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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIVINE

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Discipleship2, 344:a major governing concept. These concepts are divine ideas, brought down into human thought-forms,Discipleship2, 345:a deeper understanding of the first grouping of divine ideas. These five formulas hold withinDiscipleship2, 345:with the first aspect, with the Will. Relates to divine Purpose. Shamballa. Formula VI... ConcernsDiscipleship2, 346:can receive and bear it - five aspects of divine activity; these are in the nature of five modes orDiscipleship2, 347:mark eventually the recognition by the Master of divine Purpose; it is also shown how that purposeDiscipleship2, 348:lowest of the three possible recognitions anent divine Purpose. The others have nothing to do withDiscipleship2, 348:but concern the implementing factors of the divine thinking. I know not how else to express theseDiscipleship2, 350:of the disciple or group into areas of divine expression, hitherto unrealized. Initiates, in theDiscipleship2, 350:has made possible; they can be admitted into divine areas of consciousness which are conditionedDiscipleship2, 350:are conditioned and brought into being, not by divine ideas but by the divine Will (theirDiscipleship2, 350:into being, not by divine ideas but by the divine Will (their perception of that Will will beDiscipleship2, 350:is the hierarchical mode of implementing the divine Will, plus the Purpose which is perceived byDiscipleship2, 351:Hierarchy is tremendously enhanced; areas of the divine perception, clothing divine purpose, areDiscipleship2, 351:areas of the divine perception, clothing divine purpose, are steadily being revealed. Revelation isDiscipleship2, 352:disciples and initiates into new areas of the divine consciousness and into a closer rapport withDiscipleship2, 352:be brought about: A closer linking of the three divine centers (Shamballa, the Hierarchy andDiscipleship2, 352:the Hierarchy and Humanity) so that the flow of divine energy will be increasingly unimpeded, andDiscipleship2, 353:and disciples of all degrees in all three divine centers. Like everything else that happens uponDiscipleship2, 353:and of group endeavor is right and part of the divine plan; its implementation by grasping greedyDiscipleship2, 360:Ashram. His ability to use a measure of the true divine Will as it pours through the Ashram fromDiscipleship2, 365:Formula 5. Concerns the Will and is related to divine purpose. It conditions the establishing ofDiscipleship2, 365:to the universal. Evolutionary processes from divine Purpose into plan and then into manifestation.Discipleship2, 366:is increasingly known as an expression of the divine initial purpose. The section upon formulas isDiscipleship2, 368:it is not distant but is a real aspect of his divine equipment - I know not how else to expressDiscipleship2, 371:by the Hierarchy, under the inspiration of the divine Purpose and directed towards the carrying outDiscipleship2, 371:wise to remember that the Plan is as much of the divine Purpose as can be brought into expressionDiscipleship2, 372:of the initiatory process - the nature of the divine Plan, as it can be seen working out on variousDiscipleship2, 373:in three ways as they endeavor to implement the divine Plan: They formulate, deliberately and inDiscipleship2, 374:initiate relates to the carrying forward of the divine Plan upon the physical plane and to theDiscipleship2, 377:and segregated from the sumtotal which the Divine Thinker, Sanat Kumara, has created, and withDiscipleship2, 377:of the astral plane from the six planes of divine creation. I would ask you to remember, brother ofDiscipleship2, 378:He discovers that he must learn the divine nature of the destroying aspect of the Will; he learnsDiscipleship2, 379:in implementing the evolutionary aspect of the divine purpose. In all these points of revelationDiscipleship2, 379:all unintelligent acceptance of the inscrutable divine [380] Will; it posits also the need for painDiscipleship2, 380:of the submission of the human will to the divine Will; however, little or no teaching is given ofDiscipleship2, 384:on its being the expression of the second divine aspect, that the hierarchical mentality (if I mayDiscipleship2, 385:to another imparts a gradual unveiling of the divine Purpose, as it expresses itself through theDiscipleship2, 387:exceptions. The "area of promise" wherein the divine thought is projected, directed and held trueDiscipleship2, 388:task of "modifying, qualifying and adapting the divine Plan" simultaneously. Why is this so? Why isDiscipleship2, 389:task of 'modifying, qualifying and adapting the divine Plan' simultaneously. Why is this so? Why isDiscipleship2, 390:group intention and to the furthering of the divine Plan. The apprehension of this Plan by theDiscipleship2, 393:goes on and (in the long last) that which is the divine idea does emerge as an accepted ideal and,Discipleship2, 396:radiant centers of light which - founded by the divine Creator - are the sources of life and theDiscipleship2, 398:of the prisoner of the planet" (i.e., the divine, spiritual man) lies in the fact that, after theDiscipleship2, 398:is known." It is an elementary revelation of the divine Purpose which is given at the thirdDiscipleship2, 401:of Renunciation - of another phase of the divine, conditioning Will. He has begun to recognize andDiscipleship2, 402:the building which is distinctive of the second divine aspect - that of Love-Wisdom. It is strictlyDiscipleship2, 403:its building technique, a capacity to work with divine Purpose and with those substances (ethericDiscipleship2, 403:Son possible, so that it is utterly in line with divine Purpose. Another angle of this process,Discipleship2, 404:progressing point of light." That point in the divine consciousness which can be called (for ourDiscipleship2, 404:and of form is carried forward by the second divine aspect. Of this procedure I can tell youDiscipleship2, 406:the work done on the two highest planes of divine unfoldment, and comes to its focus and its fullDiscipleship2, 415:he has as yet no real experience of this highest divine aspect. His developing intelligence is theDiscipleship2, 415:his understanding of love, the second divine aspect, is also in the experimental stage and hisDiscipleship2, 420:effect of the inflowing spiritual life and the divine will upon the two differing types ofDiscipleship2, 421:means to the planetary Logos - those fields of divine activity which lie outside our planetaryDiscipleship2, 422:the initiate, and in the unfoldment of the three divine aspects of intelligence, love and will, theDiscipleship2, 422:includes in his thinking this new area of the divine Life to which any particular initiation canDiscipleship2, 425:[425] and proper reality of sacrifice in the divine scheme of revelation. The fifth point ofDiscipleship2, 425:the seventh ray, then the highest aspect of the divine light can penetrate down into the physicalDiscipleship2, 425:the "light supernal" upon the highest levels of divine expression, but that revealing light onlyDiscipleship2, 426:of the possibility of the effectiveness of these divine proposals was the giving out of the NewDiscipleship2, 428:of all the seven rays (custodians of the divine purpose) promotes. We are therefore, my brothers,Discipleship2, 431:is essentially a penetration into areas of the divine consciousness which are not within the normalDiscipleship2, 432:He is either penetrating into new areas of divine awareness and penetrating deeply into the Mind ofDiscipleship2, 432:that which is needed in any immediate field of divine activity. Occult obedience is in reality theDiscipleship2, 434:can be precipitating centers of energy under the divine Plan and in accordance with the divineDiscipleship2, 434:under the divine Plan and in accordance with the divine Purpose. The word "revelation" is one thatDiscipleship2, 436:as a definite revelation the "light of the divine Purpose," and this happens in such a way that theDiscipleship2, 436:this happens in such a way that the light of the divine Mind or the divine Intelligence becomesDiscipleship2, 436:a way that the light of the divine Mind or the divine Intelligence becomes available for thisDiscipleship2, 438:of small importance in the vast scheme of the divine life. Can you grasp anything of what I meanDiscipleship2, 443:something you can do unusually well. The gift of divine inspiration, as it can be used to affectDiscipleship2, 444:leads to direct transference of energy; develop divine indifference as to your form of service andDiscipleship2, 444:monadic influence is predominantly that of the divine, purposeful [445] will. The expression ofDiscipleship2, 445:manipulates and arranges in accordance with divine purpose. This is not the same kind of magnetismDiscipleship2, 454:and bring about - under the Law of Ritual and of Divine Ceremonial - new phases of work. These areDiscipleship2, 460:your brothers. You need to acquire that divine indifference which leaves the soul free to serve -Discipleship2, 461:astral body which enables you to express that divine indifference to feeling and to personalDiscipleship2, 472:This makes what is sometimes called the "seven divine sorrows"; these are symbolically and mostDiscipleship2, 497:ray disciple, until he learns to preserve his divine sense of "unified identity" whilst merging, atDiscipleship2, 512:must be ended through the cultivation of that divine indifference which changes or shifts theDiscipleship2, 513:The power of sense realization must become divine wisdom through surety. Vision must give place toDiscipleship2, 517:in reality constitute one great expression of divine planning and purpose. It is in this connectionDiscipleship2, 518:that of the World Saviors; they become the divine Psychologists and World Teachers. The ChristDiscipleship2, 521:plan of the soul, of that will to [521] the divine Will, of your spiritual will to the group will,Discipleship2, 550:the limitations of his equipment, plus a [550] divine indifference - he drops the possessiveness ofDiscipleship2, 555:you? Govern yourself always "as if" [555] your divine comprehension was perfected and the result inDiscipleship2, 569:and of love. You recognize your personality as a divine server. If you follow this apparently veryDiscipleship2, 569:I may so call it) of esoteric truth and of the divine consciousness. We are forever linked asDiscipleship2, 583:required to make it effectively creative; this divine creativity will express itself when all ofDiscipleship2, 645:three contacts you have the three aspects of divine expression appearing - from [646] the angle ofDiscipleship2, 646:pour into you. Thus all the three aspects of the divine nature can pour into you and meet withDiscipleship2, 646:thus you can become subservient to the divine. Ponder on this and seek to establish these contactsDiscipleship2, 663:the keynote of your personality life, and that divine indifference is your quality objective. DoDiscipleship2, 663:you have learnt the meaning of pain, and again divine indifference is your goal. You have made manyDiscipleship2, 668:to present a balanced instrument to the Divine Organizer of their future work. Just what this workDiscipleship2, 683:and protection. It is the stimulating power of divine love which I seek to pour out upon you andDiscipleship2, 689:however, be indicating the need to foster some divine quality, to move some latent spiritualDiscipleship2, 691:5th month... Recognition. The mode of divine Relationship. 6th month... Identification. The key to
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