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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIVINE

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Bethlehem, 277:immortal, to unfold that which in ourselves is divine, and whose characteristics can be known byBethlehem, 280:perfection and disappeared from human view. The divine spark in man has always rendered himBethlehem, 282:and mankind has evolved sufficiently, for the divine life within it to surge forth and up to God,Destiny, 5:the will aspect and that ray embodies the divine will-to-good and remains immutable and is - forDestiny, 5:You have, therefore, in the present field of divine expression the following energies manifesting:Destiny, 6:through a new world of beauty and of recognized divine expression; through the outer form, theDestiny, 8:made of these ideas (which are in the nature of divine emanations, embodying the divine plan forDestiny, 8:the nature of divine emanations, embodying the divine plan for planetary progress) will depend theDestiny, 12:and restore confidence in God's plan and its divine love and loveliness. Let us, therefore,Destiny, 13:Lords of Material Expression." This little known divine energy now streams out from the HolyDestiny, 22:from three different centers, but all equally divine in their essential natures, and in theirDestiny, 22:emotional bodies (not your minds) after these divine impulses have filtered through from theDestiny, 23:thought of in their entirety as expressions of divine livingness, as embodying three great stagesDestiny, 24:all these three centers, expressing the three divine aspects, meet simultaneously at various stagesDestiny, 34:that kingdom is the meeting-place of the three divine aspects. The Jew, with his emphasis upon hisDestiny, 34:Jews have failed to hold before the Orient the divine nature of mankind as a whole, for all areDestiny, 34:of mankind as a whole, for all are equally divine and all are the Lord's elect. Calvin and all whoDestiny, 37:and indicating to the race of men their own divine [38] potentialities. In the appearance of theDestiny, 38:In the appearance of the Christ, the divine ideal for the race, as a whole, was presented for theDestiny, 38:Other and earlier Sons of God presented diverse divine qualities and attributes, but in three ofDestiny, 38:and indomitable will stood forth in all their divine power. It might be of interest to you to knowDestiny, 40:It should be here remembered that there are divine [41] attributes and ray characteristics whichDestiny, 41:and so unable to respond to these higher divine qualities. Even the Christ Himself and otherDestiny, 41:Lodge are preparing Themselves to register these divine attributes and consciously to mergeDestiny, 51:de lys, which she adopted centuries ago under divine guidance, which symbol stands for the threeDestiny, 51:guidance, which symbol stands for the three divine aspects in manifestation. The symbol for GreatDestiny, 51:The symbol for Great Britain, under the same divine apportioning, is the three feathers, carried asDestiny, 51:was France is but the guarantee of a glory of divine revelation which lies ahead in the future; itDestiny, 52:intuitional mind is closely allied with the divine aspect of love and understanding, producingDestiny, 56:in wider terms than the feminine aspects of divine manifestation. Destiny, 94:and will lead towards the working out of the divine plan, and thus be wholly constructive. WhereDestiny, 94:will be destructive and may temporarily hinder divine Purpose. Nevertheless, even force which isDestiny, 106:of the world's resources in conformity to divine purpose. Then and only then will it be possible toDestiny, 106:spirit; there is no final extinction of the divine in man, for divinity ever rises triumphant fromDestiny, 107:and that is that the two great groups of divine agents - the Great White Brotherhood and the LodgeDestiny, 107:and their emphasis. One group, under the divine plan, works with the form aspect entirely, and inDestiny, 111:of the time and age. He demonstrated certain divine attributes and concepts which it was necessaryDestiny, 112:which are the main factors in the unfoldment of divine awareness. This awareness can beDestiny, 112:and also spiritual. But all three are equally divine, which is a point oft forgotten. The secondDestiny, 113:the immediate expression of the sixth ray, the divine principle of desire has shifted potently awayDestiny, 115:phases: Instinct to aspiration Stimulation of divine desire The reflection of reality you have theDestiny, 133:the Nations - Spiritual Life in the New Age The divine principle with which the seventh rayDestiny, 138:periodical vehicle - the personality. The third divine aspect - intelligence. The third grade ofDestiny, 138:divine aspect - intelligence. The third grade of divine messenger - Hercules. The sustaining Life,Destiny, 138:for us to bear in mind in so far as they reveal divine quality, spiritual intent and universalDestiny, 138:expression of Saturnian activity as that great divine Life continues His beneficent task. TheDestiny, 139:second periodical vehicle - the soul. The second divine aspect - love-wisdom. The second type orDestiny, 140:in the Hierarchy which is, at present, the divine intermediary, interpreting the will of God, whichDestiny, 140:of Shamballa. It transmits or steps down the divine energy so that safe application to HumanityDestiny, 141:will focus in Him, plus another quality or divine principle of which the race of men as yet knowsDestiny, 141:first major center - the head. The first truly divine race - the final race. The third plane, whichDestiny, 141:periodical vehicle - the monadic. The first divine aspect - will or power. The first or highestDestiny, 148:the sign of Pisces, the Fishes - the sign of the divine Intermediary in the highest sense, or ofDiscipleship1, XIII:he most easily responds and upon which ray or divine emanation he finds himself. He, therefore,Discipleship1, XIII:in the esoteric philosophy that seven great divine Emanations, Aeons or Spirits (in whom we liveDiscipleship1, 18:race, the Masters of the Wisdom who embody the divine plan and the workers mentioned above. I doDiscipleship1, 20:These new groups are centers (or should be) of divine love, magnetic, constructive and pure. See toDiscipleship1, 24:Those Lives who carry out the ideas of the Divine Mind, exist in their graded orders, and with theDiscipleship1, 24:are only reacting to one of the demonstrated divine powers of the Master but not to soul action.Discipleship1, 25:- free from illusion and coming direct from the divine or universal Mind. The unfoldment of thisDiscipleship1, 25:of world evolution and of the unity of the divine objective. All life and all forms are seen thenDiscipleship1, 27:and limitation; they must cultivate that "divine indifference" to personal considerations which isDiscipleship1, 28:there will be poured out upon the world certain divine forces which will vivify and reconstruct,Discipleship1, 38:and [38] transmitters of two aspects of divine energy-knowledge and wisdom. These must be thoughtDiscipleship1, 38:that is lacking in the other branches of this divine group activity. This work is largely first rayDiscipleship1, 38:ray work. It will embody the method whereby the divine Will works out in the consciousness of racesDiscipleship1, 39:great principle of Sharing which ever governs divine purpose. They will [40] be the greatDiscipleship1, 40:work creatively upon the physical plane and the divine Plan may clearly appear as a result of thisDiscipleship1, 51:to the quality of a brother's faults than to his divine characteristics? In what way does criticismDiscipleship1, 59:brother with a complete and carefully developed "divine indifference." Note the use of the wordDiscipleship1, 59:"divine indifference." Note the use of the word "divine," for it holds the clue to the neededDiscipleship1, 66:thoughts so that you can achieve an attitude of divine indifference to the ephemeral and fleetingDiscipleship1, 68:or goal and all will work with the same divine energy, differentiated into varying forces for theDiscipleship1, 88:for what they are, and evoke in you that "divine indifference" which permits the emotion or theDiscipleship1, 89:the ends of the Hierarchy and to carry out the Divine Plan. All the new processes in meditationDiscipleship1, 91:forms - embodying spiritual ideas and divine purpose - that the Masters work and hierarchicalDiscipleship1, 97:will cease. You will find the cultivation of a "divine indifference" (as I have told you severalDiscipleship1, 106:spiritual fulfilment which is your outstanding divine quality and in some ways your main hindrance.Discipleship1, 111:and sensitive awareness to other aspects of the divine life which are - in their place and rightfulDiscipleship1, 111:which are - in their place and rightful use - as divine and as needed and as expressive of divinityDiscipleship1, 111:or regarded as a substitute for other forms of divine expression. Then it produces that which isDiscipleship1, 118:of you, if any, look upon the astral body as a divine expression of reality with its definite andDiscipleship1, 125:in such a manner that you become, in fact, a divine manifestation. Let me here be precise. First,Discipleship1, 129:complex, based largely upon your sense of the divine and not on failure. Ponder on this thoughtDiscipleship1, 129:really are and appreciating, as heretofore, the divine in them to stand aside from them in yourDiscipleship1, 146:things: First, you need to acquire that inner, divine detachment which sees life in its trueDiscipleship1, 147:World Saviors is ever a hard one; the way of the Divine Sensitives is fraught with suffering andDiscipleship1, 148:sympathies from your environment. Practice this divine ignoring for the next six months. BeDiscipleship1, 154:for the more difficult task of achieving divine self-confidence and innate, not borrowed, strength.Discipleship1, 163:channels through which the other four types of divine energy may express themselves. This may beDiscipleship1, 163:express itself through all the seven ways of divine manifestation. You and your associates have -Discipleship1, 194:the medium of the brain, the thoughts of that divine Perceiver. In order to achieve this attitudeDiscipleship1, 194:of evening review... Have the thought of the divine Perceiver as you work over it each day, andDiscipleship1, 213:the following invocation: "May the energy of the divine Self inspire me and the light of the soulDiscipleship1, 225:of humanity, it matters not. The lessons of divine indifference, once mastered, release the soul toDiscipleship1, 226:in the world who could not well intensify his divine love nature, not his astral emotional loveDiscipleship1, 228:creatures; Love pulses through the universe in a divine rhythm. Love is the consciousness of God."Discipleship1, 232:achievement is, in its right place and time, divine achievement. But the point for you to grasp isDiscipleship1, 244:destructive work than a manifestation of the divine purpose of your soul. In your efforts, forDiscipleship1, 252:the teacher has ever to practice the divine art of decentralization. Being by force of
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