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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIVINE

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Discipleship2, 691:I develop the power to recognize the new, the divine, and the reality which is already here? FromDiscipleship2, 695:and from the purpose angle, as well as that of divine identification. Please use the processDiscipleship2, 695:can be consciously used. In this way, great divine potencies can be used, and as one abstractionDiscipleship2, 735:and are driven by longing to find peace, joy and divine assurance. After the cycle of lives inDiscipleship2, 744:strength and of understanding. Imagine next that divine flow sweeping through your mind and yourDiscipleship2, 758:ago, this theme of liberation, of a desirable divine loneliness, and of a search for a note thatEducation, xii:and is indicative of the livingness of the inner divine entity. The spirit of man is undying; itEducation, xii:unfolding steadily and sequentially the divine attributes and aspects. [2] The three points of ourEducation, 18:Psychology), the soul is an aspect of the divine energy in time and space. We are told that theEducation, 18:consciousness. The life principle - the flow of divine energy through all forms - temporarilyEducation, 24:energies are tinged and qualified by distinctive divine attributes, and that each human beingEducation, 27:and at some central focal point in all forms of divine expression. Naught is and naught remains butEducation, 27:different, which only emerges as a third divine manifestation, after the union of the basicEducation, 52:era and institute a new goal, wherein another divine principle was enabled to come intoEducation, 53:and gave to the people an expression of a new divine aspect, that of love. The Buddha culminatedEducation, 53:of love." Both ages embody and express two major divine principles. Thus the new education has beenEducation, 64:and (from the angle or point of view of certain divine Observers) definitely tangible and formed ofEducation, 67:[67] and into hitherto unknown phases of the divine consciousness. Esotericism is not, however,Education, 99:in themselves are essentially human reactions to divine ideas; they are consequently not entirelyEducation, 103:perceptive awareness which is the goal of all divine and hierarchical effort. The goal is not forEducation, 104:is desirable and right and contained within the divine plan. It is of course entirely true that theEducation, 106:The general result is, however, in line with the divine plan and undoubtedly good. The growingEducation, 112:Sensitivity to world suffering is a great and divine characteristic; when, however, it is qualifiedEducation, 112:confusing the real issue and blinding men to the divine facts. I would remind you that theEducation, 128:that of the animal has developed, through the divine imposition of the Law of Necessity. This lawEducation, 132:reached perfection and achieved the status of divine servers. Those souls who are in the processesEducation, 136:particular souls, thus rendering service to the divine plan. 3. The science of eugenics and of sexEducation, 138:and scientific interrelation, that form of divine manifestation to which the name "the Kingdom ofEducation, 141:willingness of these related parts of a great divine whole to see the personality subjected toEducation, 141:will facilitate the emergence of certain great divine characteristics. These will, in due time,Education, 146:others. Between group and group. Later, when the divine Plan has become a reality to him, betweenExternalisation, 4:which flows through these focal points of the Divine Will will have a dual effect and beExternalisation, 7:of immortality and a fresh revelation of the divine potencies in the human being. Thus is the NewExternalisation, 8:into the following two groups: Higher Psychism: Divine - Controlled - Positive - IntelligentlyExternalisation, 8:They are the product of the activity of the divine soul in man, which takes the form of what weExternalisation, 9:past and the future, are the prerogatives of the divine soul. These higher powers come into playExternalisation, 13:Spiritualistic Movement to lay the emphasis on divine expression and not so much on phenomena; letExternalisation, 28:called. One illumined mind would sense the divine idea, needed for the growth of the racialExternalisation, 29:the race has been guided has been a human-divine consciousness; the medium has been a PersonalityExternalisation, 35:expression, through consciousness, of the divine life. The first three groups which I have formedExternalisation, 37:understanding. This is the normal technique of a divine and free manasaputra. This is all madeExternalisation, 42:involves: The bringing through of healing divine energy. The exclusion of the astral world, andExternalisation, 55:called Transcendental Mysticism. The fact of the divine quality of the Forces in nature and in manExternalisation, 55:in man and the method of their utilization for divine purposes by man. This might be calledExternalisation, 56:complete expression, plus the allied fact of the divine nature and work of the planetary Hierarchy,Externalisation, 56:(See Glamor: A World Problem). As we study the divine Approaches, we shall see that they involveExternalisation, 60:could deflect much of this form of concretized divine energy into constructive channels and "waysExternalisation, 72:all five of the powerful energies that the Divine Plan can materialize, and the close of thisExternalisation, 72:planetary center through which one of the three divine aspects, Intelligence, is expressing itself,Externalisation, 72:and must be thought of as expressions of divine livingness, as embodying three stages in theExternalisation, 74:is becoming, during this century, expressively divine. The two other forces which tend to increaseExternalisation, 77:mind that that system was occupied with [77] the divine aspects of matter only and with externalExternalisation, 79:nature is pure love, realized synthesis and divine potency. It is essential, however, in spite ofExternalisation, 81:one of the deepest human characteristics and our divine inheritance. These are the things which, itExternalisation, 87:of planetary interest upon the form side of divine expression. They are concerned with the life ofExternalisation, 87:at its present stage of development, that divine aspect should have lost its major [88] hold andExternalisation, 88:definitely producing cleavage as a part of the divine plan. The Jews are instruments in the workingExternalisation, 89:Shamballa. [89] I. The Shamballa energy. The divine purpose. Expression: Sanat Kumara. PlanetaryExternalisation, 89:New. Destroys. Will. II. Hierarchical energy. Divine love-wisdom. Expressions: Buddha and Christ.Externalisation, 89:Builds. Love-Wisdom. III. Humanity's energy. Divine intelligence. Expression: Many people today.Externalisation, 98:This intuition is a blend of the two divine qualities of buddhi-manas, or intuitive spiritualExternalisation, 98:innate recognition of the lower aspects of the divine Plan as it must affect life in the threeExternalisation, 98:and self-centered, regards this Plan as the divine Plan for man, but - as the seed groups grow andExternalisation, 100:which is man's feeble interpretation of the divine energies with which he will some day salvage theExternalisation, 103:to egoic levels. If the inner kingdom of divine realities is to demonstrate upon earth, it willExternalisation, 107:Lords of Material Expression." This little known divine energy now streams out from Shamballa. ItExternalisation, 115:the unknown. Both of these produce the great and divine transition from the past into the future,Externalisation, 118:conflict would not be taking place. But the divine plan of evolution was based upon the productionExternalisation, 118:free state of existence in order to develop full divine awareness upon earth, through the medium ofExternalisation, 118:the use of the principle of mind. This was the divine plan, emanating from the Mind of God andExternalisation, 118:when the sons of God who responded to the divine urge to experience, to serve and to sacrifice,Externalisation, 123:Emphasis has, however, been rightly placed upon divine interference and intervention; thisExternalisation, 125:undue safeguarding but should express its major divine characteristics. Of these, free will and theExternalisation, 125:and qualities of free will but not the divine principle of free will per se. Of that we know as yetExternalisation, 131:and immediate expression of the three divine aspects, each of which inspires and colors theExternalisation, 145:results which are always in line with the divine Plan. It is frequently forgotten that they must beExternalisation, 150:evoke contact with the spiritual Lives and the divine embodied Energies as well as with theExternalisation, 150:and the qualities of the subjective and inner divine life which all outer forms veil. This is nowExternalisation, 151:set up a closer relation with the third, major divine center on our planet, Shamballa. From thatExternalisation, 151:upon the physical plane a hastening of the divine plan and a more rapid working out of that whichExternalisation, 155:solar system via Jupiter as the transmitter of divine energies from Virgo and Aquarius whichExternalisation, 158:upon what is occultly called the second plane of divine manifestation. These Forces include theExternalisation, 158:God." They include also the three Agents of the Divine Triplicity Who are known, esoterically andExternalisation, 159:Peace be spread abroad, is that mysterious and divine Entity with Whom the Christ came into touchExternalisation, 161:Humanity, becomes creative and magnetic, and two divine aspects - intelligence and love - willExternalisation, 161:will of God as it affects humanity and works out divine intent. It is for this reason that theExternalisation, 162:He then focused in Himself the two major divine attributes and aspects - will and loveExternalisation, 164:right development; the future of wonder and of divine possibility appears - its results contingentExternalisation, 165:is capable, swinging, as it does, all the three divine aspects into a simultaneous activity in lineExternalisation, 165:understood the basic, motivating power behind divine expression in our solar system. TheologiansExternalisation, 165:terms of the human mind and not in terms of the divine mind. Forgiveness is sacrifice, and is theExternalisation, 165:to participate in that will and its spirit of divine sacrifice. Manifestation is itself the GreatExternalisation, 180:back of civilization, the thwarting of the divine purposes of the human spirit, the negating of allExternalisation, 186:the secrets of nature; some realization of divine responsibility lies behind the philanthropy, theExternalisation, 186:significance of God, the registering of man's divine potentialities, and the increasing capacity toExternalisation, 187:can lead man on to a fuller expression of his divine potentialities. All is evil which drives manExternalisation, 188:because Germany regards Christianity and its divine Founder as effeminate and weak, as emphasizingExternalisation, 192:right education, and on the recognition of divine potentialities in man as well as the recognitionExternalisation, 192:in man as well as the recognition of a divine directing Intelligence in Whom man lives, and movesExternalisation, 201:on a widespread recognition of a universal divine Intelligence or of God (by whatever name the
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