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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIVINE

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Fire, 97:point we might almost fail to recognize it as divine life at all; but as it rises again when it hasFire, 105:the case of the planetary Spirits Who are on the divine evolutionary arc, the Heavenly Men WhoseFire, 118:Planes Cosmic Planes 1. Atomic plane, 1st ether Divine Adi Atomic plane 1st ether 2. SubatomicFire, 122:in their particular sphere the three Aspects of divine manifestation. 56 Root-race. The SecretFire, 131:The work of the second Logos ends, and the divine [132] incarnation of the Son is concluded. ButFire, 139:or physical, fit himself to be a vehicle for the divine birth, and participate in the firstFire, 139:been born in the cave of the heart, then that divine guest can consciously control the lowerFire, 143:The Second Logos. The second Logos, Vishnu, the divine Wisdom Ray, the great principle of BuddhiFire, 143:the forms as the Spirit of Love or the Flame Divine spirals ever onward towards its goal, that goalFire, 146:matter of the forms, (the Primordial Ray and the Divine Ray), and we know it as that which in someFire, 146:hierarchies. In this system, the blending of the Divine Ray of Wisdom and the Primordial Ray ofFire, 148:in the realization that all is carried on in a divine cooperation that has its base outside theFire, 165:with the FIRE aspect in man, or with his divine spirit. They are definitely connected with theFire, 165:but with force, or the powers of the divine life. The correspondence in the Macrocosm can be foundFire, 176:of the SON, whose name is Love. This is the divine incarnation of Vishnu. The Dragon of Wisdom isFire, 186:with the indwelling Man, the Thinker, the Divine Manasaputra? These are questions of vital moment,Fire, 187:of abstraction, the spiritual or monadic and the divine, or logoic. [188] 79 The seven senses orFire, 188:Buddhic plane 1. Comprehension 2. Healing 3. Divine vision 4. Intuition 5. Idealism 7th 6th 5th 4thFire, 189:sight. Clairvoyance. Higher clairvoyance. Divine vision. Realization. The Fourth Sense - Taste.Fire, 201:difference has been cultivated that has caused a divine discontent within the [202] heart of theFire, 216:of matter. The seven Heavenly Men, the seven Divine Manasaputras, or the seven types ofFire, 225:of the Pleroma or Completion, the Ideas in the Divine Mind, 28 in all, for Bythus or the Father isFire, 228:is an individualized Son of God, or unit of the divine Self, an exact replica in miniature on theFire, 232:point where the Spirit may blaze forth as light divine, and as heat. This heat radiates consciouslyFire, 237:152, 535. They are the informing Entities of the Divine Ray, the Ray of the second Logos, in muchFire, 237:world. The Primordial Ray is the vehicle for the Divine Ray of Love and Wisdom. The merging ofFire, 237:of these two is the aim of evolution. The Divine Ray is sevenfold. It brings in seven Entities.Fire, 242:of the Logos, manifesting through the seven divine Manasaputras, or Heavenly Men, in Whose bodiesFire, 242:battle in heaven Michael and His Angels, or the divine Heavenly Men, Whose problem is the same onFire, 245:It has the potentiality of budding into divine consciousness." - S. D., III, 555. The universe isFire, 252:or the intelligent faculty (hence Their title of Divine Manasaputras) which comprehends, choosesFire, 255:ethers in building the body. The aggregate of divine intelligence - S. D., I, 488, The mind-bornFire, 256:- the color of the life of the Logos, the One Divine Ray; and the system rotates to a certainFire, 259:His seven Centers, the seven Heavenly Men, the Divine Manasaputras. This problem is not soluble asFire, 263:Monad. 1. Prakriti - Active intelligence. The Divine Manasaputra. 2. Purusha - Love-Wisdom. TheFire, 270:of any thought upon this subject. [270] The Divine Manasaputras 13, 14 Who are known in the SecretFire, 279:consciousness, or the successive states of divine realization within the solar sphere. PlanetaryFire, 305:perfected Manasaputras. Man aims at becoming a Divine Manasaputra, or perfected Son of Mind showingFire, 305:in full manifestation. A solar Logos is both a Divine Manasaputra and likewise a Dragon of Wisdom,Fire, 306:this planet during the last root-race, and the divine alchemy proceeds. The progress made is as yetFire, 311:Electricity on the first plane, the logoic or divine, demonstrates as the Will-to-be, the primaryFire, 317:plane. Second, that the Universal Mind, or the divine thinker, is the intelligent Principle whichFire, 317:the solar system. Third, that Mahadeva, or the Divine Will, Vishnu, the Wisdom aspect, or theFire, 319:sea of death and rebirth. Perhaps it is to this divine sight that the Master alluded, who isFire, 328:blend and merge so as to form the body of the divine Hermaphrodite. 24, 25 Earlier, at certainFire, 329:of Social Organization, by Bhagavan Das. 25 The Divine Hermaphrodite - this is the great Being,Fire, 340:of development at which a Heavenly Man, the Divine Manasaputra, commenced this circle ofFire, 358:development is the consequence of this divine attention. When these facts are borne in mind it willFire, 374:a Cosmic, Systemic and Human Factor CHART VI The Divine The Divine Septenary hanging from the TriadFire, 374:and Human Factor CHART VI The Divine The Divine Septenary hanging from the Triad thus forming theFire, 393:of the Avatar, needs to be pondered on. The Divine Manasaputra, the Lord of the World, took formFire, 397:the male and female blended in the Divine Hermaphrodite. Summing up, S. D., I, 235-239. II, 610,Fire, 398:animating lives within the form, and who are the Divine Manasaputras in their comprehensiveFire, 401:planetary, or microcosmic. It is the fire of divine impulse permeating all forms and driving thoseFire, 402:and herein is secreted the knowledge of divine alchemy, which is based on the five elements, and isFire, 402:and Vishnu allied, go to the totality of the Divine Manasaputras. They are Will utilizing matter,Fire, 407:to those who have merged themselves with their divine principle, and are no longer held by theFire, 410:over matter in the three worlds which his divine Prototypes, the Heavenly Men, have alreadyFire, 420:That I am," then he has merged himself with his divine essence, and is freed from form. The firstFire, 428:are, literally, the radiatory effects of the Divine Manasaputras. We are concerned primarily withFire, 438:human units) and the two are indivisible in the Divine Hermaphrodite, or Heavenly Man. They areFire, 447:Third. The Builders who are the vehicle for the divine purpose, and who mould matter upon aFire, 468:systemic planes from there on to the center (the divine plane, the plane of the Logos, sometimesFire, 470:- the masculine and feminine aspect of the Divine Hermaphrodite. The Karma of a subplane, or theFire, 483:The unbroken oral tradition revealed by living divine men during the infancy of mankind to theFire, 486:then only can he be trusted with the secrets of divine alchemy. [487] When through the latentFire, 499:of the psyche of the individual life, divine, planetary, or human. In the next round, all theFire, 503:intelligent appreciation of the grandeur of the divine plan, an appropriation of the energy andFire, 512:give the clue also to the constitution of the Divine Hermaphrodite. [513] Therefore, it isFire, 513:two. The Logos expresses Himself now through the Divine Ray, His second aspect, and this Ray is theFire, 513:it 'The primordial Ray becomes the Vahan for the Divine Ray.' 68 Their life animates every atom ofFire, 513:or into mystic union with form. 68 The Divine Ray contains within itself seven other rays. It isFire, 518:or the manasic plane; They are essentially the divine Thinkers, the Manasaputras. In connection,Fire, 522:planes. 69 The seven systemic planes are: Divine plane (Logos) - 1st cosmic ether. Monadic planeFire, 522:in terms of fiery energy are: Plane of divine life (Father) - Sea of fire. Plane of monadic lifeFire, 527:"The primordial ray is the vehicle of the divine Ray." (S. D., I, 108.) Negative force forms aFire, 530:to enlarge further upon this mystery. 73 Forms. Divine ideation passes from the abstract to theFire, 530:in two great groups: The Ahhi are the vehicle of divine thought. - S. D., I, 70. The Army of theFire, 553:astral plane as they affect the physical form of divine manifestation. This involves cosmically theFire, 554:nears that period which is occultly called "Divine Maturity," which emanate from that constellationFire, 559:this is so, then will man be coming into his divine right, and the human kingdom be fulfiling itsFire, 563:sexes) had already separated before the ray of divine reason had enlightened the dark region ofFire, 566:and a subsequent cooperation with that divine purpose. Let us, therefore, formulate some of theseFire, 569:of the system, and is the home of the Monad. Divine coherency is demonstrated. The Law ofFire, 575:struggle, battle and strife learn the lesson of divine acquiescence. Yet, owing to the increase ofFire, 580:express it), and is just as much a part of the divine plan as that of attraction. It is one of theFire, 589:be noted that in both of these outpourings the divine life becomes darker and more veiled as itFire, 589:point we might almost fail to recognize it as divine life at all; but as it rises again when it hasFire, 589:the devas, who form the feminine aspect of the divine hermaphroditic Man, working along [590] theFire, 590:This hierarchy forms the masculine aspect of the divine Hermaphrodite. But at three points on theFire, 590:evolutions marks the point of attainment of the divine Heavenly Man; it is the perfecting of theFire, 593:yet the two are but one, and the result is the divine hermaphroditic man. (See page 512.) Fire, 593:in their totality, and of all forms of divine manifestation. Love in the Personality is love in theFire, 594:blending of the two kingdoms eventually into the divine Hermaphrodite. Love works through theFire, 596:exemplification of the form side; it holds the divine life imprisoned or [597] enmeshed at itsFire, 599:of the subject, it also demonstrates the divine magnitude of the scheme, with its magnificentFire, 610:is that vitality which ultimately brings about a divine synthesis in which the form approximatesFire, 616:forces of evolution. They not only embody the Divine Thought but are that through which itFire, 619:perfect sheath or vehicle of expression for the Divine Thought, and this through the manipulationFire, 619:heat of the Mother to nourish the germ of the Divine Thought, and to bring it to fruition. When the
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