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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIVINE

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Discipleship1, 256:to stand detached, comes the power which the divine Observer can wield if he does not identifyDiscipleship1, 260:must continue to struggle. The cultivation of a divine indifference as to where you are and whatDiscipleship1, 265:endeavors to use them for the furthering of the divine plan. Disciples need to enquire, therefore:Discipleship1, 269:integration and to call forth the resources of a divine son of God. I am emphasizing this to you asDiscipleship1, 288:gifts!) is your immediate need. There is a divine aspect to time. I would like to see yourDiscipleship1, 304:this open door. Then say: "May the energy of the divine self inspire me," and feel your entireDiscipleship1, 306:of the Disciples Degree: "May the energy of the divine self inspire me and the light of the soulDiscipleship1, 323:The lesser light of that minor ray (in itself, divine) can shut out the full radiance of your soul.Discipleship1, 326:limitations of your personality. The ecstasy of divine knowledge which you know at times and whichDiscipleship1, 335:It hides the beauty rare; it shrouds the sound divine; it veils the Word incarnate." "The willDiscipleship1, 335:sweeps around the world upon the wings of love divine. It sweeps throughout the universal world; itDiscipleship1, 343:are well grounded in the academic side of the divine art and know more than do your fellow groupDiscipleship1, 348:are basically weakened and you have learnt a "divine distrust" of the reactions of the little selfDiscipleship1, 357:of realizing that because one does embody some divine attribute in some measure - large or small -Discipleship1, 357:This is the basis of the doctrine of Avatars or Divine Messengers. The gift of Being and the giftDiscipleship1, 365:will of God. I seek no other way but the Way of Divine Fulfilment. I lose myself within the groupDiscipleship1, 371:have to be taught the way of strength and of divine carelessness before their service can measureDiscipleship1, 375:will towards directed orientation. The divine aspect of your personality this life and the majorDiscipleship1, 376:in a similar manner and then say: Let this divine intelligent Will govern my heart, and lead me inDiscipleship1, 376:take six long breaths and then say: Let this divine intelligent loving Will direct my brain andDiscipleship1, 429:or earlier in the evening if more suitable, use divine indifference as a theme for review. Will youDiscipleship1, 430:ON INDIFFERENCE What constitutes a review on divine Indifference? Am I confusing it withDiscipleship1, 430:thing to try out now? Can I be indifferent in a divine way whilst using it? What are the reasonsDiscipleship1, 430:it? What are the reasons for any belief that divine indifference is the way for me to tread today?Discipleship1, 431:attachments? As I review this day, what part has divine indifference played in it? Have I spokenDiscipleship1, 431:my lower nature. Therefore: How much part does divine indifference play in this redemption process?Discipleship1, 433:by a loving spirit and qualified by that divine indifference, the acquiring of which has been yourDiscipleship1, 439:key to much release for you. When that form of divine indifference is active in your life andDiscipleship1, 440:outer usefulness? The Law of Acceptance is a divine law and releases from glamor, freeing the soulDiscipleship1, 445:a light which reveals these higher patterns or divine ideas. Do I know anything of this? I mean,Discipleship1, 452:consciousness of humanity and that is the way of divine intervention. With this I do not intend toDiscipleship1, 460:the darkness into day. I see the blue of life divine pour through the form, healing and soothing.Discipleship1, 462:to lead you more and more into the way of the divine psychologist; it is to the service ofDiscipleship1, 503:you are learning the occult significance of divine indifference. Your desired focus is not withinDiscipleship1, 505:work you imagine to yourself the pouring in of divine energy (which is a creative function, myDiscipleship1, 512:discussing reality or a temporary failure in a divine expression? Is your reaction to people inDiscipleship1, 522:an attitude of spiritual indifference or of divine carelessness and emotional detachment. UponDiscipleship1, 523:I dedicate myself. 5th month - With carelessness divine, I face my daily life, knowing that all isDiscipleship1, 523:Way, I dedicate myself. 6th month - With true divine indifference I shoulder every load that comesDiscipleship1, 542:to use all acquired knowledge of the "form divine" in such a way that the inner life is served andDiscipleship1, 542:form becomes the magnetic expression of the divine life. It is the ray of intelligent love aboveDiscipleship1, 547:You, the personal self, and the Angel, the divine Self, are one essential Reality, manifestingDiscipleship1, 548:the following invocation: "May the energy of the divine Self inspire and the light of the SoulDiscipleship1, 554:a dynamic will, my brother and friend. These are divine assets. As you yourself well realize, youDiscipleship1, 554:As you yourself well realize, you hinder their divine expression through a failure to love enough.Discipleship1, 557:planned effort to transcend it. This process of "divine imposition" gradually brings in the healingDiscipleship1, 557:and not to feel as a personality. It is this divine pouring in of the soul's quality of life whichDiscipleship1, 559:love which life sustains. I see the love of life divine pour through the form, my own and others.Discipleship1, 566:the direct representation of this line of divine energy. As you will naturally see, thisDiscipleship1, 603:soul. I stand in the light that comes from that divine source. I seek to walk in truth, sincerityDiscipleship1, 605:or to realize yourself as the soul, as divine, as the Christ within. This will take the highestDiscipleship1, 621:ray destroyers work - and it is all part of the divine work. To you, my brother, I would say (andDiscipleship1, 624:aspect, as it expresses itself in the "fire of divine compassion," you only respond in a secondaryDiscipleship1, 632:works from soul levels which are the levels of divine love. He motivates the mind with love,Discipleship1, 652:Men warm themselves before my fire. The radiance divine shines forth through me." 6th month - "MayDiscipleship1, 655:I meet. I stand erect through love and strength divine. I manifest the nature of a Son of God. ThusDiscipleship1, 661:to others and ignoring your reactions with a divine indifference. Discipleship1, 661:so easily all be changed, if you learnt that divine indifference which you need - indifference toDiscipleship1, 680:the physical mechanism will be required, plus a divine indifference to personal feeling and healthDiscipleship1, 683:the world those thoughts and those formulated divine ideas, those concepts and significances whichDiscipleship1, 698:his plans through the medium of the group. Under divine law, he may not work alone; he cannot workDiscipleship1, 699:slowly responding to the world plan and to the divine intent for humanity. [700] Finally, when theDiscipleship1, 706:placed in positions of power to carry out the divine plan is one of the first to be faced. ThisDiscipleship1, 714:is established or created between these two divine aspects. As time goes on, there appears in theDiscipleship1, 718:On the buddhic plane, the plane of the divine intuition, these lower three expressions and theirDiscipleship1, 737:day to day in world affairs; it requires also a "divine indifference" to outer events in the lifeDiscipleship1, 741:life. Disciples, however, put no aspect of the divine manifestation outside their range ofDiscipleship1, 741:psychism in its lowest phases is a part of the divine expression and is of an essentially higherDiscipleship1, 742:the medium of the form so as to produce a divine manifestation. The world today is entering a phaseDiscipleship1, 746:and engrossed in the fulfilment of the divine Plan to the best of his ability. It is the reward, ifDiscipleship1, 754:the Hierarchy radiates the quality of the second divine aspect, just as the all-inclusive AshramDiscipleship1, 756:in any given cycle, of the working out of the divine Will. This aspect of the Master's radiatoryDiscipleship1, 764:evolutionary process. They describe the divine inspiration to which all human beings are subjectedDiscipleship2, 4:deep inner integration and the activity of the divine nature in each of you is more definitelyDiscipleship2, 14:power to achieve identification with any form of divine expression; understanding is one of theDiscipleship2, 24:the physical plane. It is service which causes a divine manifestation or what you call a divineDiscipleship2, 24:causes a divine manifestation or what you call a divine incarnation. If a man is truly serving, heDiscipleship2, 31:that will, and it is the strength of the divine Power which makes that will possible. Strength isDiscipleship2, 47:"good." The will-to-good is the basic quality of divine Purpose, involving planned activity and aDiscipleship2, 48:and there has been interference with the divine circulatory flow. It is the task of the disciplesDiscipleship2, 61:to Humanity, and therefore of the second divine aspect to the third. Can Humanity take thisDiscipleship2, 71:proceed. One of you asked a question concerning divine intervention as a result of prayer, and IDiscipleship2, 71:point out that there is a distinction between Divine Intervention and Answered Prayer. One admitsDiscipleship2, 71:importuned to racial need. This is secondary to Divine Intervention which isolates the few and usesDiscipleship2, 78:world has also to gauge the existent phase of divine expression in the disciple's daily life. ByDiscipleship2, 123:is now to lift the lower self into the light divine. This light I am. Therefore, I must descend toDiscipleship2, 134:of the impression is the will, as it implements divine purpose. I am therefore indicating a farDiscipleship2, 137:and even today by the man in the street; divine purpose, however, implemented or engineered by theDiscipleship2, 137:however, implemented or engineered by the divine will, eludes as yet the most advanced. The work ofDiscipleship2, 138:the angle of cooperation with the Plan, with the divine Will and Purpose. It is with these highestDiscipleship2, 141:towards the field of service. I, the Triangle divine, work out that will Within the square andDiscipleship2, 149:Earth. This will happen when the purpose of the divine Will, and the plan which will implement it,Discipleship2, 154:coming to him from various levels of the divine consciousness and awareness. Become aware of theDiscipleship2, 154:the majority, at present, the knowledge of the divine thought (as registered by disciples, as itDiscipleship2, 154:forever dependent upon the transmission of the divine thought to him by those more advanced thanDiscipleship2, 156:to include in his thinking more and more of the divine conclusions. I use this word in its esotericDiscipleship2, 156:from the point of view that it embodies the divine intent and summarizes the conclusions of theDiscipleship2, 158:refers to one or other of the three aspects of divine energy, plus a reference to humanity itselfDiscipleship2, 158:unparalleled in any other differentiation of the divine Life. In humanity all lines and aspectsDiscipleship2, 158:to the Mind of God as a focal point for the divine light. This refers to the soul of all things.
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