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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIVINE

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Discipleship2, 158:soul of humanity. It is an aspect of the divine manifestation to which that great Son of God refersDiscipleship2, 158:transmitting agency of love to every form in the divine manifestation. Upon the essentially "lovingDiscipleship2, 159:and opportunity. Here and here alone can all the divine qualities - in time and space - expressDiscipleship2, 159:humanity, alone and unaided (except by the divine Spirit in every human being), can the "door whereDiscipleship2, 159:in the sense that it invokes all the three divine aspects. It is synthetic in its approach. This isDiscipleship2, 160:an utterance. [160] In Lemurian times, the third divine aspect, that of Intelligence, was invokedDiscipleship2, 160:"era of invocation" occurred and the second divine aspect of Love became a possible unfoldment,Discipleship2, 164:brought about by the gradual engendering of the divine idea in the human consciousness. AboveDiscipleship2, 164:are enough people aware of the possibility of divine enlightenment and of the interdependenceDiscipleship2, 164:among spiritual people is overcome. There is divine indication of coming events and a plannedDiscipleship2, 166:capacity to live his life in the light of the divine Presence. All mystics have been able to doDiscipleship2, 167:truth that only through Humanity itself can the divine Plan work out. This Plan calls mankind toDiscipleship2, 167:and evil - pure Materialism and selfishness; the divine purpose will then, through the changedDiscipleship2, 168:call for or appeal to the three aspects of divine life which are universally recognized - the mindDiscipleship2, 169:"light streams forth into the minds of men" the divine plan will be more widely sensed and theDiscipleship2, 170:falls into two categories: that of invoking divine aid (to use Christian phraseology) and then -Discipleship2, 170:Ideas are simply channels for new and desired divine energies; ideals are these ideas changed orDiscipleship2, 172:will in humanity and the recognition of the divine will by the Hierarchy. There is little that canDiscipleship2, 172:will can be brought into conformity with the divine will, even though that may not be understood.Discipleship2, 172:Even from the angle of the Hierarchy, the divine will as it is essentially remains the greatDiscipleship2, 172:the purpose; the purpose is that aspect of the divine will which seeks immediate expression onDiscipleship2, 173:Christ himself struggled with the problem of the divine will, and addressed himself to the Monad atDiscipleship2, 175:of loving energy within the stream of Love divine. I am a point of sacrificial Fire, focused withinDiscipleship2, 176:towards the field of service. I, the Triangle divine, work out that will Within the square andDiscipleship2, 177:first one started with the heart, as must all divine expression and all true creative work. NextDiscipleship2, 177:and thus present no obstacle to the inflow of divine energy. These three meditations are of majorDiscipleship2, 185:is the presentation to humanity of the basic divine ideas; in this manner they mould human idealsDiscipleship2, 189:therefore have: The Vertical Life God, or the divine Reality, veiled by all forms. The polarDiscipleship2, 189:opposite to this, i.e., the matter in which this divine nature is expressed. The method, based onDiscipleship2, 190:The goodwill of the masses is based on innate divine tendency; that of the disciple is based onDiscipleship2, 192:his degree of discipleship permits - the three divine aspects: the Will aspect, governing his workDiscipleship2, 196:bring down from Shamballa that understanding of divine Purpose [197] which will precipitate as theDiscipleship2, 197:and arrive also at a selfless formulation of the divine Plan which will implement divine Purpose inDiscipleship2, 197:of the divine Plan which will implement divine Purpose in the world, is likewise an expansion ofDiscipleship2, 198:and the perfected consummation of the third divine aspect, that of intelligent activity, and - as IDiscipleship2, 198:of the Universal Mind. It is the essential, divine Prompter, the predominant creative agent, andDiscipleship2, 209:Mind of the Logos) the ultimate result of the divine Will-to-Good. 3. Shamballa, with its life andDiscipleship2, 209:center which expresses in time and space all the divine aspects - sometimes in latency andDiscipleship2, 209:Here lies the clue to the entire mystery of divine guidance, and here is also to be found theDiscipleship2, 209:here is also to be found the guarantee of the divine Will-to-Good. [210] 4. The Nirmanakayas, theDiscipleship2, 210:Will-to-Good. [210] 4. The Nirmanakayas, the divine Contemplative. This is the receptive groupDiscipleship2, 210:service: In active contemplation of the divine Purpose. In a developed receptivity to that aspectDiscipleship2, 210:must be expressed through the medium of the divine Plan, and thus presented to the Hierarchy. InDiscipleship2, 211:They embody and express the love aspect of the divine purpose; they wield, direct and control theDiscipleship2, 211:worlds. Much is known by you anent this group of divine and spiritual Workers, and I will notDiscipleship2, 211:meditation is the Plan, as it embodies the divine Purpose. 6. The New Group of World Servers isDiscipleship2, 213:and also dedicated to the comprehension of the divine Purpose as it works out through the spiritualDiscipleship2, 213:kingdoms in nature. From the human family, all divine Lives and Beings have come; in humanity theDiscipleship2, 216:reflection of humanity upon the fact of divine Transcendence and divine Immanence. It isDiscipleship2, 216:upon the fact of divine Transcendence and divine Immanence. It is implemented by the worldDiscipleship2, 216:that path of return to the center or source of divine life to which the world religions and theDiscipleship2, 216:wherein these new values can, under the divine Plan, flourish; it is focused on that immediateDiscipleship2, 219:The first Ray of Will or Power (the Ray of the divine Destroyer) is already actively working,Discipleship2, 221:effects upon the objective, tangible plane of divine manifestation. Money is not yet used divinely,Discipleship2, 223:can now do their little share in bringing the divine Purpose into manifestation, because they haveDiscipleship2, 224:mankind has to learn. Worship, or recognition of divine Transcendence and divine ImmanenceDiscipleship2, 224:or recognition of divine Transcendence and divine Immanence underlies all the mass recognition ofDiscipleship2, 227:attempting to blend your personal will with the divine Will. Then say stanza three of theDiscipleship2, 232:orienting to each other; it has never been the divine plan that all nations and races shouldDiscipleship2, 233:of lives by those whose task it is to wield the divine laws and enforce them. Freedom of the willDiscipleship2, 233:but not in relation to the final and inevitable divine results at the end of the immense worldDiscipleship2, 235:were simply phases of cooperation with the divine Plan. Individualism was fostered and groupDiscipleship2, 236:of the personality are the worlds of the third divine aspect and the creation of thought-formDiscipleship2, 243:suffer from their failure to develop that divine indifference which is the hallmark of the trueDiscipleship2, 251:as a unit, and the distant subtle world of divine intent? I say no more in this connection. IDiscipleship2, 257:To contact the Master at will. To develop divine indifference. In connection with the formulas, twoDiscipleship2, 258:the short range and the long range angle, of the divine Plan. The revelation which is accorded atDiscipleship2, 260:so that the Plan for humanity and the divine Purpose in relation to the planet become increasinglyDiscipleship2, 265:Whole and yet the part. This is the organ of the divine Will or Power, the Eye, through whoseDiscipleship2, 268:aspect. It is concerned with the revelation of divine Purpose, and is therefore related toDiscipleship2, 272:the firmly fixed habits of all "points of [272] divine expression." You can see, therefore, why itDiscipleship2, 272:of will and related to the carrying forward of divine purpose. You can appreciate, consequently,Discipleship2, 273:the point at the center - with the source of divine inspiration, which is one for all types, allDiscipleship2, 274:into certain high places where the nature of the divine Will suddenly assumes a different andDiscipleship2, 285:and human progress (as a whole) towards the divine. You cannot yet think in those terms, but youDiscipleship2, 286:of the planetary Logos. It is the highest divine aspect which the initiate finally manifests, priorDiscipleship2, 291:worlds, of the kingdom of God and of the divine plan. 3. The center within the One Life which weDiscipleship2, 292:astral plane, and therefore into the world of divine sentiency, of which we can have no possibleDiscipleship2, 292:the powers of the Monad. These are related to divine purpose and to the world in which Sanat KumaraDiscipleship2, 298:He does not realize that the will is that divine aspect in man that puts him en rapport with andDiscipleship2, 298:puts him en rapport with and then controlled by divine purpose, intelligently understood in timeDiscipleship2, 298:is the cultivation of the recognition of the divine Plan down the ages. This produces a sense ofDiscipleship2, 299:the subjective existence of a power or divine faculty hitherto not consciously used by disciplesDiscipleship2, 302:task of "modifying, qualifying, and adapting the divine plan." Why has this to be so? This is aDiscipleship2, 302:nature of the microcosm and the macrocosm, as to divine Purpose and the spiritual Plan, as toDiscipleship2, 303:is reached, the idea of direction will take on divine significance. Here is a second hint on theDiscipleship2, 304:you to realize the essential simplicity of all divine processes and to note the ultimate fact thatDiscipleship2, 305:the student, plus revelation as to some of the divine objectives which are wider and of greater andDiscipleship2, 306:reveal what is on the way as the result of the divine thought and are not pictorial presentationsDiscipleship2, 306:out into progressive demonstration of the divine intention as it assumes form? This intention is aDiscipleship2, 307:we have primarily considered the effect of this divine Intention, Purpose and Plan upon Humanity,Discipleship2, 310:slowly and with due care, in conformity with the divine blueprints and in response to a sensitiveDiscipleship2, 311:sensitivity, every phase of approach to the divine unfoldment, and all expansions of consciousness,Discipleship2, 313:the Arcana of Wisdom, the Mind of God, the third divine Aspect. This is essentially what is coveredDiscipleship2, 320:of "modifying, qualifying and adapting the divine Plan." Why is this so? Why is the Plan notDiscipleship2, 322:309-10) note how all of them concern the first divine aspect, starting with the initial energy setDiscipleship2, 326:if all right conditions are fulfiled. A new divine quality (as yet unrevealed and which we wouldDiscipleship2, 342:As I work, do I see an increasing vision of divine intention, and do I know practically more than IDiscipleship2, 344:that he has succeeded in grasping some great divine idea. In the five formulas with which you wereDiscipleship2, 344:formulas with which you were presented, five divine ideas were given to you. They were apparently
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