is divided into forty-nine subplanes or states ofFire, 635:of active work, the devas of the system are divided into forty-nine groups - the forty-nine fires.Fire, 635:fires. The Agnichaitans in turn are also divided into forty-nine groups, thus reflecting the whole.Fire, 636:is manifesting. These seven groups are again divided into seven, making forty-nine. The threeFire, 645:the devas on the evolutionary arc, which may be divided into the following classes, amongst manyFire, 653:that on all planes the groups of devas can be divided into three [654] main groups, even thoughFire, 660:have a division into two: the mental plane being divided into higher and lower, rupa and arupa,Fire, 665:whom man is peculiarly connected). They can be divided into certain groups, indicating their placeFire, 667:devas. The devas of the physical plane, though divided into the three groups A, B, C, are underFire, 676:in and out of physical incarnation. They are divided into seven groups according to the Ray of theFire, 677:towards which average man may aspire. They are divided into certain groups - three in number -Fire, 681:as the lunar Pitris. 20 These lunar Pitris are divided into four groups and are concerned with theFire, 682:the mental unit, and are, roughly speaking, divided into four groups, being in fact the firstFire, 738:and may last from a few years to a kalpa. It is divided into three subperiods (1) when the EgoFire, 745:power. H. P. B. has said that rebirths may be divided into three classes: (See S. D., III, 364,Fire, 748:and the various classes into which they might be divided. We might now enlarge somewhat more uponFire, 769:second subplane. All these in their turn may be divided into seven fundamental groups. These sevenFire, 782:higher groups. Occultly these three groups are divided into the following: [783] The Pitris whoFire, 804:karmic law in a man's own life might be broadly divided into three divisions, in each of which aFire, 819:The evolution of Spirit can really therefore be divided into three stages: First. The stage inFire, 824:and Fire Elementals Though we have thus divided off the different stages of development, we haveFire, 829:prisoner. This period of initiation itself is divided into seven stages, but only five of theseFire, 842:well-to-do, kindly people of the world. They are divided into five groups, of whom threeFire, 842:All these lotuses of the first circle are divided into groups but interplay goes on between them;
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