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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIVIDES

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Bethlehem, 9:application to the individual. This myth divides itself into five great episodes: The Birth atBethlehem, 100:according to some commentators, that which "divides," as a river divides and separates the land. InBethlehem, 100:commentators, that which "divides," as a river divides and separates the land. In the symbolism ofDiscipleship1, 184:for it is the critical mind which separates and divides, as you well know. It may again be causedExternalisation, 49:the lowest of these groups into which humanity divides itself, so that they can become strictly andExternalisation, 53:by dictatorship. This type of government divides itself into three parts: Rule by a monarchy,Externalisation, 203:The period into which we are now entering divides itself into two parts: The present period of theExternalisation, 402:the southern way. You will find that the month divides itself into two periods likewise, that ofExternalisation, 509:separating web (the veil of the temple) which divides the physical plane from the unseen world willFire, 1278:is Himself the Father. All is One, and naught divides save in transition and through the agency ofGlamour, 95:physical pleasures and pursuits. This stage divides itself into two parts: That whereinGlamour, 105:the structure of the kingdoms into which science divides the natural world. These are but a few ofHercules, 25:for the sword is the symbol of the mind which divides asunder, separates and cuts off. Through itsHercules, 149:tendencies. Separativeness. The analytical mind divides and subdivides, prizing the part above theInitiation, 11:wisdom is synthetic and subjective. Knowledge divides; wisdom unites. Knowledge differentiates [12]Initiation, 112:into which the initiation ceremony naturally divides itself, and the student must bear in mind thatInitiation, 124:of the eyes of the Initiate to see and realize, divides itself into three parts, which areInitiation, 157:initiates of equal rank with his own. This group divides itself into [158] seven groups, accordingMeditation, 213:and is one of the cosmic rays. This cosmic ray divides itself, for purposes of manifestation, intoPsychology1, 125:that in the accomplishment of this the web that divides the physical plane from the astral planePsychology1, 330:main divisions into which esoteric psychology divides humanity, and if you study it with care youPsychology1, 376:of Cleavage. It is the mind which separates and divides; it is mental activity (divine andPsychology2, 147:It reveals at the same time that it divides or scatters. It works through love and for the interestPsychology2, 221:all activity which, in process of evolution, divides itself into instinctual activity, intelligentPsychology2, 363:bent upon it. Oneness with all I seek, yet form divides. War upon every side I find, andRays, 71:The door is only a symbol of separation; it divides one place from another location, one sphere ofRays, 702:This is the veil which, symbolically speaking, divides or shuts off humanity from participation in
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