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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIVINE

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Bethlehem, 131:to be God; He had demonstrated to Himself His divine humanity. And yet, as is the way with all theBethlehem, 132:as it has been spoken by Thee, Mighty Lord; that divine form of Thine, O best of men! "If ThouBethlehem, 136:and the intuition to penetrate deeper into the divine Nature. We do not yet know the Father. ChristBethlehem, 137:of life, up to that mountain-top where the divine in us is revealed in all its beauty. Then we passBethlehem, 139:aspects of human nature - the natural and the divine - which education should effect. This problemBethlehem, 139:The secondary self, in contradistinction to the divine self, is a fact in nature, however we mayBethlehem, 140:experience. He was a Personality, as well as a divine Individuality. His life with its quality andBethlehem, 140:to man of transcending the human, and becoming divine? Two factors will at that time control. HeBethlehem, 143:group as God sees it, become custodians of the divine Plan, and conscious, integral, intelligentBethlehem, 143:striven to bring his will to likeness with the Divine Will, passes through a marked spiritualBethlehem, 143:in which the great Soul draws him upward, the Divine Will raises his consciousness to oneness withBethlehem, 143:raises his consciousness to oneness with the Divine Consciousness; for a time he perceives andBethlehem, 143:the Oversoul, gaining a profound vision of the divine ways of life, and feeling with the infiniteBethlehem, 143:man, and still further from the undeveloped. The divine is the Whole, informed and animated by theBethlehem, 143:all the power of His purified nature and His divine understanding and wisdom, Christ blended inBethlehem, 143:consciousness, the human realization and the divine Totality. Some day we shall understand thisBethlehem, 145:two great kingdoms in nature, the human and the divine, making possible the emergence intoBethlehem, 146:of matter as it reveals and expresses the divine, indwelling Christ. Matter, the Virgin Mary,Bethlehem, 146:glory. When we, as human beings, realize the divine purpose, and come to regard our physical bodiesBethlehem, 146:our physical bodies as the means whereby the divine, indwelling Christ can be revealed, we shallBethlehem, 146:temporarily function, as the custodians of the divine revelation. We shall, each of us, regard themBethlehem, 147:of the whole world: "Nor is there any end of My divine form, O consumer of the foe; this I haveBethlehem, 147:used to cover the process whereby the medium of divine expression is prepared for use. The GalileeBethlehem, 149:development of the seer. We know only that the divine stands revealed, while the outer form whichBethlehem, 149:nature of the experience, and convinced of the divine nature of the person concerned. Great indeedBethlehem, 149:there is an attempt to express or reveal that divine essential Spirit manifested at theBethlehem, 149:the Lord God. The golden-gleaming am I, of form divine. Without hand and foot, rich in unthinkableBethlehem, 149:before them as perfected Man, because fully divine. They had shared with Him His service; they hadBethlehem, 152:realization he passes on to the discovery of the divine in himself, and starts on that longBethlehem, 157:all people. Christ revealed the quality of the divine nature through the medium of matter, of form,Bethlehem, 157:vibration, they behold their Master in all His divine humanity." - The Mystery Teaching in theBethlehem, 157:as a whole learns to transform the flesh through divine experience, to transmute the feeling natureBethlehem, 157:to transmute the feeling nature through divine expression, and to transfer the [158] consciousnessBethlehem, 158:and value which can be permitted, under the divine Plan, to be crucified. This is a forgottenBethlehem, 159:results. Divinity cannot be gainsaid, and man is divine. If he is not, then the Fatherhood of GodBethlehem, 159:upon His Fatherhood, knowing ourselves to be divine because Christ and the Church of all ages haveBethlehem, 162:that universal Christ, animating every form of divine expression, can then consciously andBethlehem, 163:and the Ascension has not yet been grasped; as a divine subjective reality those truths still awaitBethlehem, 163:and whose lives are controlled by the same divine impulses and subordinated to the same vision.Bethlehem, 166:seeing in both of them simply opportunities for divine expression and fields for the demonstrationBethlehem, 168:as the "Light of the World," what He received of divine Light and poured forth for the world, whatBethlehem, 170:divinity. One of the strongest arguments for the divine unfoldment of man is the emergence on aBethlehem, 181:matter, of form or substance, in order that all divine forms, including the human, may live. ThisBethlehem, 182:the cross upon which the second Person of the divine Trinity is crucified. Christ personified inBethlehem, 183:eternally crucified, as reminders to man of the divine intent based upon the divine sacrifice. Bethlehem, 183:to man of the divine intent based upon the divine sacrifice. Bethlehem, 184:long processes of time four great expressions of divine life, four forms of God immanent in nature,Bethlehem, 185:He was one of a long continuity of perfected divine men, He had a unique function. He summed up inBethlehem, 190:emphasis, stressing the living Christ and the divine nature of man. Assuredly, only when the bestBethlehem, 190:that it is inclusive enough to be really divine. Sin exists, and there is sacrifice involved in theBethlehem, 190:Christ came the divinity of man was affirmed and divine incarnations were recognized. The GnosticsBethlehem, 194:to call it) must die in order that the higher divine nature may show forth in all its beauty. TheBethlehem, 194:that by the sacrifice of the human nature the divine aspect might be "saved." Thus Christ summed upBethlehem, 194:which Christ Himself taught - the doctrine of divine immanence (see St. John XVII), and theBethlehem, 195:those who come forth as the interpreters of the divine Plan, inevitably are repudiated, and usuallyBethlehem, 196:men is apt to alter and widen, and become more divine as well as more human. It is a human [197]Bethlehem, 198:and who shall not be saved is thus a matter of divine election, or predestination; (5) God willBethlehem, 201:just in so far as he sets himself up against the divine aspect hidden in himself, is a sinner. SomeBethlehem, 202:instituted, and to which God has accorded divine recognition, [203] is to transgress, and for everyBethlehem, 205:hatred, aloneness and division. But man, being divine in nature, has to love, and the trouble hasBethlehem, 209:God whose lives bore constant testimony to the divine nature. Christ assumed the ancient symbol andBethlehem, 212:and recognize that they possess the same divine life, just as the affirmation of the basic law ofBethlehem, 218:and whose nature is becoming irradiated by divine love, the major characteristic of the secondBethlehem, 218:major characteristic of the second Person of the divine Triplicity, the soul, the son of God, whoseBethlehem, 218:the crucified Savior that matter itself, being divine, was capable of infinite suffering; and inBethlehem, 221:fellow men and by the comforting presence of the divine self upon which he has learnt to rely. YetBethlehem, 222:deeper meaning, and must have reference to that divine thirst which sweeps through theBethlehem, 232:apparently failed them, and instead of being the divine Son of God, and King of the Jews, He wasBethlehem, 233:has proved. We are not yet citizens of a divine kingdom definitely manifesting upon earth, the fearBethlehem, 235:to us the meaning and purpose of the divine life present in Him and in us all. Because Christ wasBethlehem, 235:was human, He rose again. Because He was also divine, He rose again, and in the enacting of theBethlehem, 240:the reception of an authentic message from the Divine - whether at the level of the epoch-creatingBethlehem, 240:devotion or surrender of the self to the Divine. 'Here am I, send me,' says Isaiah; and when ChristBethlehem, 240:with God. The first response of Isaiah to the divine call was that flash of self-knowledge whichBethlehem, 245:and the continuation of the persistent, inner, divine incentive to progress, to create and toBethlehem, 247:its immortality. For that which is of value, the divine and hidden beauty which life-experience andBethlehem, 250:of a hereafter wherein the integrity of the divine purpose will be vindicated. There is a basicBethlehem, 253:on into the future of that which is the divine aspect, and which is integrated with the life andBethlehem, 253:sequentially more and more of the hidden divine nature, until we come to man whose consciousness isBethlehem, 253:is of a much higher order and whose divine expression is that of the self-conscious,Bethlehem, 254:already by those of humanity who have been made Divine. The kingdom of God moves on to fulfilment.Bethlehem, 261:cooperation. He urged us to live by principles, divine, basic and fundamental, and to lay noBethlehem, 262:we have to answer? Christ has said that man is divine. Was He right? If man is divine and a son ofBethlehem, 262:said that man is divine. Was He right? If man is divine and a son of the Father, then let usBethlehem, 263:[263] may surely lie the way out for man. Are we divine? That is the all-important question. Bethlehem, 263:Goal - The Founding of the Kingdom If man is divine, if the testimony of the ages is true, and ifBethlehem, 267:in itself constitutes a problem, for unless the divine in us is somewhat awakened it is difficultBethlehem, 268:The first Initiator is the soul itself, the divine self in man, the spiritual man, who standsBethlehem, 268:inspiration and reveals to him the nature of his divine consciousness, attuning his ear to catchBethlehem, 270:man, the complete man, is the ideal man, the divine man." On the path of purification we discoverBethlehem, 271:to Calvary. We are human beings, but we are also divine. We are citizens of the kingdom, althoughBethlehem, 271:we have not yet claimed and entered into our divine heritage. Inspiration is pouring in all theBethlehem, 271:forth. He has demonstrated to us our human and divine possibilities, and by accepting the fact ofBethlehem, 271:and by accepting the fact of our dual but divine nature we can begin to aid in the founding andBethlehem, 271:must be the one that incited Christ to all His divine activity - the founding of the new kingdomBethlehem, 276:the sense of belonging elsewhere; there is a divine discontent which must surely have a basis inBethlehem, 277:than anything yet produced, then God is not divine in the sense in which this term is usuallyBethlehem, 277:may have to change in order to express the divine as Christ expressed it, before God can go on toBethlehem, 277:constitute God's crucial experiment. The germ of divine life is in us, but we ourselves haveBethlehem, 277:whole must apply itself to the fostering of the divine life within the racial form. It is our
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